Which Classic American Candy Matches Your Personality?

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Yet again, the Ancient Egyptians were responsible for giving the world another incredible delicacy: candy. While they didn't exactly create Snickers and gummy bears, they did create the foundation that we all can be very thankful for today. And we can also be thankful for delicious quizzes like this one.

Today, we'll be asking you some hilarious food-related questions about you and the things you like to do. By the time you're done, we'll have a good idea as to which American candy you are. Will your answers make you as sweet as chocolate, or are you more of a Sour Patch? Let's find out!

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1. If you were a chocolate bar, what surprise would you hold inside?

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. Fruit, because I'm healthy
  2. Sea salt, because I'm unique
  3. Caramel, because I'm super sweet
  4. Nuts, because I'm a little crazy
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2. How do you like your candy?

Nataliia Pyzhova / Shutterstock.com
  1. Hard
  2. Gummy
  3. Chewy
  4. Gooey
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3. Which gummy bear flavor is just THE WORST?

Pashu Ta Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. Raspberry
  2. Pear
  3. Lemon
  4. Strawberry
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4. Everybody needs some chocolate, but just how much?

Gulsina / Shutterstock.com
  1. Molten lava cake
  2. Chocolate truffles
  3. Brownies
  4. Chocolate ice cream
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5. It's time for dessert, and you feel like eating some pie. What kind?

Viktor Gladkov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Cherry pie
  2. Apple pie
  3. Pecan pie
  4. Key lime pie
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6. Do you think you eat too much sugar?

ViChizh / Shutterstock.com
  1. I eat just the right amount
  2. A little too much
  3. There's no such thing as too much sugar
  4. I consume too little
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7. You get to give away the trip of a lifetime to your parents. Where would you send them?

Konstanttin / Shutterstock.com
  1. Bali
  2. Provence
  3. The Amalfi Coast
  4. Old Town Havana
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8. If you were a salad, what's one ingredient you'd have that'd set you apart from the rest?

Ekaterina SU / Shutterstock.com
  1. Meat
  2. Nuts
  3. Cheese
  4. Hard-boiled eggs
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9. Chicken is best served...

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. Roasted
  2. Stewed
  3. Never
  4. Fried
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10. Why did you love your favorite high school class?

LStockStudio / Shutterstock.com
  1. My teacher was amazing
  2. I got a chance to shine
  3. I could do whatever I wanted to
  4. I just really clicked with the subject
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11. Let's get toasty! What do you put on yours?

zi3000 / Shutterstock.com
  1. Avocado
  2. Butter
  3. Hummus
  4. Jam/jelly
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12. If you were a wine, which one would you be?

Antonina Vlasova / Shutterstock.com
  1. White because I just go with the flow
  2. Red because I'm not shy
  3. Rose because I'm different and I love it
  4. Sparkling because I don't care about semantics
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13. You're an egg. What should we do with you?

Joe Gough / Shutterstock.com
  1. Boil me
  2. Turn me into an omelet
  3. Poach me
  4. Scramble me
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14. You can't live without this condiment...

MaraZe / Shutterstock.com
  1. Tartar sauce
  2. Mustard
  3. Relish
  4. Ketchup
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15. Which fun board game represents your life at the moment?

Standret / Shutterstock.com
  1. Uno
  2. Sorry
  3. Monopoly
  4. The Game of Life
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16. Citrus fruits aren't the best when eaten plain. Just how sour can you be?

Maria Uspenskaya / Shutterstock.com
  1. Lemon
  2. Grapefruit
  3. Orange
  4. Lime
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17. You get to revisit one decade for a day. Which do you choose?

Khomenko Maryna / Shutterstock.com
  1. 90s
  2. 20s
  3. 50s
  4. 80s
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18. Which of these strange activities would help you relax?

Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com
  1. Hugging a creepy doll
  2. Blowing bubbles
  3. Calling a swearing hotline
  4. Standing near a plant
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19. You get to be a soup on a popular restaurant's menu. Which do you want to be?

Anna_Pustynnikova / Shutterstock.com
  1. Tomato
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Clam chowder
  4. French onion
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20. If you were a piece of meat, how long would you take to get ready?

Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com
  1. I hour
  2. 30 minutes
  3. 3 hours
  4. 10 minutes
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21. Your handwriting is...

wk1003mike / Shutterstock.com
  1. Small capital letters
  2. Fancy cursive letters
  3. Big and a little awkward
  4. Crazy-looking, like a doctor's
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22. What are your thoughts on fast food?

Syda Productions / Shutterstock.com
  1. Best thing ever
  2. It tastes really good
  3. Absolutly horrible
  4. I stay away from it as much as I can
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23. Let's say your flirting game is really cheesy. Just how cheesy is it?

VasiliyBudarin / Shutterstock.com
  1. Cheesecake
  2. Cheese board
  3. Four-cheese pizza
  4. Mozarella sticks
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24. The best cuisine, hands down, is....

KPG_Payless / Shutterstock.com
  1. French
  2. Caribbean
  3. Chinese
  4. Italian
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25. Side dishes can make or break a dinner. What's the tastiest side dish you can whip up?

Sea Wave / Shutterstock.com
  1. Mashed potatoes
  2. Corn on the cob
  3. Cole slaw
  4. French fries
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26. You're at your best when you're...

Timolina / Shutterstock.com
  1. Medium well done
  2. Well done
  3. Rare
  4. Medium rare
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27. If you were a pizza, where would you want to be cooked?

meoneil09 / Shutterstock.com
  1. Brick oven, because I'm old-school like that
  2. Toaster oven, because I like a slow cook
  3. Regular oven, because why the heck not?
  4. Microwave, because I get ready quick
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28. Comfort foods can make a person's day. You'd make someone's day as...

Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Cornbread
  2. Ice cream
  3. Mashed potatoes
  4. Chicken soup
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29. By far, the best meal of the day is...

CKP1001 / Shutterstock.com
  1. Brunch
  2. Lunch
  3. Dinner
  4. Breakfast
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30. If you could be the lead in one of Shakespeare's plays, which one would it be?

berm_teerawat / Shutterstock.com
  1. Othello
  2. The Merchant of Venice
  3. Romeo and Juliet
  4. Hamlet
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31. If you were one of the hottest peppers in the world, exactly how hot would you be?

Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock.com
  1. Too hot to handle
  2. Hot enough to give a little kick
  3. Not that hot
  4. Pretty hot
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32. You're going up against a celebrity chef in a potato battle. Who do you think you can beat?

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com
  1. Gordon Ramsay
  2. Jamie Oliver
  3. Bobby Flay
  4. Rachael Ray
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33. For five seconds, you get to be a fancy Italian dish. Which are you?

Paul Vinten / Shutterstock.com
  1. Porchetta
  2. Bottarga
  3. Risotto
  4. Tiramisu
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34. If you could be surrounded by one scent for the rest of your life, which would it be?

almaje / Shutterstock.com
  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. Coconut
  3. Fresh linen
  4. Lavender
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35. If you were a judge on a food show, what would be most important to you?

9MOT / Shutterstock.com
  1. Presentation
  2. Complexity
  3. Overall feeling
  4. Taste
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36. If you were coffee, you'd be served...

K-Smile love / Shutterstock.com
  1. With sugar
  2. Black
  3. With cream and sugar
  4. With cream, sugar, and whipped cream
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37. Which really weird food combo do you secretly love?

Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock.com
  1. Popcorn and ketchup
  2. Hot dog and jelly
  3. Pickles and ice cream
  4. Chocolate and pizza
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38. Compare your creative abilities to one of the world's most famous artists:

Yuri Turkov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Pablo Picasso
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Claude Monet
  4. Vincent van Gogh
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39. If your best friend was a leafy vegetable, which one would they be?

Olivier Tabary / Shutterstock.com
  1. Microgreens because they keep me strong like iron
  2. Kale because they're good for me like antioxidants
  3. Cabbage because they're good for my heart
  4. Spinach beause they're my muscle
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40. That was a lot of food! Can you actually cook?

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Of course I can!
  2. Who needs to cook when we have Uber Eats?
  3. Better than most
  4. Chicken nuggets
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