Tell Us About Your Personality & We'll Reveal Your Ideal Haircut!

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Your hairstyle can say a lot about you, and it should! But what if you don't know the hairstyle that's best for you? Well, we have a quiz that can tell you what'll look perfect on you, based on your personality. So, come tell us a bit about you. By the time you're done, we'll match you to your perfect hairstyle.

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1. In your opinion, which word best describes you?

pathdoc /
  1. Adventurous
  2. Sweet
  3. Reliable
  4. Edgy
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2. But what do you think is the absolute best thing about you?

izarizhar /
  1. My personality
  2. My approach to life
  3. My determination
  4. My beliefs
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3. Which city suits your personality?

Lukasz Szwaj /
  1. Las Vegas
  2. Paris
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Barcelona
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4. Which of these things annoys you the most?

Dean Drobot /
  1. Rudeness
  2. Lateness
  3. Insensitiveness
  4. Lying
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5. Which of these animals do you think you would have been in a past life?

Andrea Izzotti /
  1. Dolphin
  2. Phoenix
  3. Eagle
  4. Lion
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6. Would you rather ask for permission or forgiveness?

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Permission
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Neither
  4. Both
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7. Which of the elements are you most like?

Production Perig /
  1. Fire
  2. Air
  3. Earth
  4. Water
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8. Are you easily angered?

ShotPrime Studio /
  1. Too easily
  2. Not really
  3. Not at all
  4. It depends on the situation
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9. What's one not so great trait that you have?

G-Stock Studio /
  1. I'm indecisive
  2. I'm not very confident
  3. I can be quite harsh
  4. I'm impatient
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10. If you were a spice, which one would you be?

monticello /
  1. Fennel
  2. Nutmeg
  3. Saffron
  4. Ginger
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11. Which unknown would you want answered, if you had the choice?

Yuganov Konstantin /
  1. Are we alone in this world?
  2. Why do we dream?
  3. What happens after death?
  4. How did life really begin?
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12. What's the first thing you think about when you hear the word "home"?

Nina Buday /
  1. Family/pets
  2. My significant other
  3. The place I live
  4. Friends
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13. And if you were a book, what genre would you be?

Kapi Ng /
  1. Self-help
  2. Thriller
  3. Romance
  4. Adventure
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14. What role would you have in your group of friends?

Raisa Kanareva /
  1. The fun one
  2. The serious one
  3. The rebel
  4. The sweetheart
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15. Speaking of friends, how often do you guys hang out?

Jacob Lund /
  1. All the time
  2. Every weekend
  3. Once or twice a month
  4. A few times a month
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16. Which of these spots would you enjoy going to the most?

Christopher Boswell /
  1. Museum
  2. Movie theater
  3. Bar
  4. Carnival
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17. At a party, what are you most likely to be found doing?

bbernard /
  1. Killing it on the dance floor
  2. In a drinking competition
  3. Laughing at someone's jokes
  4. In an intense conversation
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18. When you're not partying, what do you like to do?

Asmiana /
  1. Meditate
  2. Read
  3. Watch TV
  4. Listen to music
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19. Which of these shows are you most likely to binge-watch on a Sunday afternoon?

bbernard /
  1. The Voice
  2. Catfish
  3. Survivor
  4. Grey's Anatomy
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20. What's your favorite room in the house?

ImageFlow /
  1. Office
  2. Bathroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bedroom
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21. How clean or messy is your bedroom right now?

Pressmaster /
  1. It is a bit messy
  2. One or two things are out of place
  3. It's perfectly clean
  4. I like to think of it as "organized chaos"
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22. Which of these is a breakfast meal that you can eat every day?

JeniFoto /
  1. Cereal
  2. Coffee
  3. Avocado toast
  4. Pancakes
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23. Which social media app do you find yourself spending the most time on?

13_Phunkod /
  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Snapchat
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24. Which of these happens in your dreams most often?

Africa Studio /
  1. Flying
  2. Being chased
  3. Falling
  4. Dying
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25. It's Monday and you have to go back to work. What's your mood usually like?

Maria Casinos /
  1. Excited
  2. Frustrated
  3. Mildly annoyed
  4. Nonchalant
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26. What field are you currently working in?

baranq /
  1. Arts
  2. Business
  3. Athletics
  4. Medicine
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27. Is it your dream job?

Aysezgicmeli /
  1. Of course, it is
  2. It's definitely not
  3. It's pretty close
  4. There's a lot to be desired
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28. Do you have any regrets?

  1. Too many to count
  2. Quite a few
  3. Not many
  4. I live with no regrets
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29. What are you proudest of?

fongbeerredhot /
  1. The person I am today
  2. The children
  3. My achievements
  4. The people around me
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30. And what do you want the most out of life?

pink panda /
  1. Happiness
  2. Love
  3. Money
  4. Success
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31. Before we tell you about your perfect hairstyle, tell us a bit about this hair of yours. What color is it, naturally?

YuriyZhuravov /
  1. Black
  2. Blonde
  3. Red
  4. Brown
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32. What texture does your hair have?

forma82 /
  1. Straight
  2. Kinky
  3. Curly
  4. Wavy
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33. About how long does it take you to fix your hair in the morning?

Zyn Chakrapong /
  1. 30 minutes
  2. 1 minute
  3. 10 minutes
  4. One hour
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34. What's your go-to lazy hairstyle?

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. A braid
  2. A top knot
  3. Loose
  4. A bun
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35. And what do you not like so much?

Nina Buday /
  1. It's very thin
  2. It needs too much moisture
  3. I love everything about my hair
  4. It gets frizzy easily
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36. What's the worst thing that has ever happened to your hair?

sasimoto /
  1. I shaved it all off
  2. There's too many to list
  3. I put too many chemicals in it
  4. I fried it off with too much heat
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37. What's one crazy hair trend you would try?

progressman /
  1. Metallic accessories
  2. I'm not into trends
  3. Pompadour
  4. Ombre hair
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38. What's your favorite thing about those locks of yours?

profstocktv /
  1. It's thick
  2. It's long
  3. Its color
  4. It's shiny
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39. What's one product you can't live without?

metamorworks /
  1. Moisturizer
  2. Hair gel
  3. Dry shampoo
  4. Hair spray
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40. Last question. Which celebrity's taste in hairstyles inspires you the most?

Tinseltown /
  1. Kristen Stewart
  2. Sinead O'Connor
  3. Jessie J
  4. Kim Kardashian
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