DIY: Can You Handle At Home Electrical Repair?

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Nothing is worse than when your power goes out, and you don't know how to fix it! But being an electrician is no simple job. Not only do you need to know how to connect wires properly, but you also need to understand electricity, how it works and its dangers. Do you have what it takes to do a killer electrical repair job?

If you're not sure, there’s no better test than this quiz. Which wire is the neutral one again? What should you do if you get shocked?

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1. Use a wire stripper to:

thodonal88 /
  1. Remove the insulation from electrical wires
  2. Check how strong electrical wires are
When repairing electrical wires, wire strippers make it easier to strip electrical jackets off without damaging the wires.
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2. If you get shocked while working with electricity, first:

Sam Wordley /
  1. Get some water to drink
  2. Turn off the power
If you, or someone in your household gets shocked while working with electricity, the first thing you should do is turn off the power. This will prevent further damage to the person in question.
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3. An electrical wire's insulation shares its name with THIS article of clothing:

vldkont /
  1. Jeans
  2. Jacket
Wire and cable jackets protect electrical wires from moisture and chemical contact. Breaks in a jacket can cause malfunctions.
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4. DO NOT put a junction box in:

curraheeshutter /
  1. The basement
  2. Chimney
It would be very silly to put electrical wires in a place that is consistently heated. Such a measure would significantly increase probabilities of malfunction and combustion.
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5. Which everyday non-metal is a great electric conductor?

Filippo Bannino /
  1. Salt water
  2. Your blankets
Pure water does not conduct electricity, but if it contains impurities like salt, it will.
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6. Some of the safest electrical gloves are made out of...

Francescomoufotografo /
  1. Gold chains
  2. Rubber
Don't try to be a knight in shining armour! Gold is an electrical conductor, take it off when working with electricity.
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7. Electricity is the flow of...

TWStock /
  1. Water through wires
  2. Charged particles
Electricity is the flow of charged particles in one direction. This flow powers machines and electrical devices.
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8. Safety first. The bright light of an arc flash is most likely to damage your...

nikkytok /
  1. Legs
  2. Eyes
Arc flashes can be deadly! They result in about 400 casualties a year! The ultraviolet light in arc flashes cab damage your eyes or cause blindness. The sound produced by them can also cause damage hearing.
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9. DON'T store these kinds of liquids near electrical panels...

GolF2532 /
  1. No liquid should be stored near electrical panels
  2. Clear liquids
Water and electricity are a dangerous combo. Keep the two away from each other at all costs.
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10. Why is it important to measure the dimensions of an electrical outlet?

Zephyr_p /
  1. To make the installation process easier
  2. So that electricity doesn't travel too fast between wires
Measuring dimensions facilitates the installation process! Part of being a good electrician is being a good handyman. You can't properly instal electrical fixtures without knowing how to measure, drill, level, and hammer.
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11. Why are hot wires called "hot"?

streamice /
  1. They can electrically shock you
  2. You could cook an egg on them
Hot wires (the black ones) carry electricity from the breaker panel to the switch or light source. Careful when working with these, they are among the most dangerous you can work with.
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12. PPE stands for:

Love Silhouette /
  1. Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Programmable Priority Encoder
PPE stands for "personal protective equipment". For electricians, such equipment includes gloves, goggles, and rubber-soled shoes.
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13. When working with an electrical device, ALWAYS assume it's:

Moab Republic /
  1. Installed by a professional
  2. Live
It's always best to start a job assuming that all wires are live. This mindset will help you stay cautious wand can prevent unnecessary accidents.
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14. Careful! When working with electricity, you are at risk of:

Sergey Ryzhov /
  1. Explosions and water damage
  2. Erosion
Working with electricity is no joke. In the U.S., there are over 30,000 electrical explosions per year!
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15. If you place wires underground, what should they be protected by?

ThomBal /
  1. Cellophane
  2. Steel conduits
Steel conduits, or any electrical conduits for that matter, are tubes that protect and route wiring in buildings.
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16. When dong electrical repair, DON'T wear:

Dmitri Fedorov /
  1. Jewelry
  2. Gloves
All metals conduct electricity, although some better than others. Wearing it while on the job will increase your risk of shock.
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17. All electrical tools should have handles that...

Africa Studio /
  1. Are color coded according to their purpose
  2. Do not conduct electricity
The last thing any electrician wants is to be shocked on the job. Having the right tools means ensuring that the handles will not conduct electricity. The best handles are made out of rubbber.
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18. Wire jackets are usually made out of:

vinap /
  1. Polyethylene
  2. Silver
Most wire jackets are made from polyethylene and poly viny chloride. These materials are great electricity and heat insulators.
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19. Mike is using a voltage tester. What exactly does it do?

Dzmitrock /
  1. Confirms the presence of electrical currents
  2. Detects paranormal activity
Voltage testers confirm the presence of electrical currents in wires. They can also test whether there is adequate voltage flowing through a wire.
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20. Your grandma calls you from the hardware store asking what "DC" means:

Dzmitrock /
  1. Direct current
  2. Distribution Center
DC stands for "direct current". The uni-directional flow of an electrical charge is often produced by batteries! But it can also be produced by naturally-occurring events such as lightning!
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21. Zap! Which kind of ladder DOES NOT conduct electricity?

Andrey_Popov /
  1. Metal ladders
  2. Cheese ladders
Let's be serious for one second, cheese does not conduct electricity, but metal does!
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22. Why look at your house's electrical meter?

Maxx-Studio /
  1. To measure your house's electrical consumption
  2. To measure the average temperature inside your house
Why are electrical meters are often placed outside a home? This placement allows technicians to quickly check for problems by reading the amount of electricity consumed by the household.
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23. Electrical currents are measured in...

Shaiith /
  1. Amps
  2. Tons
Electrical currents are measured in "amperes" (or amps), which is the flow of a charge across a surface at the rate of one coulomb per second.
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24. Why is it good to have rubber on your feet when working with electricity?

petroleum man /
  1. It's water resistant
  2. It'll insulate the feet and not conduct electricity
Rubber boots can protect you from being electrocuted on the job because electrical charges can't flow through them.
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25. Find the neutral wire by selecting THIS color:

Peter Hermes Furian /
  1. Red
  2. White/gray
In the United States, neutral wires are almost always white or grey. Hot or live wires are black, red or a combination or red, black and blue.
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26. Working with one hand diminishes the risk of electric shock because:

Kuchina /
  1. The shock will only travel down one arm, instead of two
  2. Electricity prefers the right hand to the left hand
Working with one hand reduces the risk of being shocked in a harmful way. The shock will only travel down one hand to the ground. Working with two hands puts you at greater risk, because electrical currents can travel through your entire body.
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27. Most electrical wires are made of:

P A /
  1. Copper
  2. Silver
Copper is a preferred metal for many reasons. It is a great electrical conductor, very cheap and is heat resistant.
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28. Righty tighty, lefty loosey! What kind of screwdriver is this?

Eugene Shapovalov /
  1. Rubber mallet
  2. Flat head
Flathead screwdrivers are also called slotted or standard screwdrivers. They're used to tighten and loosen screws with straight notches in their heads.
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29. How often should you test your safety gloves to make sure they are electricity-proof?

Atelier211 /
  1. Never
  2. Every six months
Most safety gloves should be tested before their first use and every six months after.
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30. A surge protector:

Supattra Mongkolsahakul /
  1. Ensures that your power will never go out
  2. Protects against voltage spikes
Surge protectors, or suppressors, protect electrical devices from voltage strikes by limiting the voltage supplied to those devices.
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31. Use a resistor to:

Natee Photo /
  1. Reduce the temptation for the electrician to steal something
  2. Reduce the electrical current
Resistors control the flow of currents to other components. They're used to limit the current being supplied to a device.
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32. As an electrician, which of these should be part of your tool box?

Francescomoufotografo /
  1. Safety goggles
  2. Candles
Electricians don't use candles on the job. They do use drills, hammers, voltmeters, goggles, and gloves, among other things.
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33. If you have a damaged electrical cord, is it safe to fix by yourself?

anatoly_liyasov /
  1. Only if you have a PHD in physics
  2. Yes, with wire strippers and gloves!
An electrical chord is relatively simple to fix if you have the right tools! But we'll leave it to Youtube to teach you how!
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34. Inspect your extension cord before each use:

Steve Cukrov /
  1. To avoid electrical shocks
  2. To make sure termites haven't infested it
Bad or malfunctioning equipment, like extensions cords, increase your risk of getting shocked or damaging other electrical equipment and devices. Always examine them before use!
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35. Electrical tape can be used for these wires:

wk1003mike /
  1. Red wires
  2. Low-voltage wires
Electrical tape, also known as insulating tape, comes in different colors. Black is the most common, and insulates low voltage, phase A wires.
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36. An electrical connector is also known as this port...

Vladimir Zhupanenko /
  1. An electrical terminal
  2. An electrician's rubber duck
Electrical connectors are used to join electrical terminations which create electrical circuits. The "male" part is called a plug and the "female", a socket.
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37. What could Fred use this tool for?

Vladeep /
  1. To fasten a light fixture to his wall
  2. To give his wires an electrical charge
Electricians use drills almost as much as construction workers. They sometimes have to drill to get access and then seal up areas when finished.
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38. An electrical control box...

Julladit Portfolio /
  1. Is outside your house so that the children won't touch it
  2. Is outside your house so electricians have easy access
Your electrical control box houses the electrical devices that control and monitor mechanical equipment.
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39. If you can't solve an electrical problem at home by yourself, call a:

goodluz /
  1. Domestic electrician
  2. Industrial electrician
A domestic electrician is someone trained to handle electrical connections and wirings in residential settings.
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40. Steve is using the level to:

VH-studio /
  1. Make sure the wall is not crooked
  2. To establish a horizontal plane
When an electrician is finishing up a job, he or she should ensure that it looks neat, which means that things should be straight. That's why a level is needed.
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41. Use this "fish tape" to:

Lucius Kwok /
  1. Catch salmon
  2. Route new wiring through electrical conduits
Fish tape is used to route new wiring through electrical conduits and walls.
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42. Craig's about to use a hammer to secure these to walls'...

AlenD /
  1. Electrical boxes
  2. Tiles
Hammers are just one of the tools electricians use on an almost daily basis. A drill can be used if a hammer isn't on hand.
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43. Is it safe to use a flashlight when working with electrical equipment in the dark?

New Africa /
  1. Yes
  2. No
Of course it is! In fact, many electricians carry these with them when working on jobs where the power is out.
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44. Gold is a good conductor of electricity because...

  1. It shines
  2. It resists tarnishing
Gold is chemically resistant to tarnishing and corrosion in most circumstances. Both of these things make it great for long-term use.
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45. When your light switch doesn't work properly, first:

Supaleka_P /
  1. Turn off power to the light switch
  2. Warm the light switch up with a candle
Rule number one when working with electric devices: always make sure that you've turned the power off to reduce the risk of electrocution.
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46. The 'neutral' wire is absolutely useless:

Grigvovan /
  1. True
  2. False
Neutral wires carry current back to the power source. It is basically the return path of the current. The live or hot wire is the forward path.
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47. Which 19th century man introduced the concept of electrical fields?

Thomas Phillips /
  1. Michael Faraday
  2. Ghandi
Michael Faraday did a lot! He invented the electric motor, discovered electromagnetic induction and proposed the laws of electrolysis.
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48. What does a capacitor do?

Danny Iacob /
  1. It makes model lightening
  2. It stores electrical charges
Capacitors store energy and hold it in place until it's time to redistribute it back to a circuit.
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49. Storing electrical equipment in cold areas, might lead to:

Butus /
  1. Damage due to condensation
  2. Fires
Minimize the use of electrical equipment in cold rooms or other areas where condensation is likely. Why? Condensation can corrode or rust electrical wiring.
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50. Can you find Mario Kart circuit maps inside a service panel?

enchanted_fairy /
  1. Yes
  2. No
Unfortunately, Mario and his crew are only available in video game form, as you'll know if you love racing with these lovable characters.
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