Can You Pass The First Year Of Law Enforcement Training?

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Being a police officer is one of the most honorable jobs a person can have. Not only are you charged with upholding the law, you're also responsible for the safety of those around. It's a tough job, but if anyone can do it, it's you! But before you take the plunge and get that badge, there are some things you need to know.

Do you know what a "jurisdiction" is and what it means if evidence is "inadmissible"? Do you know who is tasked with signing warrants and how to handle a driver who might be more than a little tipsy? Find out whether you've got the chops to pass the first year of law enforcement training in this quiz!

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1. You're the first to arrive on the scene of an accident! What should you do?

Bennian /
  1. Wait for the paramedics to arrive
  2. Check to see if the driver is okay
It may seem smarter to wait for the medics to arrive, but you could be saving a life if you check the body yourself. So do that first.
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2. A person of interest says they did not commit a crime. They should have __________.

Motortion Films /
  1. Ten jobs
  2. Good hygiene
  3. An alibi
  4. Lots of money
Alibis often prove someone's innocence. It means that they were doing something else at the time the crime was committed.
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3. A K-9 officer is often accompanied by a:

John Roman Images /
  1. Dog
  2. Lizard
  3. Cat
  4. Dragon
K-9 officers are law enforcers who partner up with police dogs (K9s) to carry out their duties, which often deal with sniffing out explosives and narcotics.
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4. One advantage of being an undercover cop is...

Dmitri Ma /
  1. Very slow job growth
  2. Being able to work inconspicuously
Undercover cops get the perk of being able to work with no one knowing who or what they are. On the flipside, it could end very badly if they're caught.
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5. You're investigating a person you suspect is stealing millions. Who do you get a search warrant from?

Stock Options Media LLC /
  1. A second officer
  2. The president
  3. A judge
  4. A priest
Police can have search warrants, but they cannot be put into effect unless a judge or magistrate signs off on them.
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6. Janie stole a wallet and spent the money! But she's only 10. She's a __________.

Tatyana Dzemileva /
  1. Minor
  2. Kidnapper
  3. Felon
  4. Arsonist
A minor is anyone under the age of 18 (or 21, depending on the context). When minors get in trouble, they can be called to Juvenile Court.
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7. Between 800,000 and 1,500,000 DUIs are issued every year. DUI stands for:

smspy /
  1. Driving under the influence
  2. Drink Unlimited, Inc.
  3. Data use identifier
  4. Dial-up internet
DUI stands for driving under the influence, an offense people are charged with when their blood alcohol level is over the legal limit for operating a vehicle.
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8. As an officer, you'll work pretty closely with...

Freedomz /
  1. Landscapers
  2. Hairstylists
  3. Prosecutors
  4. Veterinarians
Police officers are the ones who collect the evidence needed by prosecutors in criminal court cases.
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9. Someone who sets a fires unlawfully will go down for...

Animaflora PicsStock /
  1. Kidnapping
  2. Battery
  3. Arson
  4. Public intoxication
Arson is the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to a property.
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10. The place in which you're legally allowed to patrol is your...

Elvira Koneva /
  1. Kingdom
  2. Jurisdiction
  3. Land
  4. Castle
A police officer's jurisdiction is the place where they officially have the power to make legal judgments and decisions.
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11. You're an officer who rarely leaves the station. What might your buddies start calling you?

VGstockstudio /
  1. House Mouse
  2. Princess
A house mouse is any officer, male or female, who doesn't go out on patrol.
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12. You need a search warrant if you're searching...

Mike Hillingseter /
  1. Someone's car
  2. A public park
Most, if not all, personal property requires a warrant in order to be searched. There are, of course, a few exceptions to the rule, but that is what's generally accepted.
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13. You're on your lunch break when you see two rival gangs about to go at it. What do you do?

LightField Studios /
  1. Call for reinforcements
  2. Leave them alone, you're on a break
It's always a police officer's duty to maintain order, even when they're not technically on the clock.
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14. Trespassing, vandalism, and petty theft are all examples of:

Sergey Nivens /
  1. Anger crimes
  2. Fun crimes
  3. Misdemeanors
  4. Crimes of passion
Misdemeanors don't carry long prison sentences. Other examples include reckless driving, public intoxication, and simple assault.
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15. In an officer's free time, they are encouraged to do this...

Janon Stock /
  1. Down a few drinks
  2. Eat oily foods
  3. Smoke a few cigarettes
  4. Stay active
Police officers need to be in tiptop shape. So it's advised that they engage in activities that keep them fit, even in their spare time.
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16. When should you recite a suspect's Miranda Rights (e.g. the right to remain silent)? /
  1. When they're being arrested
  2. When they're getting released from prison
  3. After they've been put in prison
  4. When they're in court
"You have the right to remain silent" and the rest of the statement is known as the Miranda Rights or Warning. It is recited when a person is arrested.
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17. What do you call someone who has been arrested and has to appear in court?

MR.Yanukit /
  1. Defendant
  2. Jury
  3. Bailiff
  4. Counsel
A defendant is any person or company being accused (or sued) in a court of law.
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18. If you come across someone with "lacerations", what should you do?

Africa Studio /
  1. Act like you don't see them
  2. Call an ambulance
Police are tasked with keeping people safe, so it is important that they do that, even if the services are not in their wheelhouse. In this case, an ambulance should be called.
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19. In police jargon, what is a "deuce"?

perfectlab /
  1. A pair of twins in a car crash
  2. A possible drunk driver
The slang word "deuce" is said to have originated in California. It means someone who is driving under the influence.
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20. Which situation is MORE dangerous for an officer to walk into? /
  1. Domestic violence
  2. Fender bender
The fender bender was an accident (as far as we know). The domestic dispute is currently happening, which means that a man or woman is in danger at that very moment.
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21. How is the fitness of a police officer tested?

knyazevfoto /
  1. Running a marathon
  2. Physical qualification test
Law enforcement and corrections officers often have to undergo PATs, which include performing push-ups, running, and sit-ups.
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22. Police DO NOT respond to calls about...

LightField Studios /
  1. Someone who paid their credit card bill one day late
  2. Someone who stole a vehicle
People pay their bills late all the time. So it's not very likely that the police will be called if you're a day late in payments.
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23. A man finds a lost wallet and admits to taking the money but returning everything else. Is this okay?

Andrey_Popov /
  1. No, it's not his money
  2. Finders keepers, losers weepers
This is stealing! You should ask him to give the money back.
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24. You get a call over the radio to respond to a "211"! What is that? /
  1. A wild animal sitting at a bar
  2. A robbery
  3. An old lady needing help to cross the street
  4. A teenager with a flat tire
The code "211" refers to a robbery. This is rumored to have come out of California.
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25. What types of crimes have very long prison sentences?

simon jhuan /
  1. Traffic offenses
  2. Larcenies
  3. Felonies
  4. Conspiracies
Felonies are very serious crimes and come in different classes. They include manslaughter, aggravated assault, and human trafficking.
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26. You're in a car chase that's heading towards a crowded area. What do you do?

zef art /
  1. Run over people if you have to
  2. Slow down and hope the suspect does too
  3. Stop and see what the crowd is doing
  4. Keep going at full speed
If you're in a high-speed chase near a crowded area, it's wise to slow down. There are lots of people at risk and you wouldn't want to hurt them.
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27. If you use force during an arrest, you must... /
  1. Tell the person you arrested to go along with your story
  2. Write a report justifying what you did
Police can't just use force whenever they want to, as they would be violating the suspect's human rights. So if they do use force, it must be justified.
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28. If you suspect a person has had too much to drink, what might you ask them to do?

Lisa F. Young /
  1. Perform the splits without tearing their pants
  2. Make animals sounds with their hands
  3. Walk in a straight line, heel to toe
  4. Do perfect backflips
One of the easiest tests that someone suspected of being drunk will be asked to do is to walk in a straight line, toe to toe.
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29. An arrest without a warrant requires...

Gorodenkoff /
  1. A silly excuse
  2. A pie chart and Powerpoint presentation
  3. Absolutely nothing
  4. Probable cause
If a warrant is not on hand, probable cause (or a really good reason) is needed to justify making an arrest.
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30. What do you call illegally-obtained evidence that can't be used in court?

Prath /
  1. Inadmissible
  2. No bueno
  3. Bad evidence
  4. Rotten evidence
In some cases, evidence that is obtained illegally can be used. But if it does get thrown out, it is termed "inadmissible". This means that it cannot be used.
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31. You'll find special officers called "Rangers" in this state...

Michal Plachy /
  1. Hawaii
  2. Florida
  3. New York
  4. Texas
The Texas Rangers are a division of investigative law enforcement with statewide jurisdiction in the state of Texas.
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32. You're chasing a suspect, but they're about to leave your jurisdiction! What should you do?

Janis Lacis /
  1. Keep going
  2. Call the criminal and ask them to come back
You're within your rights to continue the chase, but let dispatch know you're entering their jurisdiction.
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33. A suspicious-looking character has "purloined" a bottle of wine! What did they do?

garetworkshop /
  1. Threw it at the store owner
  2. Looked at it
  3. Drank it in the middle of the store
  4. Stole it
"Purloin" is an old-fashioned way to say steal.
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34. What do you call the act of leading a recently-arrested, handcuffed suspect to the courthouse?

Bumble Dee /
  1. Hammer Time
  2. Perp Walk
Perp walks are done in a way that allows the event to be publicized.
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35. A person can be arrested while driving if their...

nikamo /
  1. Car is dirty on the inside
  2. Shirt hasn't been ironed
  3. Mouth still has toothpaste on it
  4. Blood alcohol level is too high
Dangerously high blood alcohol levels can lead to the driver hurting themselves and others because of their compromised state. This irresponsible behavior is worthy of going to jail.
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36. Which amendment gives a citizen the right to remain silent, rather than incriminate themselves? They plead the...

zimmytws /
  1. Ninety-eighth
  2. Fifth
The Fifth Amendment states that no one is required to testify against themselves in a criminal case, and also that a person will not be tried a second time for an offense they were previously tried for.
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37. Look in the police blotter to find:

New Africa /
  1. The record of arrests at a police station
  2. Facial tissues
  3. The ink used to write reports
  4. Makeup wipes
A police blotter is a register of all the people arrested and/or brought in for questioning at a particular police station.
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38. You and your fellow officers have formed a shoulder-to-shoulder line in front of a mob of angry people! What's it called?

1000 Words /
  1. A hair line
  2. A skirmish line
Skirmish lines have been around for decades. They are a line of officers meant to protect the main body from an attack.
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39. You notice another officer drinking on his break. He's not drunk, but his behavior has changed. What should you do? /
  1. Go join him
  2. Talk to your superior
Police are held at a higher standard than most other people, so it's important that they be responsible, especially on the job. It's why this kind of action should be reported.
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40. What does the SWAT team do?

bibiphoto /
  1. Tackle situations that a normal police force can't
  2. Deliver coffee and donuts to the police force
SWAT officers are highly trained and are called in when there's significant risk to either the public or regular police officers.
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41. True or false: Police officers should be trained in CPR.

Ruslan Sitarchuk /
  1. False, because they're just crimefighters
  2. True, because they can save a life
It is recommended and, in some instances, mandatory that all first responders (including police officers) know how to give CPR.
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42. What kind of bullet is stopped by the bulletproof vest worn by most officers?

sirtravelalot /
  1. Rifle rounds
  2. Hand gun ammunition
Bulletproof vests, including kevlar, have been made to stop most, if not all, handgun bullets. They're ineffective agains military rifle rounds.
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43. Using fingerprinting for identification purposes began in the...

franz12 /
  1. Biblical era
  2. 19th century
Back in 1901, Scotland Yard created the very first Fingerprint Bureau. By 1903, prisons in New York started using fingerprinting.
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44. A large, barking dog is blocking the entrance to a building. What should you do?

Art_man /
  1. Laugh at the people trying to get in
  2. Try to scare it away
In most cases, animals can be scared off. If they pose serious danger to the public, animal services should be called.
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45. You answer a call from a man with gunshot wounds. He says he accidentally shot himself. What do you do?

Corepics VOF /
  1. Walk right past him
  2. Send him to the hospital with a police escort
  3. Tell him to be more careful
  4. Laugh along with him
Not only does this man need to be properly questioned, an escort is also required to make sure he doesn't cause more harm to himself or others.
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46. A crowd has gathered near a really bad road accident. What should you do about them?

StreetVJ /
  1. Encourage them to move closer
  2. Move them away
Believe it or not, police have different tactics that allow them to deal with crowd control.
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47. You won't need a search warrant if...

a katz /
  1. The resident says no
  2. The resident is sleeping and you won't wake them
  3. The evidence is in plain view
  4. The resident is in the shower
There are a few instances in which you won't need a search warrant. One of them is if the evidence/contraband is in plain sight or clearly visible to you.
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48. You just told a jewelry thief to stop, but he ignored your command! Should you fire your weapon? /
  1. Yes! It's only right
  2. No, because this is a non-violent incident
Police are only supposed to shoot a fleeing person if there's risk to their life or someone else's or if the suspect is armed and has a history of violence.
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49. Are you allowed to go through someone's abandoned trash for evidence?

Parilov /
  1. No, not even when it's at the landfill
  2. Yes, there's no privacy for outdoor trash
Once garbage and other property has been abandoned, it can be searched by the police, even if it's still in trash cans near your house.
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50. The term "GSW" refers to...

Fractal Pictures /
  1. Gigantic spoken word
  2. Garden state wrestling
  3. Gun shot wound
  4. Game set watch
A "GSW" is a gunshot wound, something that police can encounter everyday when they go out on the job.
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