How Tough Is Your Spirit?

About this Quiz

Toughness is not a quality that all people possess. And even when people have it, it's not always at the same level. Which is why we want to determine just how tough your spirit is. And that's exactly what we're going to try to figure out in this quiz.

So allow us to put you through a few situations. Some of them are quite fun, some include alien abductions, and others will tell us just how you tend to deal with the not-so-nice parts of life. Answer them and we'll tell you just how strong your spirit is.

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1. You're driving at night when your vehicle breaks down. What do you do?

Iam_Anupong /
  1. Walk to that secluded cottage a few miles back
  2. Sit there and feel sorry for myself
  3. Call for help
  4. Fix it myself
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2. You're currently as happy as a...

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Buddhist monk
  2. Person who just won the Mega Millions
  3. Clam
  4. Baby whose candy just got snatched away
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3. You're sleeping when suddenly you hear a loud thump. What do you do?

Tero Vesalainen /
  1. I probably wouldn't even hear the noise
  2. Put on a loud voice and yell, "Show yourself!"
  3. Go check it out
  4. Hide under the covers
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4. You're at dinner when your date tells you you have a chunk of lettuce in your teeth. You...

S. Bonaime /
  1. Say thanks and remove it
  2. Go to the bathroom and never come back
  3. Twitch your eyes in an effort to not cry
  4. Laugh it off
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5. You arrive at the station and see your train speeding away. You...

AJR_photo /
  1. Run behind it like Usain Bolt
  2. Ask the control center to turn the train around
  3. Wait for the next one
  4. Bawl your eyes out
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6. You slip on a banana peel in front of your friends! What do you do next?

stockfour /
  1. Get up and run away
  2. Laugh it off
  3. Stay on the ground and die
  4. Ask someone to help me up
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7. Time to get into law enforcement! Which job would you be best at?

Dzelat /
  1. Forensic scientist
  2. CIA agent
  3. Sheriff
  4. Psychological profiler
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8. Your friends got abducted by aliens! Worried?

Fer Gregory /
  1. No, they've got this
  2. For the alien, yes
  3. Heck, yeah! Where did you take my friend?
  4. A little bit
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9. Put on a shirt with a motivational quote:

Augustino /
  1. "Your only limit is your mind"
  2. "Smile, smile, smile"
  3. "Prove them wrong"
  4. "Speak beautiful things"
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10. The building owner says you will lose power for 3 hours this evening. You...

nakaridore /
  1. Charge my phone and light a few candles
  2. Buy a cartload of survival supplies
  3. Laugh it off, I'll be fine
  4. Ask him if this is even legal
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11. You're the captain of a ship when it hits some rocks and begins to sink. What is going through your head?

coloursinmylife /
  1. I need a new career
  2. Screw this, time to swim!
  3. I must save my passengers & crew first!
  4. OMG, I just broke a boat
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12. What really makes you shed a tear?

file404 /
  1. Onions
  2. Thinking about going to work on Monday
  3. An especially good slice of pizza
  4. Watching "The Titanic"
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13. You're playing Monopoly with some friends when you lose all your money. How do you react?

LunaseeStudios /
  1. Say everyone else cheated
  2. Go outside and curse up a storm
  3. Flip the board
  4. Congratulate the other players
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14. What's your mantra for getting through a stressful time?

Koldunov /
  1. You've got this!
  2. Why is it always me?
  3. You've been through worse
  4. Piece of cake
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15. You built a time machine! Will you go back in time?

andrey_l /
  1. Yes, but I won't change anything
  2. Yes, there is so much I want to do over
  3. Yes, but not to my own past
  4. It won't help me, so no
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16. Look at this guy's expression. Do you think you can read him well?

Cat Box /
  1. I'm a pretty good judge of character
  2. I can only read the answers in this quiz
  3. Not as well as I'd like
  4. Like a Harry Potter book
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17. Would you say that you're intimidating?

ESB Professional /
  1. I don't think I am
  2. As intimidating as a Disney mouse
  3. A little
  4. Like the Big Bad Wolf
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18. Someone bumped into your shoulder while you were walking down the street...

Prostock-studio /
  1. Sorry! It was my fault
  2. Look around to see who did it
  3. Yell at them
  4. Whatever
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19. There's a spider on your shirt! What happens next?

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Pluck it off and lay it down gently
  2. Flick it off
  3. Burn the shirt
  4. Faint
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20. If your spirit could lift weights, how much would it be able to lift?

Platoo Fotography /
  1. A safe 50, I'm not trying to kill my spirit
  2. A solid 250 pounds, I'm a badass
  3. Maybe 100, I'm strong like that
  4. 10 pounds, but I'm working on it
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21. When you were a kid, you picked up some money that wasn't yours! What lesson did you learn?

Sofi photo /
  1. I learned that I should ask first
  2. I learned that I should be sneakier
  3. I never took money that wasn't mine again
  4. I didn't learn anything
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22. Finish the statement: I bounce back like a...

Bug_Fish /
  1. Deflated volleyball
  2. Bouncy ball
  3. Rock that's not round
  4. Basketball
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23. You're going through a tough time. Your friends...

sujinun gosiyaphan /
  1. Could do a better job
  2. Need some rotten tomatoes thrown at them
  3. Get on my nerves but I wouldn't trade them for anything
  4. Deserve an award for how amazing they are
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24. What happens at the end of "The Shining"?

Den Rozhnovsky /
  1. Jack dies, the hotel burns
  2. I don't want to think about it
  3. I wouldn't know
  4. Only masochists watch this movie
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25. What would you do if a date stood you up?

Nicoleta Ionescu /
  1. I'd call up some friends and ask them to join me
  2. I'd be super bummed
  3. Cry my heart out
  4. I'd find another date to go on that same night
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26. Which of these sounds the most "pee-your-pants terrifying"?

Rene Holtslag /
  1. Sirens
  2. A hurricane battering a house
  3. Frogs croaking outside
  4. A woman screaming
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27. Which of these super tough guys is the toughest?

  1. Dwayne Johnson in "Jumanji"
  2. Vin Diesel in "Fast & Furious"
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator"
  4. Sylvester Stallone in "Rambo"
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28. The company you work for has gone bankrupt. What do you do?

kenary820 /
  1. I have another source of income, no worries
  2. Try to win the lottery
  3. Hoard all the confidential information so they can't fire me
  4. Take a week or two to calm down, then look for a new job
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29. What do you do when you come across something you don't know or understand?

B-D-S Piotr Marcinski /
  1. Research it myself
  2. Put it in my back pocket for later
  3. Ask someone for help
  4. Forget it, who cares?
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30. How would you react if your boss chastised you for being late in front of the entire office?

Indypendenz /
  1. I'd want to yell back
  2. I'd be a bit embarrassed, but I'd understand
  3. I'd want to quit the stupid job
  4. It's my fault for being late, so I won't blame them
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31. How much do you agree with the saying: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"...

takoburito /
  1. To some extent
  2. Who comes up with this stuff?
  3. 100%
  4. I like where I am, thanks
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32. Are you able to look back and laugh once you've overcome something difficult?

Rido /
  1. Hahahaha... see?
  2. It depends on the situation
  3. Not at all
  4. What's funny about my suffering?
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33. You've been dared to do an extreme sport. Pick one of these or chicken out:

Mikkafoto /
  1. Scuba diving
  2. Cluck, cluck!
  3. Bungee-jumping
  4. BMX racing
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34. Someone started a rumor that you bought your degree online. How do you react?

Viktoriya Legkobyt /
  1. I cry my eyes out
  2. I laugh my butt off
  3. I find out who started it and let them have it
  4. I just ignore it
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35. The hotel you booked had to close suddenly, but you can rebook in 3 months. How flexible are you?

Prostock-studio /
  1. As flexible as someone with severe arthritis
  2. I'm a little stiff
  3. I should be at the Olympics, I'm that flexible
  4. Flexible enough to do a cerebral split
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36. Which killer beast would you rather face?

Matva /
  1. Wild raccoon
  2. Hungry lion
  3. Bloodthirsty Voldemort
  4. Frightened elephant
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37. You're as confident as a...

Photo_DDD /
  1. Guy who got off at the wrong stop
  2. Alpha lion
  3. Green banana
  4. Male peacock trying to find a mate
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38. You're at the beach when you see this large fin swimming towards you. What do you do?

Cryptographer /
  1. Stay calm and wade around
  2. Swim away like your life depends on it
  3. Dive to see what animal it is
  4. Yell, scream, and kick up a storm
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39. You just lost a family heirloom ring! How do you calm down?

NeonShot /
  1. Punching a pillow
  2. Reading a good book
  3. Going for a long walk
  4. Breaking plates, Greek-style
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40. What would you do if the airplane you were riding on suddenly experience heavy turbulence?

jovan vitanovski /
  1. Start praying
  2. Breathe deeply and count to 10
  3. Pretend it's a roller coaster
  4. Ignore it
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