Quiz: Can You Pass This 50s Home Economics Class Quiz?

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If you were one of the students who loved Home Ec and killed it back in high school, we have the ultimate challenge for you. We know you've got the know-how to pass a modern-day home economics exam, but do you know what it was like in the 50s? If you'd like to find out how you'd score, take this fun quiz!

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1. Which of these cakes has a rich melted center?

Denis Kornilov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Apple pie
  2. Molten lava cake
  3. Carrot cake
  4. Angel food cake
A molten lava cake got its name because of its liquid chocolate center. The cake itself is a combination of a traditional souffle and a flourless chocolate cake.
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2. Which of these describes how meat is seared?

Boontoom Sae-Kor / Shutterstock.com
  1. Exposing the meat to high temperatures for color and flavor
  2. Putting meat in an oven to cook slowly
  3. Cooking some meat then dunking it in some cold water to cool
  4. Battering meat then frying it in lots of oil
Searing meat is when its introduced to a high temperature so that it can brown quickly. This cooking technique is said to enhance both the appearance and flavor of the meat.
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3. What's the name of this tool, which is meant to make items flatter?

Alena Kazlouskaya / Shutterstock.com
  1. Spatula
  2. Rolling pin
  3. Sautee pan
  4. Whisk
Rolling pins are used to shape and flatten dough. There are different types, all of which are used for rolling everything from cookies to pizza.
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4. Which of the following factors would determine how long a piece of meat needed to roast?

Andrey Armyagoz / Shutterstock.com
  1. Country of origin
  2. Time of the year
  3. Weight
  4. Experience of the cook
When a recipe would advise how long meat was supposed to be cooked for, it was because that time was measured by minutes per pound. Other factors included were what kind of meat was being cooked.
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5. When is it okay to tip a bowl of soup (to get to the bottom of the bowl)?

Natali Zakharova / Shutterstock.com
  1. When no one is looking
  2. Only on Sundays
  3. When you're the host
  4. Never
While it's not against the law to tip your bowl, it is not considered to be good etiquette. It would be better to get another helping of soup.
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6. What is the name of the baking item shown here?

Charlotte Lake / Shutterstock.com
  1. Coffee maker
  2. Mixer
  3. Pastry cutter
  4. Food processor
Also known as a pastry blender, a pastry cutter is a tool used to mix a solid fat like butter, into flour; it breaks up the hard butter into smaller pieces, making it easier to mix.
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7. Which of these unexpected foods was supposed to be washed before cooking?

Geza Farkas / Shutterstock.com
  1. Beef
  2. Eggs
  3. Wheat
  4. Ice
Eggs were meant to be washed. It was because the contents of the egg would run over the outer shell; a shell which would accumulate dirt and bacteria.
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8. Which of the following desserts requires lady fingers?

Aleksei Potov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Tiramisu
  2. Chocolate cake
  3. Panna Cotta
  4. Gelato
Lady finger cookies or biscuits are often used as a base for tiramisu. Before being added to the dish, it is soaked in coffee or a liquor.
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9. Which of these describes how you would fold a batter?

AB Photostudio / Shutterstock.com
  1. You can't fold a batter
  2. Mixing it without losing any air
  3. Singing into the batter in a way so there's no air left inside
  4. Slicing the corners twice, making the batter neater
Folding a batter is a technique where the ingredients are mixed in a way where no air is lost. This is because air is necessary for the batter to rise.
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10. How do you know when egg whites are properly beaten and are stiff?

Natasha Breen / Shutterstock.com
  1. When the peaks stand straight
  2. When they turn brown
  3. When they feel hard
  4. This is a trick question, they don't get stiff
The easiest way to make stiff peaks is by beating the eggs with an electric mixer. The eggs should be beaten until the peaks stand up straight (when the mixer is lifted).
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11. How often was one's hair supposed to be washed?

Ollyy / Shutterstock.com
  1. Once every two weeks
  2. Once every six months
  3. Once a month
  4. Once a year
It was recommended that hair be shampooed at least every two weeks; more often if the hair got dirty.
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12. What was the purpose of a food mill?

marco mayer / Shutterstock.com
  1. To hide food
  2. To store food while it ripens
  3. To clean food stains
  4. To puree food
A food mill is used to puree food. Back in the day (and still to this day), this device was used to make everything from vegetable soup and baby food, to mashed potatoes.
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13. What's the name of this spice, which is used in sweet and savory dishes alike?

Bobkov Evgeniy / Shutterstock.com
  1. Cinnamon
  2. Cumin
  3. Turmeric
  4. Parsley
Many people are not aware, but cinnamon is the bark of a tree that has been stripped and curled. It is a popular baking ingredient, but it can also be found in savory dishes like chicken biriyani.
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14. Based on this whisk's shape, what kind do you think it is?

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. Balloon whisk
  2. Grater
  3. Pizza cutter
  4. Garlic press
This is a balloon whisk. It is designed in a way that increases the amount of air brought into the foods that it whips.
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15. Which list of ingredients are needed to make a basic white sauce?

Tomo Bagaric / Shutterstock.com
  1. Butter, oil, margarine, beef stock
  2. Turmeric, cloves, flour, rhubarb
  3. Fat, flour, salt and milk
  4. Cardamom, water, sugar, milk
A basic white sauce only requires flour, butter (or some other fat), salt and milk. Other ingredients like white pepper can also be added.
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16. About how many times was it advised that meat be flipped while being pan-fried?

Prostock-studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. There's no limit
  2. Three times
  3. Once
  4. Sixteen
It's advised that meat is only flipped once, when cooking. Flipping too often can cause the meat to break or fall apart.
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17. In the 50s, what was the best way to clean a pot or pan with burned food?

Vipada Kanajod / Shutterstock.com
  1. To let water and soap simmer in it
  2. To throw the pan away - there's no getting it off
  3. To let it sit for two weeks while letting the burned food deteriorate
  4. To scrape it off
Soap water should be placed into the pot or pan and brought to a simmer. Scrubbing afterwards should remove the stains.
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18. In what order were dishes supposed to be washed?

kazoka / Shutterstock.com
  1. Utensils, silver, china, glass
  2. Glass, silver, china, utensils
  3. Utensils, glass, silver, china
  4. Utensils, china, glass, silver
The general rule of thumb in the fifties was that the cleanest dishes would be washed first and that the cooking utensils would be last.
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19. How often was a toilet supposed to be cleaned?

Daniel Jedzura / Shutterstock.com
  1. Once a day
  2. Once a year
  3. Every time you buy a new toilet
  4. Every 3 hours
A 1954 homemaking textbook says that toilets were meant to be "washed daily with a strong soap, a long-handled brush, or a cloth which may be burned afterwards."
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20. Which dish would have been served first during a three-course meal?

smspsy / Shutterstock.com
  1. Soup
  2. Steak
  3. Rice Pilaf
  4. Cheesecake
Soups are generally considered to be appetizers and will be served before the main courses which often include meat like chicken, fish or steak and the dessert.
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21. Which of these cakes is meant to be served upside down?

Elena Shashkina / Shutterstock.com
  1. Red velvet
  2. Pineapple
  3. Bananas foster
  4. Trifle
The pineapple upside down cake is an old-fashioned cake, which, despite its look, is extremely delicious. It was so named because its toppings are at the bottom (it's upside down). After baking, the cake is flipped, so that the toppings are now at the top.
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22. Which of the following is an advantage of using a pressure cooker?

Daniel Krason / Shutterstock.com
  1. You can add seasoning while you cook
  2. You can monitor the food while its cooking
  3. Nutrients are retained and the flavor is better
  4. You can forget about it
The longer foods are cooked for, the more nutrients are destoryed because of the heat. Pressure cookers cook food at a faster rate, retaining moisture and flavor.
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23. How are utensils supposed to be chosen at the dinner table when there is more than one option?

Akasha / Shutterstock.com
  1. Use whatever you want
  2. Work from the inside out
  3. Alternate each side during each course
  4. Work from the outside in
In a formal dinner, the utensils have already been placed in their correct positions. Start from the outside and work your way in for every course.
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24. Which of these vegetables can be served creamed?

Bogdan Wankowicz / Shutterstock.com
  1. Mushrooms
  2. Spinach
  3. Corn
  4. All of the above
All of the options given are vegetables that are usually served creamed. The process requires the vegetables to be cooked and then placed into a mixture of butter, liquid cream and a few other ingredients.
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25. How often should a sink have been cleaned?

kazoka / Shutterstock.com
  1. Once a year
  2. Every time the dishes were washed
  3. Once every three months
  4. Never, the water and soap wash it out while the dishes are being washed
A kitchen sink, understandably, was meant to cleaned every time dishes were washed. It was often done with the same sponge used on the dishes, or a wash cloth that was stored close by.
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26. Which of these items was used in the fifties to make coffee?

ninikas / Shutterstock.com
  1. A French press
  2. A Keurig
  3. A percolator
  4. Coffee wasn't invented yet
Although some still use this device today, percolators were popularly used to make coffee up until the seventies, when drip coffee makers were introduced to the market.
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27. Which of the options below is known to restore copper's brightness?

Berezhneva Tamara / Shutterstock.com
  1. Sand and paint
  2. Ketchup and salt
  3. Vodka and sugar
  4. Oil and butter
Ketchup was incredibly huge back in the fifties and so, was applied to more than just food. Equal parts salt and ketchup should be used with a soft cotton or hemp cloth.
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28. What would you get if you mixed two cups of water and one tablespoon of cornstarch?

Panya_Anakotmankong / Shutterstock.com
  1. Spray starch to iron with
  2. A mess
  3. A chaser
  4. A headache remedy
Cornstarch has a number of functions around the house and in the kitchen. One of them is that it functions as a spray strach for ironing, when added to water.
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29. How often would a woman's stockings need to be washed?

Tibanna79 / Shutterstock.com
  1. Once a year
  2. They should never be washed
  3. Once every six months
  4. Every time they were worn
According to Experiences in Homemaking (1954), a woman's stockings should have been washed every time she took them off.
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30. What happens to a loaf of bread when the dough is undercooked?

Bruno Monico / Shutterstock.com
  1. It will sink
  2. It changes color
  3. It loses flavor
  4. Nothing
If dough is undercooked, it will remain heavy and cause areas where it is located, to sink.
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31. Can you finish the saying? "Table manners tend to match the _____________."

fizkes / Shutterstock.com
  1. The law
  2. Curtains
  3. Butterfly
  4. Table
This is a saying which explained that the more beautiful, welcoming or appealing a table was set, the more likely the mood of diners would reflect that. If a table had a cheerful vibe, it would help those who ate at it happier.
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32. Which alcohol was often left in the kitchen because it was used when cooking?

Rusian Kokarev / Shutterstock.com
  1. Sherry
  2. Ouzo
  3. Cream
  4. Chicken stock
Sherry is a cooking staple in Europe and other places in the world. It can be added in everything from sauces to cakes.
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33. Which culinary use would a mallet be used for?

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. For cleaning glass items
  2. For tenderizing meat
  3. For breaking hard foods
  4. For season frozen foods
A mallet is used to tenderize raw meat. Storage and cleaning is very important where this tool is concerned.
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34. Which popular dish is most likely to be "basted"?

Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com
  1. Thanksgiving turkey
  2. Cereal
  3. Pizza
  4. Chicken soup
A baster is a device which sucks in and then releases juices. It is used to add moisture to meat that is being roasted, keeping it moist and tender.
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35. It was customary for people in the fifties to do what, as soon as they woke up on mornings?

Stock-Asso / Shutterstock.com
  1. Kiss their mothers
  2. Sing a happy tune
  3. Sing the national anthem
  4. Open the window
It was commonplace to open up your window after you woke up. The reason was so that you could air out your bedroom while you were eating breakfast.
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36. Of these dishes, which was set ablaze?

David Tadevosian / Shutterstock.com
  1. Pancakes
  2. Salad
  3. Bananas foster
  4. Roast beef
In the bananas foster dish, the food is often set ablaze using a cooking technique called flambeing. The alcohol in the dish is set on fire, burning some of the alcohol off.
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37. What was the purpose of a clothespin?

olhovyi_photographer / Shutterstock.com
  1. For keeping curtains on the rods
  2. For hanging clothes on a line
  3. For baking meat
  4. For better TV reception
Clothespins are used to secure wet or damp clothing to clothes lines. The device was believed to have been created in the early 19th century.
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38. What was the work a mother did in the home referred to as?

Drpixel / Shutterstock.com
  1. Pink paper
  2. Landscaping
  3. Labor income
  4. Income tax
Experiences in Homemaking explains that "When estimates have been made of what it would cost to pay other people for the various tasks the mother does in caring for her home and family, it has been found that the mother’s time is as valuable as the average father’s time in terms of money.This contribution, which the mother makes to the family income is called labor income."
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39. Which of these is not an ingredient in a cherry pie?

Maria Medvedeva / Shutterstock.com
  1. Cherries
  2. Custard
  3. Sugar
  4. Dough
Unless you're making a variation of cherry pie, custard isn't a normal ingredient. You do, however, need cherries, sugar and dough.
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40. What does it mean to "julienne" a vegetable?

thefoodphotographer / Shutterstock.com
  1. To cut it into long, thin strips
  2. To assign it a gender
  3. To cook it whole
  4. To eat it raw
The word "julienne" is a French cooking term which means to cut food (mostly vegetables) into short, thin strips.
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41. What kind of stains are removed with water and lemon juice?

Joshua Resnick / Shutterstock.com
  1. Cheese
  2. Sweat
  3. Soy
  4. Tears
A mixture of water and lemon juice is not strong enough to remove deep stains like wine and blood, but it works like a charm to get armpit stains out of t-shirts.
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42. Back in the day, it was customary to stand behind one's chair until who took their seat?

Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com
  1. The youngest at the table
  2. The hostess
  3. The Queen
  4. The owner of the house
In the fifties, you had to stand behind your seat until the hostess got to theirs. Said hostess would also be the one who gave the signal for leaving the table.
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43. Which of these ingredients was meant to be sifted?

Konstantin Kolosov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Flour
  2. Rice
  3. Cheddar cheese
  4. Leaves
Of the options, flour is the only one that can be properly sifted. It is something that is done to remove the lumps before cooking.
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44. Which classic dish is most likely to have a lattice on top?

Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com
  1. Pie
  2. Rice pudding
  3. Strawberry shortcake
  4. Ice cream sundae
A lattice crust requires bakers to weave strips of dough on top of a pie. It isn't something that every pie has; cherry and blueberry are classics for the lattice top, while apple pies don't always have them.
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45. How was bread and butter supposed to be eaten?

Dariia Belkina / Shutterstock.com
  1. Dip the bread in the butter, blow, then bite
  2. Flip the piece of bread after each bite
  3. Break off a piece of bread then butter it - repeat after each bite
  4. Use only one swipe of butter and bite every 5 seconds
According to Experiences in Homemaking, the correct way to eat bread and butter involved buttering and eating small bites.
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46. Which of the following was a woman NOT supposed to do, to prepare for their husbands arrival after a hard day's work?

littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock.com
  1. Minimize the noise
  2. Order take out
  3. Listen to him
  4. Touch up her makeup
Many home-economics classes sought to prepare future housewives for their duties as wives and mothers. Having a home-cooked meal ready on the table for tired husbands was considered to be a priority. As one book noted: "this is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him, and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospects of a good meal are part of the warm welcome needed."
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47. With which spoon should you eat your breakfast cereal?

virtu studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. A serving spoon
  2. A dessert spoon
  3. A spork
  4. A salad spoon
To eat your breakfast cereal, only small spoons were permissible. Either a dessert spoon or teaspoon could be used.
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48. How many days in advance should you send out invitations to your holiday party?

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. What invitation?
  2. 6 months
  3. 1 day
  4. 10 days
10 days notice was standard for written invitations to events. Holiday invitations could be sent on a christmas card, calling card, or bright red note paper.
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49. Which of the following statements was considered common knowledge?

VGstockstudio / Shutterstock.com
  1. Women are more athletic than men
  2. Women have better vision than men
  3. Women are better at mathematics than men
  4. Women are more accurate tasters than men
It was once believed to be a scientifically proven fact that women had better taste buds than their male counterparts, able to distinguish between sweet, sour, salt, and bitter flavours much more accurately .
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50. What does it mean to "dredge" meat?

MilkaRe Production / Shutterstock.com
  1. To coat it with flour or cornmeal
  2. To run it through a shredder
  3. To dry it out in the sun
  4. To make it paper-thin
The word "dredging" seems a lot more hardcore than it actually is. It simply means to cover the meat with flour, something that helps seal moisture in.
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51. How do you avoid facial wrinkles?

Juta / Shutterstock.com
  1. Get plenty of sun in the summer
  2. Botox, baby!
  3. Eat lots of chocolate
  4. Spend a few minutes a day, lying with your feet above your head
Spending time lying down with your feet above your head was thought to be essential to stopping the aging process. Other anti-wrinkle skin care tips included keeping a normal weight, and avoiding dramatic facial expressions.
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52. What should you NOT do if your child refuses food, but wants to eat between meals?

Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock.com
  1. Refuse to give him or her any food at all
  2. Turn the lights off
  3. Give him a snack
  4. Give them detention
Early 20th century psychologists did not encourage a show of love between parents and children, often advising parents against hugging, kissing, or otherwise coddling them. They did not, however, go so far as to suggest the complete prohibition of food.
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53. Where should you serve soup at your dinner party?

Elena.Katkova / Shutterstock.com
  1. In the parlor
  2. In the garden
  3. In the bedroom
  4. In the kitchen
Serving the first course in the parlor (or living room) was not only a fashionable way to host guests, but also practical! In doing so, you avoided having to change your table settings over, and over, and over again.
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54. Women in the 1950s were told that all of the following would give you high blood pressure. EXCEPT:

SewCream / Shutterstock.com
  1. A report you're about to give to the Parent Teacher Association
  2. A bouquet of roses
  3. Butter
  4. Small Janey tracking mud all over clean floors
A dirty house? High blood pressure. Your children's bad grades? High blood pressure. Butter? High blood pressure. Roses? No problem.
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55. How do you make sure your ankles are trim and shapely enough?

Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock.com
  1. Put on ankle-slimming balm
  2. Massage them every night
  3. Dancing for 45 minutes
  4. Tightly wrap them in gauze before you go to bed
Properly massaging your ankles was an essential part of any woman's beauty routine. How? Lie on the floor, with your feet on chair or stool. Draw one knee to the chest, grasp the ankle with both hands, and with a hard, twisting motion, massage the leg from ankle to knee.
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56. In what order were clothes normally ironed?

Story Time Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. Darkest to lightest
  2. Underwear, hats, gloves, then everything else
  3. Low-heat to high-heat garments
  4. High to low heat garments
When ironing, it was best to do those which required lower heat first. Doing this minimized the chance of burning or scorching an item because the iron was too high.
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57. What is the equivalent of 1/2 lb. of American Cheddar Cheese?

Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com
  1. 17 Cups, grated
  2. 2 Cups, grated
  3. 3 Teaspoons, grated
  4. 1 Teaspoon, grated
Any good housewife needed a good housekeeping chart, showing how to estimate what to buy for what you need, so as to prevent waste. It was common knowledge, for example, that 1/2 lb. of American Cheddar Cheese would equal roughly 2 cups of the cheese, when grated.
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58. What should you place on top of your coffee table to create a feeling of warmth and welcome?

Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock.com
  1. A bowl of fruit, proportional to the size of the table
  2. Stuffed animals
  3. Dirty dishes
  4. Books
While a proper coffee table should always be set with an ornamental box, a book, and a serving plate, without a fruit bowl, the table would exude an air of incompleteness and the coldness of formality.
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59. If you're looking to prepare lunch in a pinch, which of the following is a good idea to add to your menu?

Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock.com
  1. Snails
  2. Beef Wellington
  3. Jellied cucumber rings
  4. Whole-roasted duck
Jellied cucumber rings... of course! Considered a lunch or tea delicacy, jellied cucumber rings were thought to be relatively quick-fixes (requiring only 20 minutes of preparation time, plus cooling). An added bonus? The recipe calls only for such household staples as gelatin, lemon juice, vinegar, cucumbers, sugar, and tomatoes.
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60. Which of the following ingredients would have ruined a trifle?

Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock.com
  1. Vanilla Pudding Powder
  2. Licorice
  3. Sherry
  4. Sponge Layers
Described as a 'gala desert' when well made, the Trifle was a staple repertoire of any good housewife. Made with alternating layers of fruit, sponge fingers, sherry, and custard, this heavy desert would definitely not have gotten along with licorice.
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61. For a successful at-home perm, a woman should do all of the following BUT:

Ruslan Huzau / Shutterstock.com
  1. Set an alarm clock to check a test curl
  2. Place hair near a window
  3. Start with the nape of the neck
  4. Arrange for quiet and privacy
When perming at home, winding hair too tightly, or letting curlers hang at a slant often caused hair breakage.
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62. On which side was one supposed to rise from their chair?

Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock.com
  1. The back
  2. The left
  3. The front
  4. Any side goes, it's a free country!
Back in the day, it was considered correct to both sit down and get up from the left of one's chair. This was so that no one would bump into each other.
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63. What is the best way to wax your linoleum flooring?

Budimir Jevtic / Shutterstock.com
  1. Hot water
  2. Raspberry Preserves
  3. Self-polishing wax
  4. Honey
Have fond memories of linoleum flooring? Cleaning it was no easy process. Self-polishing wax was thought to be easy to apply, and when soiled could be removed quickly with a mop wrung out of warm, sudsy water. Be sure the floor is clean before applying the wax. Remember to let the wax dry for at least 20 minutes.
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64. To keep her husband's attention, a wife should do everything BUT:

Stokkete / Shutterstock.com
  1. Say, 'I told you so'
  2. Speak in a low, clear and sweet voice
  3. Remain courteous and attentive
  4. Be ready to laugh at all times
Women were reminded never to reprimand their husbands or say 'I told you so,' despite provocation. It was simply not good manners to do so.
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65. Before polishing silverware, always:

AndreyCherkasov / Shutterstock.com
  1. Run your nails over a wet cake of soap
  2. Sing the National Anthem
  3. Put on something black
  4. Wear perfume, to cover the smell of silver polish
Before polishing silver, repotting plants, or cleaning the attic or cellar, running nails over a wet cake of soap was advised. Why? To prevent grime from settling around them, and protect the youth of a lady’s hands.
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66. How much of a tuck-under is ideal for your sheets?

Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com
  1. 6 inches
  2. 14 inches
  3. 1/2 inch
  4. 2 inches
Common knowledge used to dictate that sheets should be 'wide enough' allow for a 6-inch tuck-under on each side of the bed, making the minimum width for a narrow, single twin sheet 63 inches.
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67. You haven't got a good night's sleep. What WILL not help you hide your tiredness?

Vladimir Gjorgiev / Shutterstock.com
  1. Brush your hair vigorously until it shines
  2. Wear bright red lipstick to distract from your eyes
  3. Dressing up as King Kong
  4. Pin a bright flower pin to your suit that distracts from your face
To hide stress or tiredness, women were advised to use a darker or rosier makeup foundation that would help to cover their pallor, and create the illusion of health.
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68. How did you avoid getting makeup on your clothes when taking them on and off?

LuckyN / Shutterstock.com
  1. Tie a large handkerchief over your face before dressing or undressing
  2. Say a prayer
  3. Gently place you head over the sink
  4. Don't wear makeup
Cake makeup and liquid foundations often stained clothes with tight necklines. Because a proper housewife never wanted to go without makeup, she was advised to cover her face with a handkerchief while putting on or taking off clothing, thereby avoiding difficult-to-remove stains.
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69. You are planning a dinner party. Which of these was not a kind of catering service you could contract?

Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock.com
  1. English
  2. Outer Space
  3. Russian
  4. French
The three types of table service are Russian, English and French. Unfortunately, outer Space has never been offered.
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70. Which of these tests is done when making a jelly?

Ildi Papp / Shutterstock.com
  1. Sheet test
  2. Crispy test
  3. Slap Test
  4. Milk test
The jelly sheet test is a method of testing whether your jelly is ready or not. It involves dipping a spoon into the still cooking jelly and watching how it runs off the utensil, back into the pot.
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