Can You Name These Phobias From Their Scientific Names?

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Everybody has something they're afraid of, but do you know what their scientific names are? Do you know what the names are for a fear of spiders, horses, and even the dark? Prove to us that you know your phobias in this quiz today!

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1. People afraid of this healing place are said to have nosocomephobia...

Spotmatik Ltd /
  1. The wind
  2. Walking
  3. Hospitals
  4. Stars
Nosocomephobia comes from the Greek word 'nosokoneion,' which means hospital and 'phobos' which means fear.
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2. What are you if you have obesophobia?

Nina Buday /
  1. Afraid of gaining weight
  2. Afraid of being in a car
  3. Afraid of looking up
  4. Afraid of amnesia
People with obesophobia, or the fear of gaining weight are susceptible to disorders like anorexia and bulimia.
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3. Equinophobia...

Kwadrat /
  1. The fear of insanity
  2. The fear of heights
  3. The fear of horses
  4. The fear of garlic
Equinophobia or hippophobia is the fear of horses. The Latin and Greek prefixes 'equus' and 'hippos' both mean horse.
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4. These creatures will scare you if you have herpetophobia...

  1. Staying single
  2. Pointed objects
  3. Reptiles
  4. Men
Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles, specifically snakes and lizards. It can even include amphibians, which are considered to be the cousin of a reptile.
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5. What do you think ombrophobia is the fear of?

A3pfamily /
  1. Ruins
  2. Rain
  3. Gold
  4. England
Ombrophobia or pluvophobia is the fear of rain. It is derived from the Greek word 'ombros' which means storm of rain.
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6. What is pedophobia the fear of?

Robert Kneschke /
  1. Explosions
  2. Being dirty
  3. Children
  4. Flying
Pedophobia is the abnormal fear of children, which can include being fearful of babies. It is derived from 'pais,' the Greek word for child.
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7. What are you if you're trypophobic?

  1. Afraid of cockroaches
  2. Afraid of lakes
  3. Afraid of rooms
  4. Afraid of holes
Trypophobia is the fear of seeing clusters or groups of small holes/bumps. Treatment often includes exposure therapy.
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8. Technophobia...

GaudiLab /
  1. The fear of gravity
  2. The fear of being alone
  3. The fear of technology
  4. The fear of bacteria
Technophobia is the dislike, avoidance and fear of new or advanced technology. This can include computers and other complex devices.
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9. What is microphobia the fear of?

Maglara /
  1. Heights
  2. Small things
  3. Wild animals
  4. Bathing
The word 'micro' is Greek and means small. This specific phobia is the fear of small things.
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10. What are you if you're chromophobic? /
  1. Afraid of roads
  2. Afraid of books
  3. Afraid of smells
  4. Afraid of colors
Chromophobic people have an irrational fear of colors. The fear, although rare, is usually of products and designs that use color.
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11. Octophobia...

Grigoriy Pil /
  1. The fear of meat
  2. The fear of slime
  3. The fear of the figure eight
  4. The fear of mirrors
A branch of numerophobia (the fear of numbers), octophobia is the fear of the number eight. It is usually because of the looping of the shape or superstitions tied to the figure.
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12. If you're hydrophobic, what are you? /
  1. Afraid of books
  2. Afraid of dogs
  3. Afraid of toads
  4. Afraid of water
A hydrophobic person is scared of water. This is usually a symptom of having rabies. Rabies makes swallowing very difficult, and thus, people tend to fear water as a response to that.
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13. What is heliophobia the fear of?

Edmund O'Connor /
  1. Being touched
  2. The sun
  3. Time
  4. Going to bed
Heliophobia is the fear of the sun, sun light and even other bright lights. This is normally because of a fear of skin cancer and blindness.
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14. What are you if you're philophobic?

George Rudy /
  1. Afraid of alcohol
  2. Afraid of love
  3. Afraid of bees
  4. Afraid of metal
If you're philophobic, it means that you're afraid of love or becoming connected to another person emotionally.
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15. The winter may be your least favorite season if you have chionophobia, the fear of this...

Standret /
  1. Clocks
  2. Stealing
  3. Snow
  4. Chemicals
The Greek word 'chion' means snow. Chionophobia is the extreme dislike and/or fear of snow.
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16. What is the fear of numbers called?

romeovip_md /
  1. Testophobia
  2. Cyclophobia
  3. Arithmophobia
  4. Hydrophobia
You may have heard of numerophobia, but there's also arithmophobia; the prefix 'arithmo' means number.
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17. What is anthophobia the fear of?

Prostock-studio /
  1. Cancer
  2. Chopsticks
  3. Flowers
  4. Cemeteries
Anthophobia is the intense fear of flowers, no matter how delicate or scary they look. It is a fear known for bringing about panic attacks and anxiety.
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18. Pyrophobia...

ambrozinio /
  1. The fear of going to school
  2. The fear of justice
  3. The fear of fire
  4. The fear of drinking
Pyrophobia, the fear of fire, is considered to be one of the oldest fears in the world - it emerged shortly after man's discovery of fire.
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19. Nyctophobia...

Paitoon Pornsuksomboon /
  1. The fear of otters
  2. The fear of hurricanes
  3. The fear of darkness
  4. The fear of lawsuits
Nyctophobia is a common fear among children that results in them being afraid of the night or darkness. Experts say that some degree of nyctophobia is normal.
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20. Do you know what Wiccaphobia is?

Zolotarevs /
  1. The fear of witches and witchcraft
  2. The fear of strings
  3. The fear of vegetables
  4. The fear of childbirth
Wiccaphobia is the fear of witches and witchcraft. The word 'wicca' is actually Old English and refers to someone who is a witch or a necromancer.
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21. What is bibliophobia the fear of?

Billion Photos /
  1. Insanity
  2. Music
  3. Machines
  4. Books
Bibliophobia is the fear or even the hatred of books. Some people are so affected that they burn these items.
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22. You'd be very scared of these little creatures if you have verminophobia...

vchal /
  1. Dogs
  2. Germs
  3. Ducks
  4. Scorpions
Verminophobia is just one of many words that describe someone's fear of germs. Other words include germophobia, bacillophobia and mysophobia.
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23. Leukophobia...

showcake /
  1. The fear of meteors
  2. The fear of the color white
  3. The fear of memories
  4. The fear of being tied up
The prefix 'leuko' is Greek and means white. Therefore, leukophobia is the fear of the color white.
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24. Which celestial body are you afraid of if you have selenophobia?

kdshutterman /
  1. Being alone
  2. The moon
  3. Ants
  4. Moths
The Greek word 'seleno' means moon, similar to how the Latin word 'luna' means the same thing. So selenophobia and lunaphobia are both the fear of the moon.
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25. Venustraphobia is the fear of beautiful what?

kiuikson /
  1. Women
  2. Fog
  3. Clouds
  4. Names
Venustraphobia is the fear of beautiful women. It's often said to be brought on because of low self-confidence.
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26. Podophobia...

Seasontime /
  1. The fear of wine
  2. The fear of numbers
  3. The fear of feet
  4. The fear of teeth
Podophobia is the irrational fear of feet, or someone who gets anxious at the sight of feet. There are also those who get offended at the sight of feet.
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27. Tontriphobia is the fear of this loud noise in the sky...

Sasa Prudkov /
  1. Dreams
  2. Thunder
  3. Smells
  4. Belly buttons
Tontriphobia is the fear of thunder and lightning. The fear can also go by the names astraphobia, keraunophobia and brontophobia.
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28. Hemophobia is the name given to what?

LightField Studios /
  1. The fear of heaven
  2. The fear of blood
  3. The fear of property
  4. The fear of shellfish
Hemophobia is the fear of blood. It is one of the fears able to illicit physical reactions like fainting, throwing up and dizzy spells.
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29. Ornithophobia...

Naturalism14 /
  1. The fear of paper
  2. The fear of ice
  3. The fear of dolls
  4. The fear of birds
Ornithophobia is the abnormal fear of birds. The word is Greek in origin; 'orintho' means bird.
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30. If you're botanophobic, what are you?

  1. Afraid of plants
  2. Afraid of bald people
  3. Afraid of poverty
  4. Afraid of Friday the 13th
The prefix 'botane' means grass and/or pasture. To be botanophobic means to be afraid of plants.
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31. Necrophobia is the name given to what?

Kameron Bond /
  1. The fear of punishment
  2. The fear of wealth
  3. The fear of death or dead things
  4. The fear of beards
Necrophobia is the extreme fear of dead bodies or anything to do with death. It can be treated in by cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy.
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32. Entomophobia...

ju_see /
  1. The fear of philosophy
  2. The fear of taking medicine
  3. The fear of insects
  4. The fear of thinking
This is the excessive fear of one or more types of insects. It can happen after a traumatic incident with an insect or simply because of the insect's appearance.
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33. What do you think algophobia is?

Africa Studio /
  1. The fear of spirits
  2. The fear of puppets
  3. The fear of the color purple
  4. The fear of pain
Algophobia or algiophobia is the abnormal fear of pain - much more so than that of a normal person. The prefix 'algos' is Greek for pain.
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34. Tell us what it means if someone has zoophobia...

Willyam Bradberry /
  1. They're afraid of animals
  2. They're afraid of fire
  3. They're afraid of the number four
  4. They're afraid of fevers
Zoophobia is a type of animal phobia where a person is very afraid of non-human animals. It can be any animal - bees, dogs, alligators and more.
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35. Your teeth may be in trouble if you have dentophobia. What is it the fear of?

pikselstock /
  1. Frogs
  2. Dentists
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Dirt
Dentophobia exists in varying levels. The fear of dentists can be anything from mild to severe. It can occur in people across all ages.
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36. Claustrophobia is the fear of what?

Ollyy /
  1. School
  2. Confined spaces
  3. Magic
  4. Worms
Claustrophobia, the fear of being confined, is a serious anxiety disorder that can have serious consequences on one's health. It is not uncommon for a claustrophobic person to have a panic attack if they feel like they can't escape.
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37. Tachophobia...

Pozdeyev Vitaly /
  1. The fear of mice
  2. The fear of telephones
  3. The fear of relatives
  4. The fear of doing something too fast
Someone who has tachophobia is the unwarranted fear of doing something too quickly. It often occurs after a person has been involved in a car crash.
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38. Do you know what Samhainophobia is the fear of?

Romolo Tavani /
  1. Learning
  2. Halloween
  3. Wasps
  4. Long words
Not only is Samhainophobia the fear of Halloween, but it is also the fear of a festival of the dead. Children are usually the ones who suffer from this.
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39. You may not want to build your house on a hill if you have bathmophobia. Do you know what it's the fear of?

Davide Sarru /
  1. Stairs and steep hills
  2. Religion
  3. Making plans
  4. Theaters
Bathmophobia is the fear of slopes (mountains) and stairs. It is very closely related to climacophobia, which is the fear of climbing stairs.
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40. Megalophobia is the fear of...

Nordroden /
  1. Trembling
  2. Childbirth
  3. Large things
  4. Thunder
Megalophia is when someone is fearful of large objects. Those objects include but are not limited to airplanes, ships, buildings and even animals.
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41. Agoraphobia...

r.classen /
  1. The fear of heat
  2. The fear of public spaces/crowds
  3. The fear of fabrics
  4. The fear of injections
This is an anxiety disorder where people are fearful of being in places or situations that can cause panic. Those places are usually in public areas.
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42. Elurophobia is the fear of...

Alena Ozerova /
  1. Words
  2. Urine
  3. Cats
  4. Vaccine
The prefix 'eluro' is Greek and means cats, therefore, elurophobia is the fear of cats. It is also called gatophobia.
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43. If you have coulrophobia, what are you afraid of?

Alexander Raths /
  1. Forests
  2. Razors
  3. Animals
  4. Clowns
Coulrophobia is the extreme fear of clowns. Treatment includes cognitive behavior therapy.
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44. Somniphobia is?

Leszek Glasner /
  1. The fear of chickens
  2. The fear of opinions
  3. The fear of noise
  4. The fear of sleep
Somniphobia is the irrational fear of sleep, the exact causes of which aren't clear. It's sometimes called hynophobia or clinophobia.
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45. Do you know what gamophobia is the fear of?

IVASHstudio /
  1. Marriage
  2. Dust
  3. Heights
  4. Riding in a car
Gamophobia is the irrational and uncontrollable fear of marriage. In some cases, it is also seen simply as the fear of commitment.
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46. Pathophobia is the fear of...

fotohay /
  1. Men
  2. Bathing
  3. Fire
  4. Diseases
Pathophobia is an intense fear of disease. Nosophobia is the fear of contracting one.
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47. If you have ecophobia, this structure is NOT where the heart is:

Jacob Lund /
  1. The ribcage
  2. The Northern Lights
  3. School
  4. The home
Ecophobia can mean two things. First, it can refer to being afraid of the home, and two, a feeling of helplessness when it comes to preventing environmental change/apocalypses.
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48. What is the fear of ugliness known as?

kittirat roekburi /
  1. Cacophobia
  2. Zoophobia
  3. Motorphobia
  4. Honesty
Caco' is a Greek word that means bad or unpleasant, which is why the word cacophobia refers to the fear or ugliness or ugly things.
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49. What do you think cynophobia is?

otsphoto /
  1. The fear of kissing
  2. The fear of dogs
  3. The fear of ghosts
  4. The fear of daylight
Cynophobia has Greek origins; the prefix means dog. It is a subtype of animal phobias that is usually treated by exposure therapy.
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50. What do you think it means to be arachnophobic?

novama /
  1. To be afraid of silver
  2. To be afraid of flying
  3. To be afraid of bullets
  4. To be afraid of arachnids
Arachnophobia isn't just the fear of spiders, but also the fear of scorpions. Treatment includes showing pictures of these creatures and eventually the animals themselves.
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