Can You Speak “Millennial?”

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Most people who aren't millennials don't like millennials and some millennials don't even like other millennials. But why is that? The generation tends to get a bad rap, but you have to admit that they're quite creative. Take for instance the language they've created. I mean, how fire is that? But would you be able to converse with today's modern-day millennials? Or would you have no idea what they were saying? Test your millennial speak in this quiz!

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1. If someone calls you "fam" what are they actually calling you?

Monkey Business Images /
  1. Famous
  2. They’re saying that you look familiar
  3. Famished
  4. Family
A person who is called ‘”fam” is a friend who feels more like family. It is used to people who you trust immensely.
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2. How do you feel if you're "shook"?

WAYHOME Studio /
  1. Tired
  2. Happy
  3. Shaken up
  4. Depressed
Shook is the past tense of shake, and it refers to a person feeling shaken up. It could be good or bad. Shook became popularized first in ‘90s R&B music and hip-hop.
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3. What are you if you're "salty"?

pathdoc /
  1. You just ate something salty
  2. You’re at the beach
  3. You can see the ocean
  4. You’re in a bad mood over something
A person who is salty is upset or bitter over something small. If often results in the person being made fun of.
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4. What are you doing if you're being "extra"?

shurkin_son /
  1. Being lazy
  2. Being over the top
  3. Being sad
  4. Being boring
A person who is being “extra” is over the top or dramatic. It is also used to describe someone who is being pretentious.
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5. If someone calls you the "G.O.A.T," what are you?

Zenobillis /
  1. The “greatest of all time”
  2. They’re calling you a goat – the animal
  3. The "government owned alien territory"
  4. They’re saying that you guys need to “get our act together”
G.O.A.T. is an acronym for “greatest of all time. The term is commonly used in sports, but it is also used to refer to someone who did you an amazing favor.
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6. What does it mean when someone asks for "receipts"?

leungchopan /
  1. They’re asking how much you paid for a haircut
  2. They’re asking for proof
  3. They’re asking you for an invitation
  4. They’re asking you to stop lying
Asking for receipts means that someone is asking you to provide proof or evidence of something. It is usually in the form of screenshots, tweets, texts or even physical evidence.
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7. What are you if you're "woke"?

Jacob Lund /
  1. You’re scared
  2. You’re tired
  3. You’re aware of things going on in society
  4. You’re at work
If you are woke, it means that you are aware of or alert to the injustices in society. In most cases, it refers to racial discrimination.
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8. The word "stan" is a mash-up of which two words?

Antonio Guillem /
  1. “Stingy” and “American”
  2. “Stairs” and “van”
  3. “Stalker” and “fan”
  4. “Slinky” and “man”
Stan is a fused word which combines the words “stalker” and “fan.” It is used to describe a person who is overly obsessed with another person, usually a celebrity.
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9. If someone tells you "Damn, Gina," what does it mean?

Dean Drobot /
  1. They’re saying that you were harsh
  2. They’re either surprised or they just expressed their approval
  3. They think you look ugly
  4. They think you’re too sensitive
“Damn, Gina” is used to express surprise, awe or appreciation. The phrase dates back to a common saying from the sitcom “Martin” (1992 – 1997).
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10. What are you really doing when you "Netflix and chill"?

Studio R3 /
  1. Fooling around with someone
  2. Watching a scary movie
  3. Cooking a meal
  4. Sleeping on the couch
“Netflix and chill” is a polite way of saying that you have no intention of watching a movie, but actually fooling around or doing the deed instead.
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11. If you've been "ghosted", what has happened to you?

Spectral-Design /
  1. Someone just scared you
  2. Some just hurt you
  3. Someone just lied to you
  4. Someone completely disappeared on you
If you’ve been ghosted, they someone completely disappeared after hanging out with you. It is also used to describe when a person disappears after showing romantic interest in you.
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12. What does it mean to "spill the tea"?

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. It means that you’ve just had an accident
  2. It means that you are shopping for tea
  3. It means that you threw some tea on yourself
  4. It means that someone is gossiping
“Spilling the tea” is a term used to describe when a person is giving a juicy bit of gossip. The phrase came from the Kermit the frog meme with the caption, “but that’s none of my business.”
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13. How would you "swerve" someone?

Paul Vasarhelyi /
  1. It's a welcome sign
  2. To wave them goodbye
  3. To tell them to get lost
  4. To give them some ice cream
Originating from the song "Mercy" by Kanye West, It is used to imply dodging someone.
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14. What does it mean if you're "Gucci"? /
  1. It means that you hate expensive things
  2. It means that you’re over it
  3. It means that you’re leaving
  4. It means that you’re good
Gucci is the name of a luxury fashion label, but it has popularly been said in several hip-hop songs to mean “I’m good.” It can also be used as an adjective to describe something you love.
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15. When someone uses the word "mood," what are they saying?

oneinchpunch /
  1. That you can relate
  2. That you don’t understand
  3. That you’re lost
  4. That you’re tired
The word “mood” is derived from Black culture to emphasize that something is relatable or it's something you agree with.
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16. If you're referred to as a "savage" what does that say about you?

Prostock-studio /
  1. That you don’t hold back
  2. That you have no manners
  3. That you always do as you are told
  4. That you are annoying
If you’ve been called a savage, it means that you do things unapologetically, and you don’t hold back. It has also been used to describe a person who has a careless attitude.
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17. In millennial speak, what does it mean to "beat" your face?

Subbotina Anna /
  1. To admire
  2. To massage
  3. To hit/smack
  4. To apply makeup
If someone “beat” their face, they applied makeup to it. If the person is described as being “beat,” it means that they applied their makeup well.
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18. "JOMO" is an actual thing. What is it exactly?

Geo Martinez /
  1. “Joy of missing out”
  2. “Jest of missing out”
  3. “Joke of missing out”
  4. “Jab of missing out”
“JOMO” is an acronym for the “joy of missing out.” It is the pleasure felt by a person enjoying their current activities and not worrying about other people. It is the opposite of fear of missing out – “FOMO.”
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19. What does it mean if someone calls you a "xennial"?

Keus /
  1. You like to party
  2. You are a tricky person
  3. You get triggered easily
  4. You’re a mix of Generation X and the millennials
Xennials are a micro-generation of people who fall somewhere between Generation X and Millenial. They often feel like they don’t belong to either group and are refer to themselves as xennials.
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20. How do you "keep it 100"?

stockfour /
  1. By being fake
  2. By getting good grades
  3. By being authentic
  4. By working hard
The phrase “keep it 100” means to be authentic. If some tells you to “keep it 100” with them, they’re asking you to be honest (and real) with them.
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21. Do you know what "trill" means?

William Perugini /
  1. It is a clothing brand
  2. It describes the type of guys you stay away from
  3. It’s the name of a rap artist
  4. It is a mash up of true and real
Trill is a mash-up of the words “true” and “real.” It is a hip-hop reference used to describe a person who is well respected.
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22. If a someone is "thristy" what does it mean?

Diego Cervo /
  1. You are classless
  2. You are desperate
  3. You want something to drink
  4. You’re a pretender
A person who is thirsty is too eager to desperate to get something. When someone calls you thirsty, it is often to suggest that it is usually to tell you that you should calm down.
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23. What is a "troll"?

ESB Professional /
  1. A person who says mean things to strangers online
  2. A monster under a bridge
  3. A person who gets angry easily
  4. A person who is very ugly
A troll is a person who deliberately makes random and unsolicited (often controversial) comments on forums and social media sites with the intention of provoking readers or the owner of the page.
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24. What is a person saying when they utter "no cap"?

WAYHOME Studio /
  1. That they’re not lying or exaggerating
  2. They’re annoyed
  3. They need to sleep
  4. They can’t find their cap or hat
“No cap” is an expression used when a person is not lying or exaggerating about something that is hard to believe. It is a synonym for seriously.
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25. What is a "squad"?

Dean Drobot /
  1. The police
  2. A group of friends
  3. A music festival
  4. A television show
A squad is a group of friends who share a common identity and sense of solidarity. Some synonyms include crew and posse.
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26. What does it mean to be "basic"?

Focus and Blur /
  1. To be materialistic
  2. To be devoid of interesting characteristics
  3. To be annoying
  4. To be easy to please
A person who is basic is described as being devoid of defining characteristics that make them interesting. In other words, they’re boring.
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27. What does "TBH" stand for?

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. “The bounty hunter”
  2. “To be honest”
  3. “To be hated”
  4. “The best husband”
“TBH” is an acronym for “to be honest.” The phrase is often said for emphasis after someone admits something about themselves. The phrase was made popular on social media.
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28. If someone's life is "goals AF," what does it mean?

Kaspars Grinvalds /
  1. Their life is not as good as they are making it out to be
  2. Their life is hard
  3. Their life is basic
  4. Their life is what you want to yours to be (Its goals)
If something is described as being “goals AF” is very attractive or it is something that a person aspires to be or have. It could be anything from a tech gadget to a person’s relationship.
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29. What is "twerking"?

  1. A type of fitness juice
  2. A dance
  3. A type of hairstyle
  4. A clothing brand
Twerking is dancing in a manner that is very sexually provocative. It usually involves hip thrusting and shaking your bottom often in a squatting stance.
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30. If you're being "read," what is being done to you?

Aaron Amat /
  1. You’re being pampered
  2. You’re being complimented
  3. Someone is reading to you
  4. You’re being insulted
To read someone is to insult them – often by calling out their flaws. The word is derived from both the Black and LGBTQ communities, and is commonly used on social media.
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31. Who or what is a "bae"?

pink panda /
  1. A tropical fruit from India
  2. The person you love “before anyone else”
  3. “Being anyone else”
  4. A boy’s name meaning “bearlike”
The term bae means “before anyone else,” typically referring to a person that you are in love with. It has also another way of saying “baby” or “babe.
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32. Can you tell us what "yeet" is?

Dean Drobot /
  1. It is a way to show excitement
  2. It is the knock off version of Yeezy shoes
  3. It is a type of mating call
  4. It is a way to say hello
Yeet is a term used when someone wants to show excitement or when they’re agreeing with something that was said.
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33. If something of yours is "on fleek," what does that mean?

  1. It is on point or is perfect
  2. It is inappropriate
  3. It needs to be changed
  4. It is a type of eye lash
The term “on fleek” is used to describe something which is “perfect” or “on point.” The term became popular in 2014 when it was said several times in a viral Vine video.
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34. What in the world is a "clapback"?

Roman Kosolapov /
  1. A type of clothing
  2. A quick and effective response to a criticism
  3. Clapping the back of someone’s hand
  4. A type of slap
A clapback is a quick and effective response to an insult. It is usually better than the original insult, and usually applauded.
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35. What kind of image is a "thirst trap"?

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. A old and outdated one
  2. A sexy one
  3. A blurry one
  4. An ugly one
A thirst trap is a sexy photograph or flirty message that has been posted on social media with the intent of causing other people to show their support for it.
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36. If something is "fire," what is it?

Michaelpuche /
  1. It is amazing
  2. It needs to burn
  3. It gets hot easily
  4. It is no good
Fire is commonly used to praise someone or something signifying that it is great, or amazing. It is similar to another term, lit.
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37. What are you doing if you're throwing "shade"?

fizkes /
  1. You’re helping a friend out
  2. You’re standing in the shade
  3. You’re subtly (most times) taking a jab at someone
  4. You’re getting ready to leave
To throw shade is to subtly disrespect someone. The slick comment isn’t always understood by anyone other than who the insult was meant for.
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38. What does it mean if something is "sus"?

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. It is really cool
  2. It is suspicious
  3. It contains suspenders
  4. It is nice to look at
“Sus” is short for the word suspect. It is often used when you think that someone is doing something shady.
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39. If someone is "thicc," what are they?

Jacob Lund /
  1. Fake
  2. Ugly
  3. Curvy
  4. Funny
The term “thick” is used to describe a person who is curvy, more specifically, they have fat in “all the right places.”
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40. In millennial speak, what is "ratchet"?

Anatoly Tiplyasin /
  1. A type of party
  2. A tool
  3. A person who acts in an unbecoming manner
  4. A famous YouTuber
Ratchet is used to refer to a person who is or tries to act in an unbecoming way. It is usually a person who is very annoying, loud, and acts nasty towards other people.
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41. What do you have to do if you've got to "bounce"?

SeventyFour /
  1. Leave suddenly
  2. Eat something
  3. Go to the bathroom
  4. Finish an assignment
A person who has to “bounce” has to leave suddenly, either to go do something better, or something else.
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42. If you're "dead," what are you really?

fizkes /
  1. It is very annoying
  2. It is really funny
  3. It is dying
  4. It is very shocking
The word dead is used when a person finds something extremely funny. It is so funny that it (figuratively) killed them with laughter.
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43. How do you look if you're "snatched"?

Olena Yakobchuk /
  1. You look amazing
  2. You lost something
  3. You were just robbed
  4. You need a bit of sprucing up
A person who looks snatched looks amazing. It is also used as a verb to describe a person’s reaction to something amazing.
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44. If something is "lit," what is it?

Pressmaster /
  1. Boring
  2. Cheap
  3. Expensive
  4. Awesome
Lit is used to describe something that is awesome or amazing. Lit can also be used to describe a person who is mildly intoxicated.
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45. When should you tell someone "bye, Felicia"?

Vankad /
  1. When you don’t care if they’re leaving
  2. When you’re greeting someone
  3. When you don’t want them to go
  4. When they’re your friend
“Bye, Felicia” is a dismissive term said to someone who is leaving, but the other doesn’t care. It works on anyone who isn’t named Felicia.
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46. What are you if you're "hangry"?

Lolostock /
  1. Angry because someone said something rude
  2. Angry because you are home alone
  3. Angry because you are hungry
  4. Angry because someone stood you up
“Hangry” describes a person who is so hungry that the lack of food causes them to becomes angry and short-tempered.
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47. Why would someone be "gagging" over your look?

Dean Drobot /
  1. They’re laughing at your outfit
  2. They have something stuck in their throat
  3. They’re shocked (in a good way) by your look
  4. They’re tired of seeing you in that outfit
If a person is “gagging” over something then it means that something or someone is so good or shocking, that you’ll gag over it.
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48. What does it mean when someone tells another person "FOH"?

Dean Drobot /
  1. They’re saying that it was a “force of habit”
  2. They’re saying that the music was “full of harmony”
  3. They’re saying to get the “eff outta here”
  4. They’re saying to go to the “front of the house”
FOH is used in situation when you can’t or don’t want to spell out “eff outta here.” It is used when a person is leaving or when they’re telling someone else to leave.
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49. If you're "slaying," what are you doing?

Look Studio /
  1. A great job
  2. Singing a Beyoncé song
  3. Shouting at someone
  4. Watching a science fiction movie
“Slaying has different meanings, all of which are complimentary. If a person slayed an outfit, they look amazing in it. If they are slaying something, they’re doing a great job at it.
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50. And what does "IRL" mean?

acidmit /
  1. “In real life”
  2. “Indiana river lagoon”
  3. “Indy racing league”
  4. “Ireland”
The acronym “IRL” means “in real life.” It is used to differentiate between an actor or actress and the character that they play.
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