Could You Master This Southern Etiquette Class?

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People from the South are known for their amazing food and their great manners. However, not everyone knows the rules of the land, and we want to test how much you may or may not know about Southern etiquette. Will you fit in with the locals? Or are you destined to make a huge faux pas? Find out in this quiz!

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1. How should you address your elders?

Dmytro Zinkevych /
  1. King or queen
  2. Dad or mom
  3. Sir or ma'am
  4. Uncle or aunty
Southerners are known for their manners and as such, would call anyone older than them by respectful titles, especially if they don't know their names. In this case, 'sir' and 'ma'am' are used.
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2. Which side of the street should a man stand on if he's walking with a woman?

Maridav /
  1. The side furthest from the street
  2. Wherever he wants
  3. It depends on the weather
  4. The side closest to the street
If a man and woman are walking on the sidewalk, it is good etiquette for the man to be the one nearest to the road - just to protect or push a woman out of the way if an accident happens.
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3. Which word should always be used after a request?

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Excuse me
  2. Thank you
  3. You're welcome
  4. Please
For Southerners, no request is complete without the word "please." It could be as simple as asking someone to pass a dish or asking for a favor - the word must be used.
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4. Where should you place your napkin when sitting down to eat a meal?

Borjaika /
  1. Neck
  2. Lap
  3. Hands
  4. Collar
When sitting down to eat at a formal dinner, it's good etiquette to place your napkin on your lap. It should not be tucked into your shirt.
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5. What should you bring with you if you've been invited to a dinner party?

G-Stock Studio /
  1. Money to help pay for the food
  2. A dish or gift
  3. Nothing
  4. An extra guest
If you've been invited to a dinner party, it's bad manners to walk in empty-handed. If you can't find the time to bake or make a dish, walk with a gift.
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6. What's the proper way to hold a wine glass?

EstudiosOMH /
  1. With your feet
  2. Hold it towards the base of the stem
  3. Near the rim
  4. There's no rules for holding a wine glass
Holding a wine glass just under the bowl is incorrect, as it allows the heat from your hand to transfer to the wine. A glass of wine should be held at the stem, closer to the base.
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7. Even as adults, what should southerners call their fathers?

Andrew Angelov /
  1. King
  2. Mister
  3. Poppa
  4. Daddy
For people from the south, there's no cut-off age where the term "Daddy" should stop being used. It's perfectly normal for a grown man or woman to call their fathers "Daddy."
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8. If someone in your company passes gas and says "excuse me," how should you respond?

aleks333 /
  1. You should smile or nod
  2. You should let everyone know what they did
  3. You should scold them for passing gas
  4. You should get up and leave
Good etiquette deems that gross or unfavorable bodily functions be ignored. If someone passes gas and says nothing, you should not bring attention to the situation. If the person who passes gas says "excuse me," simply smile or nod in acknowledgement.
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9. Ideally, how much time should you take to answer an R.S.V.P?

Natalia Alexeeva /
  1. 2.5 weeks
  2. 24-hours
  3. 1 year
  4. 3 months
R.S.V.Ps should be answered as soon as possible; a period of 24 hours is normally what you should aim for. If you need more time, it's a great idea to reach out to the host.
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10. What should you do when you receive a gift in the mail?

Kamil Macniak /
  1. Nothing
  2. Ask the sender how much it cost
  3. Return it
  4. Let the giver know the day it arrives
It's only fair that if someone takes the time out to send you a gift, that you let them know when it arrives. Doing so the same day you receive the gift is seen as good etiquette.
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11. In modern times, how should you introduce yourself in a social setting?

G-Stock Studio /
  1. The name you want to be called
  2. You should only give them your surname
  3. You should never introduce yourself to anyone
  4. With all the names on your birth certificate
You may think that introductions require you to state your full name, but that is not true. You introduce yourself how you want to be called.
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12. How might you come off if you put salt and pepper in your food before tasting it?

Africa Studio /
  1. Hungry
  2. Excited
  3. Smart
  4. Rude
It is considered very rude to add salt and pepper to your dish before tasting it. It appears as if you're assuming that the food has no seasoning. Try a bit first, just out of courtesy, then add the two.
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13. If a dinner guest makes a mistake with their etiquette, what should you do?

RossHelen /
  1. Try to cover it up
  2. Correct them so they don't do it again
  3. Scream and run
  4. Point it out to everyone
Southern people are very kind, in that if they see that you're making mistakes with your etiquette, they would try to cover it up.
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14. Which of the following should a person do in the first sentence of a thank you card?

Studio KIWI /
  1. Write your last name
  2. Tell them about your life
  3. Put your address
  4. Give a compliment
Good etiquette demands that thank you cards be written regularly. In them, it is customary that a compliment be given in the very first line.
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15. In a proper table setting, should the salad fork be further from the plate that the main meal fork?

Zeynep Demir /
  1. Yes, it should
  2. There's no such thing as a salad fork
  3. No it shouldn't
  4. You can put your utensils anywhere
For the most part, we've heard that where utensils are concerned, we should work our way in. So because salads are served first, the salad fork should be further from the plate.
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16. What kind of jewelry should be worn with your best dress?

The Art of Pics /
  1. Pearls
  2. Rubies
  3. Diamonds
  4. Sapphires
One of a Southern Belle's most prized possessions are her pearls. And that's exactly what she is supposed to wear with her best dress.
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17. Which of these comments should you make before talking (bad) about someone?

Syda Productions /
  1. Bless his/her heart
  2. Nothing, just gossip away
  3. You know what I heard?
  4. Check this out
There are even rules of etiquette when gossiping. If you're about to say something that isn't all that nice, you must say the words "bless his/her heart" first.
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18. What is the service plate?

Nailya Yakubova /
  1. It's the plate you smash in celebration
  2. It the plate the waiters use to serve you
  3. It's the first plate washed at any dinner service
  4. It's the underplate
At dinners, there is usually a plate placed under the first course; that is the service plate. It remains in place until the entree is served, at which time the two swap places.
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19. How should you cool your food when sitting at a dinner table?

CK Ma /
  1. By asking the waiter to bring a fan
  2. By blowing on it
  3. By waiting for it to cool itself
  4. By dropping an ice cube on the plate
If your food is too hot, it's best to wait for it to cool. Blowing on it is bad etiquette and eating it hot can end in disaster.
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20. Which of these beverages should you always have cooled in case surprise guests show up?

Elena Veselova /
  1. A pitcher of iced tea
  2. Whiskey
  3. Bourbon
  4. You shouldn't have anything cooled
Everyone knows that iced tea is the unofficial drink of the south, so it's very commonplace that many households have a pitcher of iced tea in their fridges.
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21. What is supposed to be done after one attends a party?

Jacob Lund /
  1. Nothing
  2. Go home to bed
  3. Create a hand-written thank you note to the host or hostess
  4. Ask when the next party is
Whereas now it's as easy as sending a text or email saying thank you, proper etiquette requires that you send a hand-written thank you note to the host of party.
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22. How are you supposed to get something from the other side of the table when eating dinner?

LStockStudio /
  1. Ask someone to pass it to you
  2. Reach over and grab it
  3. Walk to where it is and get it
  4. You just hope that it comes your way
It's rude to reach over someone else's food or shoulder to get a dish thet you want. Instead, you should ask for the dish to be passed to you.
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23. What should you do when given a compliment?

Monkey Business Images /
  1. Give a compliment in return
  2. Walk away
  3. Say "thank you"
  4. It depends on who is giving the compliment
It's not necessary that you return a compliment just given to you. However, it is good manners to say thank you.
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24. Which of these should a Southern Belle always wear to church?

encierro /
  1. Sunglasses
  2. A hat and gloves
  3. A lace dress
  4. Pants
One of the many requirements of a Southern Belle is that she attend church. But she must do it wearing a hat and gloves.
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25. Is it okay to place a napkin in your shirt if you're eating a messy dish?

ThamKC /
  1. It depends on how messy the dish it
  2. Only if you're under 30 years old
  3. Only if you ask first
  4. No, it's not
It's never okay to place your napkin in your shirt; it must be on your lap. What you can do is try to be more careful with a messy dish like lasagna.
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26. What should a man do whenever a lady enters or leaves a room?

Nejron Photo /
  1. Stand
  2. Tell her "hi" or "bye"
  3. Nothing
  4. Ask her where she's going or where she came from
It is customary that a gentleman stand whenever a lady enters or exits a room. Yes, it can seem quite tiring, but it's what good etiquette requires.
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27. What's the maximum number of pieces you can cut your food into?

Dabchai labchait /
  1. Seven
  2. Seventeen
  3. Five
  4. Three
Believe it or not, good etiquette dictates the maximum number of pieces you can cut your food into. And that number is three. Sure, no one will be counting, but it's just good manner to practice this.
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28. What should a Southern Belle never be caught doing in public?

David Pereiras /
  1. Drinking a cocktail
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Eating
  4. Talking to a man
There's a long list of thing that Southern Belles are not allowed to do in public. One of those things is chewing gum. Another is smoking tobacco.
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29. Where should you place your napkin when leaving the dinner table mid-meal?

Nokwan007 /
  1. On your plate
  2. In your shirt
  3. In your pocket
  4. On your chair
When excusing yourself from the dinner table, it's good etiquette to place your napkin on your chair. It should not be placed on the table.
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30. In relation to the dinner plate, where should one place their butter plate?

New Africa /
  1. There's no such thing as a butter plate
  2. Below the dinner plate
  3. Wherever you want it to be
  4. Upper left
In a formal table setting, the butter plate and knife are place towards the upper left of the dinner plate.
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31. Which of these should you do before eating at a dinner table with other people?

sigiuz /
  1. Pay for your food
  2. Wait for everyone to be served
  3. Tell a raunchy story
  4. Pray
It is considered very rude to eat your meal before everyone receives their food. It is why restaurants aim to serve entire tables at the same time, regardless of the cooking time of different dishes.
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32. If a family member of someone you know has died, what should you do?

Andrea Skjold Mink /
  1. Give them space
  2. Ask them if they got anything in the will
  3. Text them after the funeral
  4. Cook them a hot dish
There's a reason why most comfort food originated in the south. It's because people there believe that a good meal can help fix almost any problem. And it's no different with the death of a loved one.
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33. Is it okay for a man to smoke in a woman's presence?

Nejron Photo /
  1. Of course it is
  2. Only if they're related
  3. It depends on the woman's relation to the man
  4. Only if she gives him permission
Smoking cigars or cigarettes in a lady's presence should not be done unless you've gotten permission to do so.
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34. What should a Southern Belle never leave the house without doing?

G-Stock Studio /
  1. Checking that it's safe to leave the house
  2. Putting makeup on
  3. Cooking lunch first
  4. Calling her spouse
It's not easy being a Southern Belle since so much is expected of you. One of those things is that they not leave the house with some makeup on (even if it's a little bit).
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35. When is it okay for a gentleman to borrow money from a lady?

Eviart /
  1. All the time
  2. When she has more money than he does
  3. Never
  4. When he borrows her money too
While this does happen quite often, it's not seen as good etiquette. Men should not borrow money from women.
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36. How important are silver patterns to Southern Belles?

Anneka /
  1. Not at all important
  2. Not that important
  3. Incredibly important
  4. There's no such things as a silver pattern
Silver patterns are a big thing in the south. A silver pattern determines the way she will set her dinner table for the rest of her life.
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37. What should a Southern Belle call her mother-in-law?

B Christopher /
  1. Mrs. X
  2. Mother of my spouse
  3. Mama
  4. Ladyface
Some women call their mothers-in-law ma'am, Mrs. Insert Name, or by their first names. Southerm Belles are supposed to call theirs "Mama."
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38. What should you also pass if a dinner guest asks you for the salt?

diplomedia /
  1. Pepper
  2. A side dish
  3. A cocktail
  4. Nothing, just the salt
In ettiquette, salt and pepper come as a pair. So if someone asks for the salt, you must also pass the pepper and vice versa.
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39. At a formal dinner, what should you use to break bread?

st.noon /
  1. A spoon
  2. Your hands
  3. A fork
  4. A knife
The last thing you'd think someone would break food with at a formal dinner is their hands, but that's exactly how you should break your bread. You don't need to use a knife.
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40. What should you eat a pizza with if you're at a formal dinner?

VGstockstudio /
  1. With your hands
  2. With a spoon
  3. With a fork and knife
  4. With a napkin
All food should be eaten with proper utensils at a formal dinner. That means that even if you're eating pizza - something that is normally eaten with the hands- you should use a fork and a knife.
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41. Where should every Southern Belle make her debut?

Sinngern /
  1. At the hospital she was born in
  2. At her house
  3. At her great grandmother's house
  4. A country club
Being a Southern Belle means something - every woman who follows the steps to become one is considered to be upper class. So her debut has to be in a place regarded as such.
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42. Is it good etiquette to drink soup straight from the bowl?

ferdyboy /
  1. Only if you're royalty
  2. Only if the bowl has handles and it's consomme soup
  3. If you're drunk
  4. It most definitely is
The rules of drinking soup are quite clear: you are supposed to use a spoon unless two things happen. One, that your soup dish has handles and two, the soup you're about to drink is a consomme soup. Unless those two variables are present, you must drink it with a spoon.
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43. How should a table be set if no guests were invited?

LightField Studios /
  1. You shouldn't be eating at the table if you're alone
  2. The table should be empty
  3. The same as if guests were coming
  4. Just one plate is fine
Good etiquette dictates that a dinner table always be set, even if it's just one person sitting at it. The good thing is that you don't have to wash every single plate when you're done - just yours.
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44. Are you expected to pay for dinner if you formally invite others to join you?

Syda Productions /
  1. No you're not
  2. Yes, you are
  3. You're supposed to pay for half
  4. It depends on how many people show up
Although the waters are muddy with this rule, if you formally invite others to a meal, you are expected to pay for it. If it's an informal or casual request, you aren't obligated to pay.
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45. When can you answer a phone call at dinner?

  1. Only if there's more than five people at the table
  2. Only when it's a very important call
  3. It depends on what time the person is calling
  4. Any time your phone rings
Even in this case you should alert your fellow diners beforehand that a call will be coming and that you'll need to excuse yourself for a short while.
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46. Which hand should be coughed and sneezed into?

Romariolen /
  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. The hand that comes up automatically to block the sneeze/cough
  4. Whichever hand the person writes with
Again, the right hand is the social hand and the one which will be used to interact with others. So it's better to cough into the left one.
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47. It is proper etiquette to place a woman's bag over which shoulder?

Victoria Chudinova /
  1. It depends on what her dominant shoulder is
  2. Right
  3. Left
  4. Any shoulder is fine
The right hand is considered to be the social one, and so, it is proper to have the bag on the left shoulder. This prevents having to switch when it's time to shake hands - something that is also considered to be bad etiquette.
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48. In which direction should plates be passed at a formal dinner?

SeventyFour /
  1. Counterclockwise
  2. It should be passed in the shape of whatever constellation is currently visible
  3. It depends on the time of day
  4. Clockwise
When it comes to passing plates, proper etiquette dictates that it be done is a counterclockwise direction.
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49. How should you leave a formal dinner to go to the bathroom?

litabit /
  1. Make a toast that you need to pee
  2. Excuse yourself and go quietly
  3. Just leave and go
  4. Tell the entire table that you need to use the washroom
Excusing yourself to use the bathroom should be done as quietly as possible. So you shouldn't announce it to the entire table. Say a quiet "excuse me" and leave the table.
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50. It is NOT proper etiquette for a man to carry a woman's bag?

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. True
  2. Only if the woman is the Queen of England
  3. It depends on the kind of bag
  4. False
A man may carry the coat of a woman he's with, but it's not considered to be proper for him to carry her bag.
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