Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Unique Style?

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Fashion is a form of self-expression. Wearing the clothes we want not only allows us to be comfortable, but it also allows us to dress up and look as amazing as we feel.

But what do your fashion choices say about you? Better yet, what does it say about your age? Are you curious? Will the way you like to dress reveal your true age, or are you much younger than your closet? Let's find out in this fun quiz!

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1. Do you think you could pull off leather pants?

Kaspars Grinvalds /
  1. Only if it's Fendi
  2. I've got the legs for it
  3. About twenty years and two pizzas ago
  4. I'd like to think I could
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2. Neon is best for... /
  1. Everyday use, I'm a highlighter
  2. Halloween
  3. Moments where you want to stand out
  4. The end of the world
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3. Fashion is more important to some than others. If it was completely up to you, how often would you go shopping?

Art_Photo /
  1. Yearly
  2. Monthly
  3. Every few months
  4. Weekly
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4. Which hat would look best with this outfit?

Claudia K /
  1. A beret
  2. A fedora
  3. A baseball cap
  4. A visor
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5. How do you decide what clothes to return?

Voyagerix /
  1. If it matches the way it looks online
  2. My mood at the time
  3. The way it fits
  4. The quality
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6. How important is fashion to you?

oneinchpunch /
  1. It's as important as my next breath
  2. As important as me plucking a gray hair no one can see
  3. It's as important as me getting my beauty rest
  4. My morning coffee is more important
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7. You buy this super cute outfit. How many times will you wear it?

Nadya Korobkova /
  1. Until it falls apart
  2. Once
  3. Until it no longer fits
  4. A few times
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8. Do you follow your own fashion rules, or make your own?

oneinchpunch /
  1. I do tend to follow the rules
  2. There are rules with fashion?
  3. Rules are meant to be broken
  4. I follow a few rules
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9. What inspires your fashion?

Nata Sha /
  1. Is this a serious question?
  2. Whatever's in my closet
  3. What's on the runway
  4. My mood
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10. Denim jackets are...

Claudia K /
  1. What my parents used to wear
  2. Pretty freaking cool
  3. The best thing since sliced bread
  4. Quite rough on my skin
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11. How do you feel about co-ords?

Creative Lab /
  1. My pajamas match, if that's what you mean
  2. They look pretty good
  3. Omg, they're everything!
  4. I'm not too into matchy-matchy stuff
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12. Do you prefer Uggs or Timberland boots?

Kryvenok Anastasiia /
  1. Uggs, because they're fun and flirty
  2. Timberlands, because you can never go wrong
  3. Both, because why do I have to choose
  4. I don't know what either of these things are
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13. Wearing athletic clothes outside of the gym is...

Alena Ozerova /
  1. How I pick up guys
  2. The best way to live
  3. Just tacky
  4. Stylish if you know how to make it work
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14. Do you wear white after Labor Day?

Maksim Shirkov /
  1. Who cares about some stupid rule?
  2. That's a fashion heck no
  3. I try not to
  4. I try to stick to beiges and creams
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15. The jean cut that flatters your body the best is...

Elena Dijour /
  1. Bootcut
  2. Slim
  3. Bell-bottoms/flared
  4. Skinny
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16. Be honest. Should huge shoulder pads make a comeback?

Freeman Studio /
  1. It'd be nice to relive a bit of the 80s
  2. Not extremely huge ones
  3. Why not?
  4. Never, those were ugly as heck!
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17. The best winter accessory is...

Rohappy /
  1. A fuzzy hat
  2. A stylish coat
  3. Warm boots
  4. Gloves/mittens
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18. Based on your knowledge of fashion, which decade would you say had the best trends?

Dean Drobot /
  1. 50s, because leather jackets ruled
  2. 90s, because it was such a fun time
  3. 20s, because they were roaring
  4. 70s, because no one really cared about fashion
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19. What's your take on polka dots?

Victoria Chudinova /
  1. Only on bikinis
  2. Meh
  3. Not my style...even if there was literally nothing else to wear
  4. Even my cereal wears polka dots
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20. When you see tie-dye, what immediately comes to mind?

Michael Warwick /
  1. People with great style
  2. Four-year-olds doing arts and crafts
  3. Hippies
  4. My grandparents
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21. How many pairs of destroyed jeans do you own?

cameilia /
  1. Like 6
  2. I would rather wear a paper bag
  3. It's all I need in my life
  4. Enough to keep me stylish
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22. You won a trip with a few girlfriends to one of the fashion capitals of the world. Where do you go?

Creative Lab /
  1. Paris
  2. Milan
  3. New York
  4. London
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23. Men with super long hair are...

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /
  1. Looking for attention
  2. Sexy as hell
  3. Kids in adult bodies
  4. Super stylish
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24. What's the perfect men's outfit for a first date at an upscale bar?

abolukbas /
  1. Something formal like a suit
  2. Something edgy with a leather biker jacket
  3. Something casual like jeans and t-shirt
  4. Something funky that includes cropped pants
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25. Change is coming! Change your last name to match that of a crazy designer's.

TY Lim /
  1. Balenciaga
  2. Pucci
  3. Galiano
  4. Versace
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26. When you've got to get all business-y, which of these elements should the perfect blazer have?

Victoria Chudinova /
  1. It should be expensive
  2. It should fit really well
  3. It should be bright
  4. It should be comfortable
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27. Do you think you dress your age?

Alina Demidenko /
  1. Definitely not
  2. Um, let's leave this question for later
  3. I'd like to think so
  4. I sure do
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28. What do you look for in a significant other?

Marjan Apostolovic /
  1. Honesty
  2. Maturity
  3. Affection
  4. Sense of humor
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29. Let's talk manners. How would you rate yours?

Kaspars Grinvalds /
  1. Call me Queen Elizabeth!
  2. I have the basics down
  3. Manners are for old people
  4. I'm pretty good
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30. Finish the sentence: Going shopping by yourself is...

Syda Productions /
  1. Like eating an ice cream on a hot day
  2. Like walking through the park holding your boyfriend's hand
  3. Like watching a horror movie
  4. Like walking through mud
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31. What's the most outrageous color you'd dye your hair?

Africa Studio /
  1. Pink
  2. Teal
  3. Red
  4. Gray
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32. You've got to choose one skin product to use for the rest of your life. What are you going with?

Yuriy Maksymiv /
  1. Night cream
  2. Cocoa butter
  3. Body sugar
  4. Moisturizer
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33. Should drive-in theaters make a comeback?

J.D.S /
  1. How would I show off my hair in the car?
  2. It might be quite nice
  3. No, can you imagine the night bugs?
  4. Omg yes! But only if I can take my crush with me
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34. Which candy best describes your personality?

Justyna Troc /
  1. Baby Ruth – confident and in charge
  2. Skittles – mysterious and intriguing
  3. Kit Kat – social and trendy
  4. Sweet Tarts – determined and goal-oriented
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35. Admit it, what is the most you've ever spent during one shopping session?

Prostock-studio /
  1. $100
  2. $500
  3. $300
  4. $1000+
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36. What would you dress your Gigapet in?

Cabeca de Marmore /
  1. What's a Gigapet?
  2. A cute little sweater
  3. A pair of pajamas
  4. Those things don't wear clothes
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37. Which job best matches your style?

Inside Creative House /
  1. Deodorant tester
  2. Date-for-rent
  3. Wedding planner
  4. Professional sleeper
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38. Which collector's item would you die to get your hands on?

Vladyslav Starozhylov /
  1. Guiseppe's butterfly shoes
  2. Money, especially in my bank account
  3. Rare coins
  4. Pokémon cards
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39. If you were to be nominated for one of these funny awards, which would it be?

Billion Photos /
  1. Most Sparkling Personality
  2. Eternally Late
  3. Best At Keeping Secrets
  4. Best Unwanted Advice
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40. Where do you take the most selfies?

Dean Drobot /
  1. Whenever I think I look cute!
  2. At my house
  3. Any- and everywhere
  4. It's my job, so all over the place
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