Can You Remember These 70s Toys?

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The toys of the seventies paved the way for what we know and love today. In fact, many of the toys from that decade are still on the market, although many upgrades have been made. Do you think you’d be able to identify what they looked like back then if we showed you some pictures? Do you remember these 70s toys?

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1. Which of these toys was released in 1970 and was dubbed the “world’s first indoor ball”?

  1. The Nerf Ball
  2. Pogs
  3. Gameboy
  4. Super Soaker
The Nerf Ball is just one toy in a long time of Nerf products that are on the market today. The ball was one of the very first products the iconic company created.
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2. Name the line of toys which gave the world miniature action figures.

  1. Polly Pocket
  2. Beanie Babies
  3. Creepy Crawlers
  4. Micronauts
The Micronauts toys were a group of action figures that were all less than ten centimeters tall. They included robots, vehicles, and other accessories.
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3. Which of these is a brand of die-cast toy cars?

SmLyubov /
  1. Tamagotchi
  2. Bop It
  3. Hot Wheels
  4. Yo-yo
Hot Wheels were introduced by Mattel back in 1968. In the seventies, they were so successful that Mattel changed the slogan to, “Go With The winner.”
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4. Which handheld created by Mattel made use of LED defenders?

Joe Haupt from USA /
  1. Skip-It
  2. Furby
  3. Talkboy
  4. Electronic Football
Electronic football was released in 1977. Players would control a running back as it tried to score touchdowns and field goals.
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5. Which four-wheel piece of equipment is still hugely successful today?

FiledIMAGE /
  1. Skateboard
  2. Hoverbike
  3. Bicycle
  4. Pogo Stick
The skateboard first appeared in California in the 1950s. The first few were actually created with roller skate wheels attached to the board. It was perfected by 1959 and by the 1970s, every child wanted one.
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6. Which successful line of movies created toys with characters such as Chewbacca and C3PO?

  1. Troll Dolls
  2. Stretch Armstrong
  3. Cabbage Patch Dolls
  4. Star Wars figurines
When the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, people all over the world were immediately obsessed. Fans of the movies were so taken with the series that they collected each and every character from the toy line - it was one of the most popular toy lines of the decade.
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7. Which brand of toy vehicles was created by Lesney Products, before eventually being sold to Mattel?

Alexander Lukatskiy /
  1. Transformers
  2. Matchbox Cars
  3. Roblox
  4. Tonka Truck
Matchbox was introduced in 1953 and sold a range of toy vehicles that included plastic model kits and even action figures. In the seventies, they were the biggest competition for the Hot Wheels brand.
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8. Which of these toys was a Fisher-Price favorite and had to do with music?

julie deshaies /
  1. Fisher-Price Turntable Record Player
  2. Koosh Ball
  3. Easy Bake Oven
  4. Battleship
This vintage toy turntable toy was a favorite among kids who love music. After more than a few updates, it’s now back on the market and available for less than $25.
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9. Which handheld toy was used as an educational device back in the seventies?

FozzTexx at English Wikipedia /
  1. Speak and Spell
  2. Boggle
  3. Big Wheel
  4. Ants in the Pants
During the 1970s, the Speak and Spell was developed and was one of the very first toys to devote a large sum of money into speech synthesis research.
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10. Which drawing toy had a board along with a magnetic pen?

  1. Black & White
  2. Lite Brite
  3. Magna Doodle
  4. Candy Land
The Magna Doodle was invented in the seventies. Unlike most toys, it is sold and distributed under many brands; sales for this product are in excess of 40 million units since its release.
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11. Which 2D sports game is most like table tennis?

Tinxi /
  1. Clue
  2. Pong
  3. Cap Guns
  4. Chinese Checkers
Pong was a virtual table tennis game where users could either play against another player or the computer. It was one of the very first games developed by Atari.
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12. Which gel-filled action figure had extremely elastic limbs?

  1. Care Bears
  2. Don’t Break The Ice
  3. G.I. Joe
  4. Stretch Armstrong
The Stretch Armstrong action figure was made of latex and filled with a gel-like corn syrup. That combination allowed the toy to retain it shape when stretched out for a short time, before shrinking to its normal size.
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13. Which of the following toys was also known as Ker-Bangers?

Punt / Anefo /
  1. Connect Four
  2. Chutes and Ladders
  3. Checkers
  4. Clackers
Clackers were extremely popular in the sixties and early seventies. Unfortunately, they were seen as hazardous to children and sales began to decline shortly after.
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14. Which toy was extremely similar to LEGOs, but was never quite as popular?

  1. Hacky Sack
  2. Brix Blox
  3. Frisbee
  4. Glo Worm
Brix Blox shared many similarities with LEGOs, including its grid pattern. But their locking system differed - instead of studs and tubes, it had studs and channels.
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15. Which single-player at-home game console was manufactured and released by Atari in 1977?

Gilmanshin /
  1. Hula Hoops
  2. Jenga
  3. Video Pinball
  4. Ker-Plunk!
Video Pinball allowed for seven games, four of which were pinball variations and one, a basketball game. It was preceded by the Atari Stunt Cycle.
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16. Which line of toys was well-known for their vehicles?

Uberprutser /
  1. Tonka Trucks
  2. Legos
  3. The Game of Life
  4. Labyrinth
This American toy truck producer has been around since 1946. By the seventies, there were trucks, dump trucks and a variety of other vehicles.
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17. Which of these toys are supposed to be kicked in the air multiple times?

Inna Kamparin /
  1. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  2. Hacky Sack
  3. Lincoln Logs
  4. Hippity Hop
A Hacky Sack is a small bag filled with grains. It’s used competitively to show which kicker has more dexterity.
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18. Which of these is the name of the tricycle created by Louis Marx and Company in 1969?

emin kuliyev /
  1. Micro Machines
  2. Big Wheel
  3. Operation
  4. Magic 8 Ball
The Big Wheel was one of the most popular toys during the seventies because it was much safer and cheaper than traditional bikes and tricycles.
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19. Which revolutionary home game console was released in 1977?

Pit Stock /
  1. Sega Saturn
  2. Magna Doodle
  3. Atari 2600
  4. Mad Libs
The Atari 2600 was released in 1977. Since being released, it has sold over 30 million units; its best-selling game was Pac-Man 7.
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20. Which play set was made up of animals which fit into tiny houses and vehicles?

  1. Hub Bubs
  2. Marbles
  3. Perfection
  4. Memory
Hub Bubs were created by Mattel in the 1970s specifically to compete with Puzzletown Toys’ play sets. They comprised animals which fit into tiny houses.
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21. Which brother/sister doll appeared on screen and were also sold in stores?

Lindsay E Thompson /
  1. Pound Puppies
  2. Raggedy Ann & Andy
  3. My Little Pony
  4. Play-Doh
In 1977, a live-action/animated musical about Raggedy Ann and Andy was released. Although it lost money at the box office, it was adapted for the stage, twice.
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22. Which popular seventies doll had food-themed names and scents to match?

  1. Mr Potato Head
  2. Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots
  3. Strawberry Shortcake
  4. Silly String
The first Strawberry Shortcake doll was released in 1979. The brand eventually grew to include other dolls like Angel Cake, and Plum Puddin.
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23. Which cooking toy had sold millions of units by the seventies?

Bradross63 /
  1. Easy-Bake Oven
  2. Goki Vegetable Basket
  3. Perfection
  4. Shrinky Dinks
The Easy-Bake Oven was released onto the market in 1963. By 1972, a one-of-a-kind version of the toy was given to a lucky winner- after five million units had been sold.
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24. Which toy, which looks like a giant monster became popular after its Japanese movies became successful?

  1. Rubik’s Cube
  2. Godzilla Toys
  3. Silly Putty
  4. Michael Myers
The Godzilla film franchise is the longest-running in cinema history. It all began with ‘Godzilla’, released in 1954.
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25. Which tabletop game requires you to consume the most amount of marbles in order to win?

  1. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  2. Pictionary
  3. Sega Genesis
  4. Simon
Hungry Hungry Hippos is a game where two to four players go head to head to try to “eat” as many marbles as possible to win the game.
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26. Which toy consisted of plastic pegs which ultimately created a picture on a lit board?

  1. Lite Brite
  2. Silly String
  3. Sorry
  4. Pick Up Sticks
The Lite Brite was first released in 1967. It was invented by a designer from the iconic Marvin Glass and Associates, before becoming licensed to Hasbro.
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27. Which toy, meant for little girls, allows them to feed and change a doll?

  1. Troll Dolls
  2. Barbie
  3. Baby Alive
  4. Baby 2 Cute
  5. Teddy Ruxpin
The Baby Alive Dolls are one of the most successful line of baby dolls in the world, so much so that they are still being made and sold today, in a variation of skin tones, too.
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28. Which of these battle games pitted one blue player against a red player?

Nicole Baird /
  1. Barrel of Monkeys
  2. Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots
  3. Twister
  4. Smurfs
This warring robot game was created in 1964. Each player had to manipulate their robots until one player knocked the head off another.
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29. Which of these toys was inspired by a movie about a vicious sea creature?

  1. Foxtail
  2. Jaws Toy Sharks
  3. Hit Clips
  4. Betty Spaghetty
The first Jaws film was released in 1975, and was based on a novel of the same name by Peter Benchley. Because it was such a big hit, a toy line followed shortly after.
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30. What’s the name of one of the world’s most famous 3D combination puzzles?

thanathip max /
  1. Uno
  2. Mouse Trap
  3. Yahtzee
  4. Rubik’s Cube
The Rubik’s Cube was created in 1974 and has remained one of the world’s most successful toys since. There is now a World Cube Association, responsible for listing Rubik’s Cube challenges.
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31. Which turning toy was one that kids could enjoy riding?

  1. Sit N Spin
  2. Moon Shoes
  3. Slip N Slide
  4. Trouble
The Sit N Spin toy required toddlers to find a comfortable sitting position, after which they would use the mechanism in the middle to spin themselves.
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32. Which game requires players to find words on a 4 x 4 tray?

Rich Brooks /
  1. Boggle
  2. Poo-Chi
  3. Super Simon
  4. Gak Splat
Bogle was first released in 1972. Players had to find words on a 4 x 4 tray while a 3-minute timer ticked away.
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33. In which game did players try to catch each other’s pieces?

  1. Magic Mitt
  2. Mouse Trap
  3. Spirograph
  4. Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop
Mouse Trap was released back in 1963. It required players to set traps to capture each other’s mouse-shaped game pieces.
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34. What was the name of the tiny five characters released by Fisher Price in the 1960s?

  1. Fisher-Price Little People
  2. Doodle Bear
  3. Rainbow Brite
  4. Strawberry Shortcake
Fisher-Price’s Little People were introduced as the Play Family People. Five main characters, Tessa, Mia, Sofie, Eddie, and Koby were the first characters in the line.
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35. Which strategy board and card game involved the use of poker chips?

  1. Sequence
  2. Nintendo 64
  3. Attack Blocks
  4. Atari Jaguar
When the game was first released, it was called Sequence Five. After the licensing was sold, the “five” was dropped. Since its release, many variations of sequence games have hit the market.
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36. In which game did one player make a code, and the other try to guess that code using black and white pegs?

Will Thomass /
  1. Slime
  2. Mastermind
  3. Etch-A-Sketch
  4. Pokemon Trading Card Game
Mastermind, the board game, was invented in 1970 and was played using a decoding board, and key and code pegs; one player would be the codemaker and the other, the codebreaker.
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37. Which playset had a base, a trunk, leaves and a canopy that tiny ‘people’ could sit under?

  1. Sylvanian Families
  2. Beanie Babies
  3. Weeble Wobble Tree
  4. Littlest Pet Shop
The vintage 1975 Weeble Wobble Tree House came with four people, one pet, two beds, a dining set, and even a car. Today, the treehouses have everything from bridges to slides and swings and ferris wheels.
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38. Which doll is known for its crazy-colored hair?

Rex K. Williams /
  1. Groovy Girls
  2. Sky Dancers
  3. Troll Dolls
  4. Polly Pocket
Although Trolls dolls seemed to have faded into the background in recent years, there was a resurgence when a movie featuring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick was released in 2016.
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39. In which of the following games are players supposed to take turns removing blocks with tiny mallets?

  1. Orbix
  2. Don’t Break The Ice
  3. Zbots
  4. Teanie Beanies
Don’t Break The Ice is a game with a name that basically explains what its aim is. Each player takes a turn removing blocks by tapping the ice. The person who breaks the ice is the loser.
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40. In which game are players supposed to collect their color marbles and one with a special feature?

  1. Homies
  2. Mighty Max
  3. Cat’s Eye
  4. Street Sharks
Cat’s Eye, from Marx Toys, is a vintage 70s game where players had to fill their trays with colored marbles in the shape of a cat and collect one black one, meant to be the cat’s eye.
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41. Which of these toddler’s toys talked back to the child using it?

Museum of Hartlepool /
  1. Bop It
  2. Chatter Telephone
  3. Puffkins
  4. Xylophone
The Chatter Telephone was introduced in 1962 by Fisher-Price and was marketed as the “Talk Back Phone”. It also featured a rotary bell meant to teach children how to use an actual phone.
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42. Which of these video game consoles was released late in the seventies and supported games like Cosmic Raiders and Ms. Candyman?

AUIC Oficial /
  1. Bally Astrocade
  2. Mr. Frosty
  3. Furby
  4. American Girl Dolls
Twenty-eight games were officially released for this console. It was said to have some of the best graphics of any console at the time.
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43. Which children’s board game’s aim was to collect a large number of fruit?

  1. Hi Ho! Cherry-O
  2. Sorry
  3. The Game of Life
  4. Monopoly
Hi Ho! Cherry-O is a two to four-player game where players would use a spinner and then try to collect as many cherries as possible.
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44. Which of these games would you win if you got an even number in a row?

VanoVasaio /
  1. Dear Diary
  2. Pogs
  3. Connect Four
  4. Tic-tac-toe
Connect Four is a two-player game where players would each take turns, trying to outmaneuver the other to see who gets four in a row first.
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45. Which toy was a special kind of stereoscope?

Gjermund /
  1. View Master
  2. Sky Dancers
  3. Mr. Bucket
  4. Dreamphone
The View Master is a toy which allowed users to view reels through a pair of “glasses.”
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46. What’s the name of this classic drawing toy?

Film by Flynn /
  1. Meanies
  2. Etch-A-Sketch
  3. Toby Terrier
  4. Atari Lynx
The Etch-A-Sketch was introduced in 1960 and sold over half a million units in its first year. It was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame almost 30 years later.
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47. Which of the following toys makes spirals using circles?

Nor Gal /
  1. Clubby
  2. Talkboy
  3. Spirograph
  4. Doodle Bear
The spirograph was first sold in 1965. It was relaunched in 2013 and managed to become a finalist for Toy of the Year in 2014.
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48. Which classic game buzzes when you touch the wrong body part?

digitalreflections /
  1. Operation
  2. Dominion
  3. Codenames
  4. Risk
The Operation game was first created in 1964 by John Spinello, who sold his rights to iconic game designer Marvin Glass the following year for $500. The game is rumored to be worth $40 million.
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49. Which of these toys was an animal of sorts that kids didn’t have to feed or take care of?

Mike Kuhlman /
  1. Crazy Bones
  2. Fur Real Friends
  3. Teksta Dog
  4. Pet Rock
The Pet Rock was a toy which functioned as, you guessed it, a pet, that didn’t need to be fed, walked or taken care of. It was created in 1975, and although the fad only lasted for a few months, it was enough to make the creator a millionaire.
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50. Which of the following handheld two-player games, similar to Atari’s Pong, was released in 1977?

Joe Haupt /
  1. WWF Wrestlemania 2000
  2. Silly Putty
  3. Blip
  4. World Of Warcraft
Blip was created for many markets around the world. In Germany, it was called Blip-o-Mat and in Japan, it was known as World Tennis.
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