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Are you a foodie? Then you must have an avid interest in food! You love exploring its geographical variety, you adore tasting historical cuisines, and you live for trying out the latest culinary fads.

Although there are many self-professed foodies, there are only a few who have REALLY earned the right to give themselves the title. Are you one of them? There’s a quiz to test your theory… this one!

From classic French terminology to missing ingredients to food origins, this comprehensive quiz tests everything a true foodie should know. Will you make the cut? And will your knowledge rival that of the ultimate foodie, Alton Brown? There's only one way to find out!

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1. Which of these sauces smothers an Eggs Benedict?

BlueOrange Studio /
  1. Tomato
  2. Pico de Gallo
  3. Hollandaise
  4. Velouté
Eggs Benedict is a breakfast/brunch dish consisting of two halves of an English muffin, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. The sauce is made of egg yolk, butter, and lemon juice.
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2. This French dish shares its name with a Disney movie.

Oksana Mizina /
  1. Coq au vin
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Lobster bisque
  4. Spinach soufflé
Ratatouille is a French dish composed of stewed vegetables, including tomato, garlic, bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant. You may associate it with the name of a popular Disney film.
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3. What's the name of this delicious, coffee-flavored dessert from Italy?

Elenglush /
  1. Mochi
  2. Éclair
  3. Lemon bars
  4. Tiramisu
Tiramisu, meaning “pick me up”, is a coffee-flavored dessert made of ladyfingers, coffee, eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. Sometimes it is topped with mixed berries.
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4. This Tex-Mex favorite is typically served on a griddle known as a "comal".

Natalia Lisovskaya /
  1. Apple fries
  2. Deep-fried Oreos
  3. Fajitas
  4. Funnel cake
A fajita is a Tex-Mex dish with grilled meat served on a flour or corn tortilla with vegetables. Fajitas are usually eaten like tacos.
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5. The culinary term describing "the embellishment or beautification of a plate" is:

Alex Tihonovs /
  1. Stylize
  2. Fancify
  3. Elaborate
  4. Garnish
A garnish is a substance used as a decoration to accompany prepared food dishes or drinks. In some cases, it adds contrasting flavors to the dish.
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6. What is the name of this Spanish dish?

Raimunda-losantos /
  1. Chorizo
  2. Paella
  3. Churros
  4. Risotto
Paella is a Spanish dish consisting of grain rice, meat or seafood, and beans. It is often seasoned with saffron.
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7. Which of these desserts is most likely to be flambéed?

k.sritrairak /
  1. Apple spice cake
  2. Cherry cheesecake
  3. Coconut macaroons
  4. Bananas Foster
Bananas Foster is a dessert comprised of bananas and vanilla ice cream. It is topped with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and some kind of rum.
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8. Which luxurious dish is actually fish roe (eggs)?

Anastasia_Panait /
  1. Wagyu
  2. Truffles
  3. Caviar
  4. Oysters
Caviar, often considered a delicacy, is a food consisting of salt-cured fish roe -- usually the eggs of salmon, trout, or sturgeon. Beluga caviar can be sold for $10,000/kg.
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9. What is the main ingredient used to cure meat?

HQuality /
  1. Salt
  2. Pepper
  3. Sugar
  4. Basil
Cured meat has been preserved through one of many processes, including salting. The goal of this preservation is to slow down the spoilage of the meat.
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10. Which of the following is one of the five French mother sauces?

Marzia Giacobbe /
  1. Sweet and sour sauce
  2. Chimichurri
  3. Fry sauce
  4. Béchamel
Béchamel sauce, also called white sauce, is made from a white roux (butter and flour) and milk. It is one of the mother sauces of French cuisine.
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11. The perfect pasta is commonly described as "al dente", or...

SerdyukPhotography /
  1. Soppy
  2. Overcooked
  3. Extra crunchy
  4. Tender but firm
Well-cooked pasta must have a soft bite, a “snap” that you can feel when you chew. Once the pasta reaches the al dente texture, it must be drained immediately.
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12. The terms "moppin" and "soppin" describe what classic Southern food?

Stephanie Frey /
  1. Spam
  2. Barbecue
  3. Clam chowder
  4. Tater tots
“Moppin" and "soppin" is a phrase used to describe sauce on a barbecue. "Moppin" refers to putting the sauce on, while "soppin" refers to the barbecue soaking up the sauce.
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13. What is “EVOO”?

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Extra Vodka On Oysters
  3. Every Vegetable Oven Omelet
  4. Extra Vegan OreganO
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthier alternative to regular olive oil. EVOO is made using pure, cold-pressed olives, while regular olive oil is a blend of processed and cold-pressed olives.
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14. Despite its name, this rich chocolate cake was actually invented by an American.

Scruggelgreen /
  1. Red velvet cake
  2. Oreo cake
  3. Black forest gateau
  4. German chocolate cake
German chocolate cake is a layered chocolate cake named after the English-American chocolate maker, Samuel German. It is filled and topped with a custard made from evaporated milk.
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15. When you seal food in an airtight bag and place it in a water bath, you're doing this French term to it.

FotoCuisinette /
  1. Sous-vide
  2. Kneading
  3. Coring
  4. Roasting
Sous-vide, French for "under vacuum", is a cooking method in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or glass jar before being cooked in a water bath.
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16. Which part of the egg is used when making a meringue?

Kateryna Ovcharenko /
  1. The yolk
  2. The shell
  3. The egg whites
  4. None of it
Meringue is a type of dessert traditionally made from whipped egg whites and sugar. Some people also add an acidic ingredient, like lemon.
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17. What exactly is a "mole" from Mexico?

Larisa Blinova /
  1. Brand of aprons
  2. Cooking pot
  3. Sauce
  4. Animal
A mole sauce is a traditional Mexican sauce consisting of chocolate, chili pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, and cumin. There are several varieties, some hotter than others.
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18. Which of these Italian dishes is potato-based?

Bartosz Luczak /,
  1. Gnocchi
  2. Risotto
  3. Rigatoni
  4. Calzone
Gnocchi is a variety of pasta traditionally made using mashed potatoes, semolina and wheat flour, cheese, and eggs. It can be served as either a side dish or main dish.
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19. Roquefort is a type of:

grafvision /
  1. Butter
  2. Custard
  3. Ice cream
  4. Cheese
Roquefort is a southern French cheese made from sheep’s milk. It is typically white, tangy, and crumbly.
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20. This city's signature dish includes 2 inches of tomato sauce, cheese, and Italian sausage.

  1. Portland
  2. Seattle
  3. Chicago
  4. Minneapolis
Illinois, specifically the city of Chicago, has gained a reputation for its deep-dish pizza. Did you know that most deep-dish pizzas are at least 2 inches deep?
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21. A "roux", which is a mixture of fat and flour, is commonly used...

AS Food Studio /
  1. To thicken sauces or soups
  2. To sweeten food
  3. To add flavor to a dish
  4. To kill bacteria in food
A roux is a mixture of flour and fat (most commonly butter), which is used to thicken sauces, soups, and stews.
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22. The flavorful garlic sauce, "tzatziki", comes from this Mediterranean cuisine.

Marian Weyo /
  1. American
  2. Spanish
  3. Greek
  4. French
Tzatziki, sometimes called tarator, is a type of dip native to southeast European countries like Greece. It is made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt, and olive oil.
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23. Which European dessert is typically served with Nutella spread?

Veronika Kovalenko /
  1. Tartar sauce
  2. Rice pudding
  3. Belgian waffles
  4. Tiramisu
Belgian waffles taste great with Nutella, a brand of sweetened, hazelnut-cocoa spread. The delicious treat is now sold all around the world.
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24. What dish can you make using beef, buttery mushrooms, and puff pastry crust?

istetiana /
  1. Apple strudel
  2. Paella
  3. Beef Wellington
  4. Croissant
Beef Wellington is a pie-like dish made from a fillet steak that has been coated in pâté and duxelles (minced mushroom) and wrapped in ham and puff pastry.
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25. What is the identifying characteristic of the Turkish treat, Baklava?

FoodTurkey /
  1. Its black color
  2. Its layers of filo dough
  3. Its bitterness
  4. It sweet tomato sauce
Baklava is a sweet dessert pastry made of several layers of filo, very thin unleavened dough, that have been filled with chopped nuts. Although native to the Middle East, it is prepared all around the world.
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26. Most people call this pasta "bowtie", but its real name is...

Ildi Papp /
  1. Macaroni
  2. Lasagna
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Farfalle
Farfalle, also known as bow-tie or butterfly pasta, is a type of noodle known for its characteristic “bow-tie” shape. It is often used in a pasta salad.
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27. This popular ice cream, named after the Italian city of Naples, contains three different flavors.

Brent Hofacker /
  1. Buttered pecan
  2. Peppermint
  3. Dulce de leche
  4. Neapolitan
Neapolitan ice cream, also called Harlequin ice cream, consists of three different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
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28. Chickpeas are the primary ingredient of which dip?

etorres /
  1. Texas trash
  2. Guacamole
  3. Hummus
  4. Alfredo
Hummus is a thick spread made from a combination of ground chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, garlic, and tahini. It is a dish native to the Middle East.
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29. This clear liquid can be made by cooking the bones of fish or poultry.

ungvar /
  1. Stock
  2. Beer
  3. Water
  4. Juice
Stock, also called bone broth, is a cooking liquid used as the base of several soups, sauces, and stews. It is made using animal bones, meat, and vegetables.
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30. The small French cakes known as "Madeleines" are typically shaped like...

NoirChocolate /
  1. Ice cream cones
  2. Seashells
  3. Hearts
  4. Bricks
The traditional French cakes, Madeleines, are shaped like seashells. The English versions are shaped like small cylinders.
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31. If your apple pie is served "à la mode", what does it come with?

Teresa Kasprzycka /
  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Corn syrup
  3. Ice cream
  4. Gin
À la mode refers to a dessert served with ice cream. The term is most commonly used with pies, but it can be applied to any dessert.
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32. Black licorice lovers know that its primary flavor is:

Hong Vo /
  1. Turmeric
  2. Chili powder
  3. Anise
  4. Black peppercorn
Black licorice is a treat made from the root of licorice. Don’t eat too much of it! Its natural sweetener is more than 50 times sweeter than sucrose.
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33. Stirring something in order to introduce air into it is known as...

HikoPhotography /
  1. Whipping
  2. Torching
  3. Chopping
  4. Frosting
Whipping is a cooking technique that involves vigorously beating a food (for example, egg whites) so as to incorporate air into it.
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34. What is the primary ingredient of the UK dish, black pudding?

Barbara_Krupa /
  1. Caramelized onions
  2. Squid
  3. Pig’s blood
  4. Chicken
Black pudding is a type of sausage made from pork blood, pork fat, and oatmeal. Some people love it, while others don’t care for it… at all.
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35. Ask for “Moules Frites” in Belgium, and you'll get...

Anna_Pustynnikova /
  1. Clam chowder
  2. Mussels and fries
  3. Tuna tartare
  4. Lobster roll
Moules Frites -- or mussels and fries -- is a Belgian national dish. It is also very commonly served in France.
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36. Scotland’s national dish, haggis, is made using the heart, lungs, and liver of...

stockcreations /
  1. Frogs
  2. Sheep
  3. Kangaroos
  4. Ostrich
Haggis is a Scottish dish consisting of sheep’s pluck (heart, liver, and lungs). It is seasoned, then boiled in a bag usually made from an animal’s stomach.
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37. What the British call a "courgette", Americans call a...

alicija neumiler /
  1. Mushroom
  2. Carrot
  3. Spinach
  4. Zucchini
A zucchini (American English) or courgette (British English) is a summer squash that is often treated as a vegetable. Zucchinis are typically prepared in savory dishes.
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38. You’ll find this “all-in-one” dish anywhere along the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Brent Hofacker /
  1. Beef Wellington
  2. Crawfish boil
  3. Shepherd's pie
  4. Meatloaf
A crawfish boil is both a dish and a social event, whereby crawfish, sausage, red potatoes, and corn are all boiled in a pot and put on a tabletop for people to eat.
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39. To cook something “en papillote” is to...

Lapina Maria /
  1. Cook it in parchment paper
  2. Cook it with a pound of pepper
  3. Coat it in pickle juice
  4. Cook it with papaya
En papillote is French for “enveloped in paper”. It is a method of cooking whereby the food is put into a folded pouch before being baked.
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40. Identify one of the main ingredients in a "mirepoix".

Magnago /
  1. Escargot
  2. Orange juice
  3. Ketchup
  4. Onion
A mirepoix is a French-flavor base made by cooking diced vegetables in butter, oil, or another fat. It almost always includes onions, carrots, and celery in a 2:1:1 ration.
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41. A macerated fruit is:

Sebastian Cerdena /
  1. Pounded with a saw
  2. Dried and hung in the sun
  3. Soaked in a flavored liquid
  4. Rinsed in chocolate
In food preparation, the term "maceration" is used to describe the softening of fruit or vegetables by soaking them in liquids so that they absorb the liquids' flavors.
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42. To turn a "croque monsieur" into a "croque madame", which topping do you need?

stu_spivack /
  1. Tiramisu
  2. Tuna
  3. Fried egg
  4. Tomato
Both "croque monsieurs" and "croque madames" are classic French ham and cheese sandwiches covered in a cheesy bechamel. The only difference is that the "madame" is topped with a fried egg.
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43. Meat or poultry that has been cooked in its own fat is known as…

Ratov Maxim /
  1. Hors d’Oeuvres
  2. Frappé
  3. Confit
  4. Crêpes
A confit, a French word that means “to preserve”, is any type of food that is slowly cooked in fat or grease over a long period of time.
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44. What is a "semifreddo"?

TalyaAL /
  1. A partially-frozen Italian dessert
  2. The French word for freezer
  3. Lax and cheese
  4. The device used to make saltwater taffy
Semifreddo is an Italian word that means “half-frozen”. It is used to refer to a class of desserts similar to ice cream and is often served in the form of an ice cream cake.
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45. When you put a piece of meat into a piping hot skillet, you are:

Ari N /
  1. Baking it
  2. Searing it
  3. Frying it
  4. Roasting it
Searing is a cooking technique in which the food is cooked at a high temperature until a browned crust forms at the surface. A similar technique is called blackening.
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46. Which Canadian dish consists of fries, cheese curds, and gravy?

Foodio /
  1. Pad Thai
  2. Biriyani
  3. Empanada
  4. Poutine
Poutine is made up of French fries and cheese curds and topped with brown gravy. The dish dates back to the 1950s in Quebec, Canada.
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47. What is it called when you cut thin, shallow grooves in food?

Daxiao Productions /
  1. Seasoning
  2. Scoring
  3. Stabbing
  4. Seeping
"Scoring" means to cut slits on the surface of a piece of food. It is commonly done to pieces of raw meat and surfaces of bread.
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48. The edible flowers shown below are usually battered, then fried.

Timolina /
  1. Zucchini blossoms
  2. Cattails
  3. Plantains
  4. Daffodil
Zucchini blossoms, also known as squash blossoms, are edible flowers that produce zucchinis, and other types of squash. They can be stuffed, battered, and fried.
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49. What starchy substance is the Sicilian treat, "arancini", made of?

DarZel /
  1. Rice
  2. Tomato
  3. Crab
  4. Custard
Arancini is an Italian snack consisting of a deep-fried ball of rice coated with breadcrumbs. It is usually filled with cheese, peas, or ham.
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50. Why is this dessert called a pound cake?

Brent Hofacker /
  1. It was invented by Sir Poundbottom
  2. It has a pound of each ingredient
  3. It needs to be pounded
  4. It's shaped like a bar of gold
Pound cake is made with a pound of four different ingredients, lending it its name. Its ingredients include: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. After the cake is baked, it is topped with either powdered sugar or almonds.
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