Could You Win This Middle School Spelling Bee?

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Do you wistfully think back on middle school spelling tests? Do you watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN like the sport it rightfully is? If you were a true spelling whiz back in the day, then you'll find this quiz extremely easy. Think you still got a knack for remembering "the silent k"? How about "i before e except after c"? Let's find out!

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1. The ladies' ________ is scheduled for tomorrow.

Kzenon /
  1. Luncheon
  2. Lunch-in
Did you know that a luncheon is a formal type of lunch?
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2. The word "sorry" is a type of:

s_karau /
  1. Apology
  2. Appologie
People say sorry as a way to apologize for something they’ve done which has upset or caused another person some difficulty.
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3. This word is defined as “cruel and oppressive rule”.

fizkes /
  1. Tyranny
  2. Teeranny
Tyranny is defined as oppressive power, and it's commonly used in reference to government rule. It comes from the Latin word, tyrannus.
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4. For her birthday, Sarah allowed herself the _________ of a fancy dinner.

Rocketclips, Inc. /
  1. Indulgence
  2. Indulgenss
Indulgence is defined as an occasion when you allow yourself or someone to have something, especially when it is not good for you.
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5. To be hopeful and confident is to be...

Damir Khabirov /
  1. Optimistic
  2. Apptimistic
An optimistic person is one that is hopeful and confident about the future.
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6. Ahmed is a ________ little boy.

Africa Studio /
  1. Mischievous
  2. Mischivess
To be mischievous is to show a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.
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7. The toxicologist was concerned about the concentration of _____ in the bloodstream.

Mark_Kotich /
  1. Venom
  2. Vennum
Venom is a poisonous substance that is secreted by animals, including spiders and snakes. In the event that a person is bitten by one of these animals, antivenom needs to be administered.
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8. Peter has been a _______ for a long time.

bbernard /
  1. Bachelor
  2. Batcheler
A bachelor is a man who is not or has never been married. It's also the name of a popular television show.
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9. Evelyn’s symptoms led her doctor to make an accurate...

S_L /
  1. Diagnosis
  2. Diagosis
To make a diagnosis is to identify the nature of an illness or problem by examination of the person’s symptoms.
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10. Henry hoped to _________ enough money for a car.

A_stockphoto /
  1. Accumulate
  2. Aquumulate
To accumulate is to gather or acquire things in increasing numbers or quantity.
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11. The troops will have to ________ into enemy territory.

kc.bangkaew /
  1. Parrachutte
  2. Parachute
A parachute is a cloth canopy that fills with air and allows the person or object attached to descend slowly.
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12. Ellen is a ________ person.

VladislavNice /
  1. Flameboyant
  2. Flamboyant
A flamboyant person or flamboyant behavior tends to attract attention because of their excitement, confidence, and stylishness.
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13. The hurricane was an absolute ________.

FotoKina /
  1. Catastrotee
  2. Catastrophe
A catastrophe is an event causing great and sometimes sudden damage or suffering.
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14. Stephanie was 10 minutes late to ________.

FrameStockFootages /
  1. Rehearsal
  2. Rehersall
A rehearsal is a practice or trial performance in preparation for a later performance.
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15. Matthew left his books in a ________ pile.

Africa Studio /
  1. Hapasard
  2. Haphazard
Something which is haphazard lacks planning, organization, or direction.
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16. The ________ was taken by 500 people.

jannnoon028 /
  1. Questionarre
  2. Questionnaire
A questionnaire is a set of questions with choices of answers which are devised for the purpose of a survey or study.
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17. Security will _______ items believed to be dangerous.

VideoBCN /
  1. Confiscate
  2. Confeskate
To confiscate something is to take or seize it. Did you know that most items taken by airport security become government property?
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18. Lily and Allen aren’t friends, they’re just ________.

fizkes /
  1. Acquittances
  2. Acquaintances
An acquaintance is a person someone knows slightly but is not close friends with.
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19. Newspapers are typically sold on a ________.

Niloo /
  1. New stand
  2. Newsstand
The word newsstand consists of two words put together (news and stand) and is sometimes seen hyphenated.
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20. Every time Kurt drinks alcohol, he behaves in a ________ manner.

Kues /
  1. Billejerent
  2. Belligerent
Belligerent, as an adjective, is defined as hostile or aggressive.
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21. The older lady down the street preferred her ________ lifestyle.

Rido /
  1. Solitaree
  2. Solitary
Solitary is defined as “done or existing alone”. A person who prefers a solitary lifestyle can also be called “a lone wolf” or “a one-man band”.
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22. Karen chose to ________ the information from her work colleagues.

ViDI Studio /
  1. Withhold
  2. Withled
Withhold is defined as “refusing to give (something that is either due or desired by another entity)".
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23. The movie evoked a sense of:

bbernard /
  1. Nostalgeea
  2. Nostalgia
Nostalgia is a sentimental longing for the past, usually relating to a place or time with a happy personal association.
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24. The ________________ of Patty’s birthday cake is 20 inches!

soul_studio /
  1. Circumference
  2. Cercumfrence
The circumference of an item is its enclosing boundary. It is often used in relation to a circle.
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25. Some people use an __________ to censor a naughty word.

durantelallera /
  1. Asterisk
  2. Asterixx
An asterisk is a symbol in written test typically used in reference to an annotation or to stand in for omitted letters, like when trying to censor words.
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26. The ________ music made Mike think that something bad was going to happen.

Lolostock /
  1. Ominous
  2. Omenoss
Something which is ominous gives the impression that something bad is going to happen.
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27. The building had a neoclassical...

eFesenko /
  1. Fazad
  2. Façade
A façade is the face of a building – especially when it concerns the front looking onto a street or open space.
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28. Percy lived in a nice town, but it was no:

Ivan Kurnyshov /
  1. Youtopia
  2. Utopia
A utopia is an imagined place or society where everything seems to be perfect.
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29. Despite the ________ crash, everyone survived.

Photo Spirit /
  1. Horrific
  2. Horiffik
The word horrific is defined as “so bad as to be shocking”. Did you know that dreadful and terrible are synonyms for horrific?
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30. Brian wasn't open to anyone's _________.

13_Phunkod /
  1. Critique
  2. Kritik
To critique someone or something is to give a detailed analysis or assessment about it.
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31. By the age of 6, Simone Biles was already practicing in the ___________.

Leonard Zhukovsky /
  1. Gymnasium
  2. Gymnazeeum
A gymnasium is a room or building that is equipped for gymnastics and other physical exercise.
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32. Eggs and poultry are great sources of:

Syda Productions /
  1. Protene
  2. Protein
Protein is an essential macronutrient that is commonly found in animal products, nuts, and seeds. Did you know that protein makes up 15% of the average person’s body weight?
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33. If the business isn’t able to pick up its sales, it will have to declare ________________.

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Bankrupsy
Bankruptcy is a process whereby people or businesses cannot repay debts to creditors. It may offer some kind of relief for either some or all of their debt.
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34. Lily’s dog is a __________ eater.

sanjagrujic /
  1. Vorashuss
  2. Voracious
If something or someone is voracious, they have a very eager approach to an activity. In this case, Lily’s dog is eager to eat.
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35. Oliver accidentally spilled a _________ substance on the ground.

Yan Brusov /
  1. Radioactive
  2. Radiactive
A radioactive substance is one which emits ionizing radiation or particles. Did you know that there are four different types of radiation? - Alpha, beta, gamma, and x.
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36. Emily was hurt by the ___________ rumors circulating about her.

Nok Lek /
  1. Malishuss
  2. Malicious
Malicious can be defined as “having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone or something".
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37. Sherry was just promoted to the rank of _____________.

Billion Photos /
  1. Lieutenant
  2. Lewtenant
A lieutenant is an officer in the armed forces. According to Britannica, it is the lowest rank of commissioned officer in most armies.
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38. Elizabeth referred to her town as a ________ wasteland.

Robert Vicups /
  1. Dezolette
  2. Desolate
If a place is desolate, then it is deserted of people and is in a state of general emptiness.
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39. Jenny used ____________ on her cut.

Leonardo da /
  1. Anteseptik
  2. Antiseptic
An antiseptic is something that prevents the growth of disease-causing organisms.
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40. Tyler recently found out that his _____________ was 16-weeks long!

sirtravelalot /
  1. Semester
  2. Semmesster
A semester is a term in a college school year. Did you know that most semesters last anywhere from 16 to 18 weeks?
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41. Kendra was ________ of her friend's relationship.

fizkes /
  1. Envious
  2. Enveoss
A person who is envious is showing or feeling envy towards someone or something. Essentially, they wish they had what another person does.
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42. If something is repulsively ugly, it is:

Sodel Vladyslav /
  1. Grotesque
  2. Grotesk
The word grotesque first appeared in the 1560s and is defined as “comically or repulsively ugly or distorted”.
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43. The event was a complete ________ because of the lack of music.

Nicoleta Ionescu /
  1. Fiasco
  2. Pheasco
A fiasco refers to anything that is a complete disaster, usually as a result of human failure.
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44. A ___________ is used to measure atmospheric pressure.

Therina Groenewald /
  1. Barometer
  2. Barrametre
A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure.
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45. The workers complained about the ________ conditions.

Elnur /
  1. Insanitry
  2. Unsanitary
The word unsanitary is defined as “unclean enough to endanger health”.
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46. The bad guy in the movie is often called the _____.

Pankratov Yurir /
  1. Vilun
  2. Villain
A villain is a cruel or malicious person who is involved in criminal activities. They’re typically seen in fictional material –- for example, Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter.
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47. Students in university often live with a:

  1. Roommate
  2. Rommatte
A roommate is a person occupying the same apartment or house as another person.
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48. The city of Atlantis placed an ___________ against trade on Arendelle.

Andrii Yalanskyi /
  1. Embargo
  2. Embahjo
An embargo is a ban on trade or commercial activity with a specific country.
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49. In contrast to her classmates, Sophie is quite _______.

Antonio Guillem /
  1. Studious
  2. Studante
A studious person is someone who spends a lot of time studying or reading. They tend to do better than those who are not.
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50. Katie’s mother was waiting to ________ her because she was late from the party.

fizkes /
  1. Innterokate
  2. Interrogate
To interrogate someone is to ask questions either aggressively, or formally.
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