Can You Identify All Of These 70s Slang Words?

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Were you around in the grooviest decade going? Perhaps you're just a fan? How well do you know your slang terms? Is your knowledge outta sight? Can you really feel the funk? There's only one way to find out. It's time to get off the hook!

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1. Hey dude, can you dig it?

  1. Do you understand?
  2. Where's my shovel?
  3. Are you feeling OK?
  4. Do you have one?
The use of “digging,” as in for knowledge which is not easily found, goes back centuries.
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2. Time to head back to my...

  1. Work
  2. Park
  3. Home
  4. Shed
The word makes an appearance in ‘Henry IV’ when Shakespeare asks “Why rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs, Upon uneasy pallets stretching thee…”
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3. Oh, baby…

  1. To fall asleep
  2. When you want to humble someone
  3. To show that you're hungry
  4. To yawn
The European word “dream” is derived from the Sanskrit word, “brahm.”
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4. That was totally…

  1. Lost
  2. Scary
  3. Impressive
  4. Confusing
This term was first believed to be used in the 1950s jazz scene alongside 'hot' and 'cool.'
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5. It’s time to hit the hay…

  1. Annoying phrase used in ‘The Waltons’
  2. A traditional country greeting
  3. A James Bond quote
  4. A pop song reference
'The Waltons' ran for nine years with a total 221 episodes being aired.
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6. Well, well, well…

  1. A type of pie
  2. To compliment a friend
  3. When succeeding to upstage someone
  4. A brand of acne cream
Did you know that there are 43 muscles in the human face? You do now!
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7. Did you just…

  1. Turn the oven on
  2. To fly internationally
  3. Eat marshmallows
  4. To fart
Farts are faster than you think. They've clocked in at 3.05 meters per second, which is about 7 miles per hour!
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8. Remember…

  1. A Nixon quote
  2. A 'Star Wars' reference
  3. A science term
  4. A car slogan
'Star Wars' was released in theatres in the United States on May 25, 1977. It earned $461 million in the U.S. and $314 million overseas, totaling $775 million.
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9. Ha, ha, ha...

  1. To be scared
  2. To dance crazy
  3. To trick someone
  4. To eat loudly
A shortened version of the slang "I just psyched you out," which can mean "to put someone off" or to say it another way, to steer someone off course.
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10. Don’t be such a…

  1. An old telephone
  2. A type of hat
  3. Someone two-faced
  4. A good person
Americans tell an average of seven lies per day in January, compared to the usual standard of four.
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11. I’ll report you to…

  1. Corporations, bosses or authority
  2. A lead actor
  3. Wife
  4. Best friend
As a phrase meaning "the boss," it dates from at least 1918. From about the 1950s, the phrase was also an underworld code word for police.
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12. Let’s take it...

  1. To get married
  2. Slower
  3. To cry
  4. Maximum
In 1901 Connecticut passed the first U.S. state law governing motor vehicles, setting a speed limit of 12 mph in cities!
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13. Hey! I'll...

  1. Teach me
  2. Let's watch a film
  3. See you later
  4. To play ball
Radio DJs adapted the phrase “catch you later” to “catch you on the flip side” when ending their shows.
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14. That's a real...

  1. Cute pet
  2. Cute girl
  3. Old ship
  4. Nice car
Did you know that rabbits have always been a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertility?
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15. Dude, just...

  1. Relax
  2. Buy more
  3. Hurry
  4. Don't stop
Another great slang term we can thank jazz culture for!
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16. Dude, oh my god…

  1. Harsh
  2. Cheesy
  3. Odd, intriguing or good
  4. You're ill
Some believe the term sick as slang originated in Trinidad & Tobago in the late '70s.
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17. It's totally time to...

  1. Hide
  2. Eat
  3. Run
  4. Dance
James Brown released his seminal "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine" in July, 1970. A song to get down to.
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18. Can you...

  1. To eat quickly
  2. To lose your temper
  3. To enjoy the music
  4. To understand
Some iconic funk artists include George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, and Earth.
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19. That is really...

  1. Sad
  2. Expensive
  3. Hip
  4. Harsh
Another counter culture classic from the era of cool.
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20. Never forget, just...

  1. To speed
  2. Buy new shoes
  3. Sleep
  4. To go with the flow
With large goods trucks driving for many hours across states, drivers would keep this helpful motto in mind.
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21. Oh yeah, that's...

  1. A type of aftershave
  2. An exclamation of agreement
  3. A shout of anger
  4. A song
The exact origins are debated - but some think it is a shortening of right on target, used by military airmen.
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22. Totally...

  1. Last week
  2. To own
  3. For sure
  4. For show
Even 'for sure' has the ability to get shortened!
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23. Don't be such a...

  1. An astrologist
  2. A lawyer
  3. A genius
  4. A stupid person
The formal definition is very different. 'Airhead' is a military name for a base inside hostile territory where supplies and troops can be kept.
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24. Hey!

  1. Be quiet
  2. Here's hoping
  3. Never again
  4. You too
Of course, it's a shortening of 'right back at you.' Simple.
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25. OK, you better...

  1. See you later
  2. Do some math
  3. Be at the party or be boring
  4. Time to book a holiday
To be a 'square' was a positive thing in earlier times, later it meant being out of touch with musical trends and fashions.
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26. Make sure you don't...

  1. To eat something
  2. To hog something
  3. To break something
  4. To scream
While filming ‘The African Queen’ in the Congo, everybody on the crew became extremely ill with dysentery from drinking the water. Everybody, except Humphrey Bogart, who only drank whiskey.
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27. Did you...

  1. Do you understand it?
  2. Have you got my stuff?
  3. Let's go sailing!
  4. Do you like it?
A perfect term when you're trying to avoid being too obvious!
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28. Don't be such a...

  1. A small axe
  2. A loser
  3. A winner
  4. A dog
A combination of the words chunk and lump - associated with wood.
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29. Don't be such a...

  1. A liar
  2. A town in Norway
  3. Dim witted person
  4. Two lakes
Some believe this term derives from the French 'goffe' to mean awkward/stupid.
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30. Well, that is just...

  1. Angry or crazy
  2. Lost and sad
  3. Weird or cool
  4. Honest and true
Alongside disco, funk music ruled the airwaves in the 70s thanks to likes of Sly & the Family Stone.
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31. Don't make me call the...

  1. Government
  2. Your mom
  3. The police
  4. The doctor
The origin of this term is not clear, but one theory is it might have come from the beards early police officers wore!
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32. Don't leave me hanging...

  1. To owe money
  2. To sing
  3. To slap hands
  4. To kiss
Five fingers per hand. It's not rocket science! Otherwise known as a 'high five'.
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33. Do you wanna...

  1. Eat cheese
  2. To exercise
  3. Avoid responsibility
  4. Spend time with a friend
Did you get it? A shortened version of to 'hang out.'
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34. Man...

  1. I'm confused
  2. I'm alert
  3. I'm broken
  4. I'm sore
A tricky one! To be 'temporarily not in command of one's mental faculties.'
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35. Yeah, I'm totally...

  1. Itchy
  2. Cool
  3. Stupid
  4. Terrifying
If you're keen on something, you are really, really into it! So... that's cool.
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36. I'm just...

  1. Asking loudly
  2. Acting crazy
  3. A popular lyric
  4. Being realistic
How'd you do? To keep things realistic is also to be authentic to yourself.
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37. Man, that was...

  1. Half Price
  2. Tempting
  3. A bad time
  4. Very exciting
The origin of 'off the hook' can be found in fishing; a fish on the hook has been caught and is considered to be out of options and not free.
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38. Freeze! You...

  1. A person who is unreliable
  2. A lucky guess
  3. A best friend
  4. A tasty meal
In 1974 the funk band the Ohio Players released the song “Jive Turkey,” which uses the phrase repeatedly in the lyrics.
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39. OK, it's time to get...

  1. The truth
  2. A new car
  3. A concert ticket
  4. The goose
A variant of the age-old saying 'to get to the bottom' of something; i.e. to get to the root of the matter.
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40. How about you just...

  1. Eat your vegetables
  2. Dance yourself dry
  3. Mind your business
  4. Beg for forgiveness
Did you know that potatoes have almost all the nutrients humans need to survive?
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41. That was...

  1. Cool
  2. Expensive
  3. Rotten
  4. Scary
Did you know that due to dust, water vapor and pollution in the air will rarely see more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) in the distance?
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42. Brother, that was totally...

  1. Lonely or lost
  2. Worried or uptight
  3. Rich or poor
  4. Groovy or cool
Over the years righteous, which refers to acting according to divine or moral law, morphed into broadly meaning 'good' or 'excellent.'
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43. How about you just...

  1. To go to the pharmacy
  2. To cool down
  3. To cook something
  4. To calm down
The origin of the phrase "Take a Chill Pill" was from when ADHD was first identified, and ADHD pills were beginning to be distributed.
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44. Hey friend...

  1. What's the time?
  2. What's your name?
  3. What are you doing next weekend?
  4. What's happening?
The phrase "What's Shakin" is Afro-American in origin, and dates back to the 1950s.
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45. Check it out, that's so...

  1. Cool/Awesome
  2. Delicious
  3. Scary
  4. Stupid
The word "wizard" derives from the Old English word, "wise." It's use shot up during the '70s when it was adopted as a synonym for "cool", and "awesome!"
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46. Hey!

  1. That's not butter
  2. That's amazing
  3. That's not fair
  4. That's last month
This word has a long history, first being used as an underworld term for counterfeit coins in the 18th century.
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47. I can't believe it, that's

  1. Disgusting
  2. Strange/Wonderful
  3. Tasty
  4. Sexy
Originally meaning "impractical, visionary," the word "unreal" was first recorded as slang in 1965.
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48. C'mon man, don't...

  1. ...hurt me
  2. ...divorce me
  3. ...kiss me
  4. ...mislead me
The phrase "yank my chain" originates from old mining communities, who would carry lengths of chain with them to secure their "honey wagons" (carts).
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49. That dude made me shout...

  1. Exclamation of Loneliness
  2. Exclamation of Trust
  3. Exclamation of Fear
  4. Exclamation of Hunger
The earliest and most commonly known use of "zoinks" comes from the American cartoon Scooby-Doo!
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50. Wow, he is built like a...

  1. Smart & Sexy
  2. Loving & Sweet
  3. Strong & Mighty
  4. Scared & Lonely
The phrase "built like a brick house" has a debated origin! It either dates back to the days of outdoor toilets or to when slaves would sing about strong women; "...she's a brick 'house. She's mighty, mighty..."
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51. Do you believe in...

  1. Peace & Love
  2. War & Anger
  3. Hunger & Hatred
  4. Sleep & Silence
The phrase "flower power" was coined by the American beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1965 in opposition to the Vietnam War.
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52. Woah, they're some fresh...

  1. Shoes
  2. Socks
  3. Pants
  4. Gloves
"Kicks", a slang term for "shoes", appears to have originated from hobo slang (circa 1900s - 1930s) and jazz slang (1920s - 1970s).
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53. Hey man, I know...

  1. A guy called Jack
  2. Nothing
  3. Everything
  4. How to do squats
The phrase "jack squat" has a muddled history, but it probably originates as a more palatable version of a cuss/swear word!
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54. Let's go out and...

  1. Have a crazy party night
  2. Visit the parents
  3. Have a quiet night
  4. Play some pool
Did you know that Manchester (UK), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Berlin (Germany) are the three biggest party cities in the world!
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55. It was a total...

  1. Stolen cake
  2. Accident or crash
  3. Hidden shoes
  4. Loss of money
Classic surfer slang here! As anyone who has ever been knocked out (wiped) by a huge wave knows.
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56. This party is lame...

  1. Let’s dance
  2. Let’s leave
  3. Let’s sing
  4. Let’s eat
Both to "book it", and "let’s book", originate from "bookity-book" meaning to run fast, or to move quickly. This verb has roots as far back as the 1930s.
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57. Look over there! Is that...

  1. A 1976 comedy movie
  2. Jack Nicholson
  3. A candy bar
  4. President Richard Nixon
In 1960 the John Kennedy campaign incorporated this phrase as well as posters of a devious looking Nixon with the caption, “Would You Buy a Used Car from This Man?”
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58. After today's shift, I'm just gonna...

  1. To join the army
  2. A famous electrical appliance
  3. To relax
  4. A type of car
A medical origin here, this comes from the term 'vegetative state,' an absence of responsiveness and awareness.
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59. Dude, I'm being...

  1. A popular burger
  2. Completely serious
  3. A dance craze
  4. Injured
One theory is that this expression partly originates from the practice of using bones to polish leather. So, to 'bone up' on a subject was to improve one's knowledge.
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60. So, we've gotta ask you...

  1. A 70s prog rock song
  2. Can I borrow some money?
  3. What date is it?
  4. How long until you arrive?
It's short for 10-20, meaning location. This everyday term originated from CB radio slang that truckers used.
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