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Do you remember the show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”? Ever since, adults have been trying to find out if their elementary school knowledge is on par with the 5- to 10-year-olds running around. Quick! 12x12=? How well did Mrs. Brown teach you? Warning! This quiz seems easier than it really is!

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1. Mix blue and red to make:

Africa Studio /
  1. Pink
  2. Purple
  3. Gold
  4. Black
Looking to paint something royal, magic, or mysterious? Create the color purple by combining equal quantities of red and blue.
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2. You enter a warm building on a cold day. Your glasses fog up. Why?

I.Dr /
  1. Your bad luck
  2. Condensation
  3. Decomposition
  4. Synthesis
Condensation! Want another example? When the bathroom becomes foggy during a warm shower.
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3. Identify the first President of the United States:

Tony Baggett /
  1. Humphrey Bogart
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. Donald Trump
  4. George Washington
George Washington (1732-1799) was the only president to be unanimously elected! Fun fact? He also liked barbecues.
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4. You're dissecting an amphibian. It's a:

Ondrej Prosicky /
  1. Unicorn
  2. Seal
  3. Giant Mammoth
  4. Frog
Ewwww, frogs! Do you remember dissecting one? Then maybe you know that amphibians are ectothermic vertebrates characterized by their aquatic gill-breathing larval stage. Other examples include: frogs, toads, and salamanders.
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5. Aloha! Hawaii is:

Shane Myers Photography /
  1. A state
  2. A continent
  3. A country
  4. A city
Hawaii is an island state of the United States of America. You can thank this state for surfboards!
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6. Up, up, and away! The first man in space was:

Gorodenkoff /
  1. Henry Ford
  2. Yuri Gagarin
  3. Thomas Edison
  4. Elvis Presley
Soviet Air Force Pilot, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (1934 -1968), became the first human to go into outer space. His capsule Vostok 1 completed an entire orbit around the world.
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7. Oh no! Your epidermis is showing! That's:

Motionblur Studio /
  1. Your fish scales
  2. Your ankle
  3. The outermost layer of your skin
  4. Your freckles
Why is the outermost layer of your skin important? It acts as a barrier, protecting the body from infection while regulating the amount of water lost through sweat.
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8. Why are leaves green?

kram9 /
  1. The tree fairies
  2. Because of sepals
  3. Chlorophyll
  4. To complement flower petals
Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants, algae, and some types of bacteria. It works by absorbing sunlight during photosynthesis.
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9. To swim in the largest ocean, go to the:

Ross TerBeek /
  1. Dead Sea
  2. Caribbean Ocean
  3. Pacific Ocean
  4. Indian Ocean
The Pacific Ocean is both the largest and the deepest ocean basin in the world! Did you know that it covers approximately 63 million square miles – more than 3 times the size of Asia?
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10. Emma's family spent the summer in Rome. That's in:

Catarina Belova /
  1. England
  2. Venezuela
  3. Italy
  4. Turkey
Why visit Rome, Italy? It is the location of one of the 7 Wonders of the World – the Colosseum.
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11. Brides wear THIS on their heads:

Kuznetcov_Konstantin /
  1. A vale
  2. A veal
  3. A valium
  4. A veil
Uh-oh, it's time for English! A veil is an article of clothing that is worn to cover a part of the head or face. Veiling dates back to 1400 BC and is commonly worn by brides.
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12. The square root of 16 is:

Elena100 /
  1. 400
  2. 4
Dog eat your homework? A square root is a number that produces a specified quantity when it is multiplied by itself. 4 is the square root of 4. (4 X 4 = 16)
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13. Phones off in class! Who invented the telephone?

Joseph Thomas Photography /
  1. Marie Curie
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Teen Angst
  4. Alexander Graham Bell
What else is cool about Alexander Graham Bell (1847–1922)? He's Scottish. He was also the cofounder of AT&T.
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14. The (invisible) line connecting the north and south poles is:

trentemoller /
  1. The Prime Meridian
  2. The San Andreas Fault
The Prime Meridian is an invisible line of longitude corresponding to 0 degrees. It is also called the Greenwich Meridian, because it passes through Greenwich, England.
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15. What is a moon?

Vadim Sadovski /
  1. A shooting star
  2. A place where aliens live
  3. A celestial body that orbits around a planet
  4. The bubbles in your lava lamp
The earth has one moon. Saturn? It has 82!
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16. The stamen and pistil are:

ImJonCarroll /
  1. Parts of a machine gun
  2. Parts of a flower
  3. Periodic elements
  4. Alien anatomy
The stamen and the pistil are how flowers do the deed. The pistil is the female reproductive organ, the stamen is the male reproductive organ.
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17. The "numerator" is:

JRP Studio /
  1. Why you failed math class
  2. Part of a triangle
  3. The top number of a fraction
  4. Nonsense
The top number of a fraction. It shows how many of the parts of the denominator (the bottom number) are taken. For example 3 in ¾.
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18. Bones need a little something extra? Eat:

bitt24 /
  1. Gummy bears
  2. Strawberries
  3. Wonder Bread
  4. Milk and cheese
You need calcium! The mineral can be found in dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt.
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19. The Battle of Gettysburg took place in:

Minhai_Andritoiu /
  1. London
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. A book
  4. Alaska
The Battle of Gettysburg, fought from July 1st to July 3rd 1863, was the turning point of the Civil War. The battle cost both sides dearly, resulting in over 50,000 casualties.
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20. Which of these colors is a shade of green?

Michael J P /
  1. Crimson
  2. Mustard
  3. Cobalt
  4. Emerald
Emerald is a shade of green, first recorded in 1598. It is named after the precious stone with the same name.
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21. A synonym for ‘amazing’ is:

ESB Professional /
  1. Accessible
  2. Annoying
  3. Astounding
  4. Affordable
A synonym is a word or phrase that means roughly the same thing as another word or phrase. Astounding is defined as “surprisingly impressive or notable.” For example, your ability to ace this quiz is ASTOUNDING.
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22. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from:

javiperhez /
  1. Turkey
  2. South Africa
  3. France
  4. Cleopatra
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, ...." France gifted this iconic statute to the United States to commemorate their alliance during the American Revolution.
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23. Here comes the sun! It's a:

stockelements /
  1. Planet
  2. Tabloid
  3. Asteroid
  4. Star
The sun is the star found at the center of the solar system. Did you know that the sun’s temperature can reach 15 million degrees Celsius?
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24. To find the smallest bone in the body, touch your:

maxcreatnz /
  1. Thigh
  2. Ears
  3. Skull
  4. Stomach
The smallest bone in the body, the stapes, is located in the middle ear. It helps to transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear.
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25. Your class pet is a young goat, also called a:

schibbel /
  1. Goaten
  2. Goober
  3. Kid
  4. Goatling
All goats under 6 months of age are known as kids. When a male goat reaches maturity, it is called a buck. A mature female goat is called a doe.
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26. Is it lunchtime yet? Which is NOT a part of the digestive system?

Explode /
  1. Heart
  2. Large Intestine
  3. Stomach
  4. Esophagus
The digestive system breaks down the food we eat so that its nutrients can be absorbed in the body. It includes the esophagus, stomach, and the small and large intestines.
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27. A person who suffers from arachnophobia is afraid of:

Sharaf Maksumov /
  1. Spiders
  2. Dogs
  3. Bad grades
  4. Humans
Arachnophobia is the unreasonable and debilitating fear of spiders and other arachnids. It is one of the most common phobias in the world.
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28. A leap year has how many days?

Mark Rademaker /
  1. 1
  2. 180
  3. 366
  4. 365
A leap year is a year that has 366 days, 1 more day than the standard year. The intercalary day is February 29th.
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29. Ready, set, go. 60% of 100 is:

Daniel Jedzura /
  1. 1000
  2. 100
  3. 60
  4. 6000
60% of 100 is 60. Did you know that the word percent means out of one hundred?
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30. Field trip to the planetarium! Why is Mars red?

Dotted Yeti /
  1. Aliens life
  2. Iron
  3. Oxygen
  4. Hair dye
The surface of Mars has a reddish appearance because its soil contains iron oxide particles. It is the reason why Mars is known as the “Red Planet”.
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31. Albert Einstein was:

Grey82 /
  1. French
  2. Born with white hair
  3. German
  4. Good at dancing
German-born Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) developed the theory of relativity. Now, let's get to the good stuff. Did you know that he married the only female student in his class, Mileva Maric? When things didn't go well with Mileva, he married his cousin.
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32. The brontosaurus is:

Ton Bangkeaw /
  1. A bird
  2. A fish
  3. A dinosaur
  4. A unicorn
A brontosaurus, which comes from the Greek word for “thunder lizard”, is a genus of large dinosaurs known for their characteristic long, thin necks, bulky torso, and whip-like tail.
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33. To be or not to be? Who wrote Hamlet?

Anton_Ivanov /
  1. Arthur Miller
  2. Brad Pitt
  3. Samuel Beckett
  4. William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet between 1599 and 1601. Did you know that it is Shakespeare’s longest play?
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34. How many continents are there?

Serban Bogdan /
  1. 17
  2. 28
  3. 7
  4. 21
From largest to smallest, the 7 continenets are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.
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35. Which organ is in charge of digestion?

Bangkoker /
  1. The brain
  2. The pancreas
  3. The lungs
  4. The heart
The pancreas released digestive juices that break down foods in the stomach!
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36. To swim in the longest river in the world, head to the:

Gustavo Frazao /
  1. Seine
  2. Thames
  3. Nile
  4. Hudson
According to Guinness World Records, The Nile is the longest river in the world. It measures an astounding 6,695 km or 4,160 miles in length.
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37. What number does the Roman numeral “XLI” stand for?

Oleksandr Kostiuchenko /
  1. 300,000,000
  2. 41
  3. Extra Large Individual
  4. 5
41! Before you go grumbling about the answer, remember that this numbering system has been around since the 8th century, BCE.
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38. The chemical formula for water is:

Robert Kneschke /
  1. H2O
  2. NaCl
  3. S2
  4. C2H6Oz
Water is a transparent, tasteless fluid that can be found covering most of the Earth’s surface. It has the chemical formula H2O.
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39. Which of these items is the shape of a cylinder?

Realstockvector /
  1. Tea cup
  2. A Toblerone Bar
  3. Juice pitcher
  4. Soda can
A cylinder is a solid geometric shape that has straight parallel sides and a circular cross-section. Some everyday examples include toilet paper rolls, soda cans, and aerosol cans.
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40. Time for Geology! The Earth's structure is made of:

Rost9 /
  1. Platelets, leukocytes, erythrocytes
  2. Water, air, magic
  3. Basin, sink, and lake
  4. Crust, mantle, and core
The earth's internal structure consists of an outer crust, a viscous mantle, and a liquid core. Did you know that the Earth's core is almost the same size as the moon?
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41. Translate 3/4 to a percentage:

asiandelight /
  1. 20%
  2. 75%
  3. 60%
  4. 40%
3/4 as a percentage is 75%.
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42. The force responsible for an apple falling from a tree is:

Helioscribe /
  1. My cat
  2. Friction
  3. Tension
  4. Gravity
Gravity doesn't exist in space! It's a natural force that causes objects to fall towards the Earth.
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43. How many sides does a decagon have?

NitPic /
  1. 1
  2. 10
  3. 3
  4. 15
A decagon is a plane figure which has 10 equal straight sides and angles. Each of the internal angles equals to 144 degrees.
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44. Identify the conjunction:

Nadiinko /
  1. Bland
  2. Breezy
  3. Bitter
  4. But
A conjunction is a word used to connect two or more clauses or sentences. Some examples include “and,” “but,” and “if.”
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45. What happened on July 4th, 1776?

  1. Genghis Khan invaded Africa
  2. The Titanic sank
  3. America gained its independence
  4. World War I began
On July 4th, 1776, the 13 colonies came together to claim their independence from England. This event led to the creation of the United States.
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46. Identify the prime number:

Cherries /
  1. -12
  2. 15
  3. 24
  4. 3
A prime number is any number greater than one that cannot be formed by multiplying two smaller numbers. 3 is the only prime number on the list.
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47. Pick the adjective in this sentence: My sweaty math teacher loves chocolate.

TungCheung /
  1. My
  2. Loves
  3. Chocolate
  4. Sweaty
Need a refresher? An adjective is a word that DESCRIBES a noun. For example: the ANGRY student threw a fit.
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48. Complete the lyrics: "50 nifty United States from _____ original colonies"

Billion Photos /
  1. 51
  2. 38
  3. 13
  4. 27
In 1776, the 13 original colonies broke free from British rule and became the United States of America. They were: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.
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49. Attention! 12x12 is?

hikmet2016 /
  1. 144
  2. To infinity and beyond!
  3. 60
  4. 222
Fall asleep in math class again? 12x12 is 144. It is the last number seen on most multiplication times tables.
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50. Visit Machu Picchu in:

Anton_Ivanov /
  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. Antarctica
  4. South America
Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel located in the Cusco Region of southern Peru. The mountain ridge is over 2,430 meters or 7,970 feet tall.
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