Can You Name These Old-Time Heartthrobs?

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From beautiful singers to attractive actors and alluring models, Hollywood is known for having some of the most beautiful people in the world… and it’s been that way for as long as the entertainment industry existed. Celebs like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean passed away long before many of us were born, but we still know what they look like. How? Because looks like those stand the test of time… on the internet that is.

So how well can you identify some of Hollywood’s best-looking stars? If we were to show you images of some of these hot celebrities, would you be able to correctly identify them? Let’s find out together!

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1. Some of his most iconic roles include Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry series and Walt Kowalski in "Gran Torino"...

skeeze /
  1. Robert Duvall
  2. Jack Nicholson
  3. Tom Hanks
  4. Clint Eastwood
It’s Clint Eastwood, the American actor who is best known for starring as Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry film series. Did we mention that he is also an award-winning filmmaker?
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2. This British beauty was ranked the third-greatest female screen legend by the American Film Institute.

skeezs /
  1. Viola Davis
  2. Emily Blunt
  3. Audrey Hepburn
  4. Robin Wright
Audrey Hepburn was a British actress who has been ranked as the third-greatest female screen legend by the American Film Institute. She was always praised for her grace and style.
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3. Nicknamed the "Goddess of Pop", this hottie is also an award-winning actress:

Casablanca Records /
  1. Debbie Reynolds
  2. Naomi Watts
  3. Shirley Temple
  4. Cher
Cher is an American singer and actress whose career has spanned over six decades. Because of her contribution to the music industry, she’s been nicknamed the Goddess of Pop!
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4. This Canadian actor became a cultural icon for playing the Star Trek Captain, James T. Kirk...

NBC Television /
  1. Bruce Willis
  2. Joe Pesci
  3. William Shatner
  4. Christopher Lee
You may remember William Shatner for his iconic portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek franchise. He also played the Emmy Award–winning role of Denny Crane in the legal drama, "The Practice".
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5. She’s best known for wearing a white dress while the subway air blew up her skirt:

Dencey /
  1. Marilyn Monroe
  2. Patricia Arquette
  3. Rachel McAdams
  4. Anne Hathaway
Marilyn Monroe was an American actress and model who is the original blonde bombshell. The photo of her white dress blowing up over the subway grate is still being sold today.
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6. This singer was often called "The King of Rock and Roll". What’s his real name?

CarterLennon /
  1. Samuel L. Jackson
  2. Heath Ledger
  3. Anthony Hopkins
  4. Elvis Presley
The “King of Rock and Roll”, Mr. Elvis Presley, was one of the most culturally significant musicians of the 20th century. Some of his greatest hits include “Love Me Tender” and “Jailhouse Rock”.
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7. This American singer is often referred to as the "Queen of Pop" with hits like "Vogue", "Like a Virgin", and "La Isla".

Olavtenbroek /
  1. Natasha Bedingfield
  2. Billie Ellish
  3. Madonna
  4. Beyoncé
Madonna is an American entertainer who is one of the bestselling musicians of all time. Hits like “Vogue”, “Like a Prayer”, and “Like a Virgin” are some of the reasons why she has an estimated net worth of $850 million.
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8. This Oscar winner, whose real name is Marion Mitchell Morrison, starred in "True Grit" and "The Longest Day":

Robert N. Bradbury /
  1. John Wayne
  2. Gene Hackman
  3. Tommy Lee Jones
  4. Robin Williams
This is John Wayne, an Oscar-winning actor who became a household sensation after starring in "Stagecoach". According to some, he personified the country’s frontier heritage.
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9. She came from a family of superstars including Michael, Randy, La Toya, Tito, and Marlon.

MaDMAn /
  1. Geena Davis
  2. Zoe Saldana
  3. Michelle Rodriguez
  4. Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson is an American singer and dancer who rose to fame for being the youngest member of the Jackson family. She then went on to launch her own music career, selling over 100 million records.
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10. Throughout the 1970s, this man was one of the highest paid actors in the world. Who is he?

Havaa /
  1. Ian McKellen
  2. Christopher Walken
  3. Christian Bale
  4. Marlon Brando
Marlin Brando was an American actor who was one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Some of his most notable roles include Mark Antony ("Julius Caesar") and Don Vito Corleone ("The Godfather").
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11. Which of these actresses had a hairstyle named after her?

skeeze /
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Kate Winslet
  3. Hilary Swank
  4. Farrah Fawcett
It's Farrah Fawcett! Among other things, Fawcett is known for being an original Charlie's Angel. She's also got a hairstyle named after her, the Farrah Flip.
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12. Mamma Mia! She starred in over 50 films before being named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in the world:

  1. Kirsten Dunst
  2. Mia Farrow
  3. Jennifer Connelly
  4. Diane Lane
Mia Farrow is an American actress and former model who has appeared in over 50 films. Did you know that she was married to Frank Sinatra for two years?
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13. This now-retired Scottish actor was best known for playing the role of fictional spy, James Bond:

Kate Gabrielle /
  1. Sean Connery
  2. Javier Bardem
  3. Christopher Waltz
  4. Lawrence Fishburn
Sir Sean Connery is a Scottish actor who is widely known for his role as the fictional spy, James Bond. He was the first actor to take on the role, and he went on to star in seven Bond films.
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14. What actor is best remembered for his performance as Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mocking Bird"?

Studio /
  1. Gregory Peck
  2. Ed Harris
  3. Jack Lemmon
  4. Hugh Jackman
Gregory Peck was an American actor who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor five times. He won once, for his performance as Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird".
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15. Before becoming the host of her own show, she starred in "The Dick Van Dyke Show". Clearly people wanted "moore" of her...

CBS Television /
  1. Meryl Streep
  2. Mary Tyler Moore
  3. Cate Blanchett
  4. Julianne Moore
Mary Tyler Moore was an American actress who rose to fame after starring in “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. She was such a hit with audiences that she went on to star in her own show for seven years.
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16. Oddly enough, one of this Brat Pack actress's most popular roles was playing the role of Molly in "The Facts of Life":

Panio Gianopoulos /
  1. Molly Ringwald
  2. Millie Bobbi Brown
  3. Mariah Carey
  4. Serena Williams
Molly Ringwald is an American singer and author who started acting in “The Facts of Life” when she was only ten years old. She later became a member of the well-known “Brat Pack” group.
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17. Award-winning actor, race car driver, film director, and inventor of an acclaimed salad dressing...

Studio /
  1. Harrison Ford
  2. Gary Oldman
  3. Paul Newman
  4. Jeff Bridges
Hottie Paul Newman was an award-winning American actor who has starred in "The Color Money" and "The Sting". Did you know that he was the voice behind Doc Hudson in Disney-Pixar’s "Cars"?
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18. Which of these "10" movie stars was born with the name Mary Cathleen Collins?

Mandy Webb /
  1. Octavia Spencer
  2. Jessica Chastain
  3. Bo Derek
  4. Toni Collette
In 1979, actress Bo Derek starred in “10” — the film which saw her walking on the beach in a nude swimsuit and braided cornrows. The scene was enough to solidify her place in Hollywood.
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19. This action hero turned filmmaker starred in movies like "Mad Max", "Lethal Weapon", and "Braveheart"...

Alan Light /
  1. Mel Gibson
  2. Keanu Reeves
  3. Joaquin Phoenix
  4. Michael Keaton
Mel Gibson is an American actor who played the role of Max Rockatansky in the post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” action series. “Lethal Weapon” and “Braveheart” were also major box-office hits.
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20. She’s the daughter of socialite Frances Ford Seymour and award-winning actor, Henry Fonda.

Wikiwatcher1 /
  1. Elizabeth Banks
  2. Sharon Stone
  3. Jane Fonda
  4. Catherine Zeta-Jones
Jane Fonda, the daughter of actor Henry Fonda, was already a successful actress before starring in her exercise videos. In total, her 22 videos sold over 17 million copies worldwide.
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21. Best known for playing the role of Wonder Woman, this actress was also crowned Miss World USA in 1972.

ABC Television /
  1. Lynda Carter
  2. Shirley MacLaine
  3. Jodie Foster
  4. Susan Sarandon
Lynda Carter is a model and actress who was crowned Miss World USA in 1972. She later went on to star as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the live-action series, "Wonder Woman".
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22. This stunner began her career as early as she could, acting in films at the tender age of four years old...

NBC Television /
  1. Meg Ryan
  2. Whoopie Goldberg
  3. Natalie Wood
  4. Tilda Swinton
The Russian-American actress, Natalie Wood, received three Oscar award nominations before she was 25 years old. Her career started at the age of 4, and at the age of 8, she starred in "Miracle on 34th Street".
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23. This artist has sold over 150 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Insomnia Cured Here / Flickr.con
  1. Denzel Washington
  2. Russell Crowe
  3. Matthew McConaughey
  4. Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra was an American singer who sold over 150 million records worldwide. His stunning blue eyes and smooth tone were some of the reasons why he was so popular. Just watch his “Fly Me To The Moon” music video.
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24. Who's this actor with a Russian name who is widely known for his portrayal of King Mongkut in "The King and I"?

Jaliscan /
  1. James Earl Jones
  2. Yul Brynner
  3. Ben Kinsley
  4. Matt Damon
It’s Yul Brynner, a Russian-American actor who is widely known for his portrayal of King Mongkut in the musical "The King and I". His portrayal was so amazing that he took on the role again in the film version.
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25. Remember “I Dream of Jeannie”? Well, she played the title character for 139 episodes.

NBC Television /
  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Amy Adams
  3. Scarlett Johansson
  4. Barbara Eden
Barbara Eden is a film star who is best known for playing the role of Jeannie in the sitcom, “I Dream of Jeannie”. She later starred in “The Stranger Within” and the final season of “Dallas”.
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26. This golden star is best known for her award-winning performance in "Cactus Flower".

Movie studio /
  1. Michelle Pfeiffer
  2. Natalie Portman
  3. Emily Watson
  4. Goldie Hawn
This is Goldie Hawn, an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award–winning actress who has starred in “Cactus Flower” and “Private Benjamin”.
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27. She was paid a record-breaking $1 million to play the title role in "Cleopatra" (1963):

skeeze /
  1. Jennifer Lopez
  2. Jessica Lange
  3. Julia Roberts
  4. Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor was a British actress and businesswoman who has been named one of the greatest female screen legends of all time. Taylor was also known for getting married eight times to seven different men.
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28. She’s known for being one of the earliest Playboy Playmates. Who is she?

Kate Gabrielle /
  1. Renée Zellweger
  2. Jayne Mansfield
  3. Emma Stone
  4. Winona Ryder
Jayne Mansfield was an American actress who is widely remembered for being one of the first Playboy Playmates. Jayne became notorious for her publicity stunts, including a series of “wardrobe malfunctions”.
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29. This American actor is best known for playing the role of Michael Corleone in the Godfather series.

Theater Company of Boston /
  1. Gary Sinise
  2. Gene Wilder
  3. Bradley Cooper
  4. Al Pacino
Alfredo Pacino is one of the few actors who has had a career that lasted over five decades. His performance as Michael Corleone in The Godfather movie series has been regarded as one of the greatest in film history.
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30. This actor was married to Natalie Wood twice before starring as Teddy Leopold on “Two and a Half Men”...

20th Century Fox /
  1. Tom Hardy
  2. John Hurt
  3. Robert Wagner
  4. Danny DeVito
Robert Wagner is an American actor who played the recurring role of Teddy Leopold on the sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. He also starred in “The Towering Inferno”. The actor was named as a person of interest in the death of his wife, actress Natalie Wood, and fans also say he was "robbed" at several award shows.
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31. He was the first Black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor:

Lemon Reader /
  1. Patrick Stewart
  2. Alec Guinness
  3. Sidney Poitier
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal
Sidney Poitier is a Bahamian-American actor who was the first Black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor. He also won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.
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32. He didn't "rustle" when acting in films like "Escape from L.A.", "The Thing", and "Big Trouble in Little China".

ABC Television /
  1. Kevin Bacon
  2. Peter O’Toole
  3. William H. Macy
  4. Kurt Russell
This is Kurt Russell, the man who became famous for starring in several John Carpenter films. Some of his best films include “Big Trouble in Little China” and “The Thing”.
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33. She’s a beauty queen who played the role of Mary Ann Summers on the hit sitcom "Gilligan’s Island".

CBS Television /
  1. Sigourney Weaver
  2. Dawn Wells
  3. Anne Hathaway
  4. Glenn Close
Dawn Wells is a former beauty queen turned actress who is mostly known for her role as Mary Ann Summers on the sitcom “Gilligan’s Island”.
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34. Besides starring with Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", he was John "Hannibal" Smith in "The A-Team".

RonnieBot /
  1. Colin Firth
  2. George Peppard
  3. Michael Douglas
  4. Will Smith
It’s George Peppard, the American actor who starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s". He also played the role of Col. John "Hannibal" Smith on the show, "The A-Team".
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35. Before her acting career, she was a beauty pageant queen. She went by "Sof" for short.

Robert Sullivan /
  1. Drew Barrymore
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Sophia Loren
  4. Rachel Weisz
Sophia Loren is an Italian film actress who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Cesira in the Italian film, “Two Women”. She also won a Grammy and five Golden Globes.
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36. This "tough guy" four-time Academy Award nominee worked as a circus acrobat before serving in World War II:

Hal Wallis /
  1. Forest Whitaker
  2. Burt Lancaster
  3. John Goodman
  4. Viggo Mortensen
Remember Burt Lancaster? Throughout his 45-year career, he gained a reputation for taking on several “tough guy” roles, including “The Killers” and “From Here to Eternity”.
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37. Which of these women played the role of Sabrina Duncan in "Charlie’s Angels"? P.S. She was "jacked"!

ABC Television /
  1. Jane Fonda
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow
  3. Kate Jackson
  4. Judi Dench
Kate Jackson was one-third of Charlie’s Angels on the hit series with the same name. She, along with the other angels, went on to be featured on the front of several magazines.
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38. He’s never won a "Tony" Award, but he's acted in over 100 films including “Some Like It Hot” and “The Defiant Ones”.

Kate Gabrielle /
  1. James Garner
  2. Dennis Hopper
  3. Michael J. Fox
  4. Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis was an American actor who has starred in over 100 films covering almost every movie genre. Did you know that his daughter was an award-winning actress, Jamie Lee Curtis?
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39. Despite retiring from the entertainment industry in the 1970s, this French bard remains a cultural icon.

Chris Lexow /
  1. Brigitte Bardot
  2. Emma Thompson
  3. Geena Davis
  4. Christina Ricci
Brigitte Bardot became famous for portraying sexually emancipated characters – earning her the sex symbol status. After acting in 47 films, she retired from the entertainment industry.
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40. Remember Ginger Grant from “Gilligan’s Island”? Well, this lady played the part!

Film Star Vintage /
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Emma Stone
  3. Julia Roberts
  4. Tina Louise
Actress Tina Louise became one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses when she starred as a movie star, Ginger Grant, in CBS’s sitcom, “Gilligan’s Island”. Before that, she won the Golden Globe for “God’s Little Acre” in 1958.
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41. Which actress and singer was the star of her own sitcom from 1968 to 1973?

Kate Gabrielle /
  1. Keira Knightly
  2. Marion Cotillard
  3. Faye Dunaway
  4. Doris Day
Songstress Doris Day was an American actress who got her start as a big band singer. It didn’t take long for her to break into the film industry, and she went on to star in several films alongside Rock Hudson.
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42. He wasn’t actually named after the mineral, but he was named one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs:

Drown Soda /
  1. Bryan Cranston
  2. Gene Kelly
  3. Mark Ruffalo
  4. Rock Hudson
Born Roy Harold Scherer, Rock Hudson became one of the most popular and sought-after actors in Hollywood. He starred in several films and series including “Pillow Talk” and “Dynasty”.
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43. Which of these singers is responsible for hits like "The Banana Boat Song"?

Kate Gabrielle /
  1. Liam Neeson
  2. Harry Belafonte
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Willem Dafoe
Harry Belafonte is a singer and songwriter who was dubbed the "King of Calypso" for popularizing the Caribbean music genre. One of his best-known songs was "The Banana Boat Song". Day-O!
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44. This New York native is best known for his breakthrough role as John “Plato” Crawford in “Rebel Without a Cause”...

Kate Gabrielle /
  1. Sal Mineo
  2. Edward Norton
  3. Orlando Bloom
  4. Donald Sutherland
Salvatore Mineo was an American actress who starred alongside James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause”. His career was short-lived after he was stabbed to death outside his West Hollywood apartment.
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45. “The King of Cool” was the highest paid actor in 1974. He was also famous for his antihero persona. What's his name?

Film Star Vintage /
  1. Steve McQueen
  2. Steve Martin
  3. Jude Law
  4. Jim Carrey
Steve McQueen, nicknamed “The King of Cool”, was known for his antihero persona in the late 1960s. By 1974, he was the highest-paid actor in the world, having starred in “The Magnificent Seven” and “The Towering Inferno”.
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46. This beauty is best known for playing the role of Samantha Stephens on the television series, “Bewitched”.

Film Star Vintage /
  1. Angela Bassett
  2. Elizabeth Montgomery
  3. Holly Hunter
  4. Ava Gardener
Elizabeth Montgomery played several characters throughout her five-decade-long career. Of all her roles, her role as Samantha Stephens on the hit show, “Bewitched”, is the best known.
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47. This Swedish señorita is best known for her role as Sylvia in the film, "La Dolce Vita".

Paramount /
  1. Penélope Cruz
  2. Anita Ekberg
  3. Nicole Kidman
  4. Halle Berry
It’s Anita Ekberg, a Swedish actress who played the role of Sylvia in Federico Fellini’s "La Dolce Vita". Because of her beauty and voluptuous figure, she was called "Paramount’s Marilyn Monroe".
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48. He’s a four-time Academy Award nominee who is known for portraying moody, sensitive characters.

Studio Publicity /
  1. Morgan Freeman
  2. Henry Fonda
  3. Montgomery Clift
  4. Dustin Hoffman
Montgomery Clift was an American actor who became famous for his portrayals of moody, sensitive young men. Some of his best work includes, “The Misfits” and “The Young Lions”.
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49. This American actress and singer was nominated for an Academy Award for her title role in "Carmen Jones"...

MGM Television /
  1. Kristen Bell
  2. Julie Andrews
  3. Dorothy Dandridge
  4. Charlize Theron
Dorothy Dandridge was a theatre actress, dancer, and singer who was nominated for her performance in "Carmen Jones" as the title character. She was also frequently seen performing at the Apollo Theater.
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50. She's not related to the composer, but this actress skyrocketed to fame after starring as Bond girl, Anya Amasova.

sconosciuto /
  1. Meg Ryan
  2. Naomi Watts
  3. Barbara Bach
  4. Hilary Duff
Barbara Bach, also called Lady Starkey, is an American actress who is best remembered for playing the role of Bond girl Anya Amasova in “The Spy Who Loved Me” alongside Roger Moore.
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