Can You Spell These Commonly Misspelled Words?

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M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I... How many times did you beat yourself over the head preparing for spelling tests and spelling bees? Did you ever win one? Here's your chance!

This quiz will test whether you can hang with the best spellers in the biz, by challenging you with some of the most commonly misspelled words in the English-speaking world. Do you have what it takes to spell these words the right way, or will you need to go back to the basics? Warning: this quiz is dangerously addictive.

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1. _______ ! It's your birthday!

Monkey Business Images /
  1. Surprise
  2. Serprize
People often forget about the first R in "SURPRISE". Don't forget that the "PRISE" in "SURPRISE" is spelled with an S and not a "Z".
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2. We want to see a movie this weekend. What would you:

Jacob Lund /
  1. Reccomend?
  2. Recommend?
If you remember that "RECOMMEND" has one C and two M's, you're golden.
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3. Craig's in love with his next-door...

Media Whalestock /
  1. Naybour
  2. Neighbor
You can spell "NEIGHBOR" as long as you remember: the horse "NEIGHed" because he was annoyed with the "BORing" boy.
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4. When you retire, you'd love to live in a small, quaint:

kavalenkau /
  1. Vilag
  2. Village
Spelling "VILLAGE" is quite easy. Just remember that the word has two L's!
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5. Fred was _______ that someone ate all of his chocolate cake!

Monkey Business Images /
  1. Disappointed
  2. Dissapinted
There are two P's in "DISAPPOINT". Don't forget it lest you be DISAPPOINTED that you get it wrong.
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6. Got chicken pox? Go to the doctor:

Elnur /
  1. Imediattly!
  2. Immediately!
"IMMEDIATELY" only has one pair of double letters... the M's.
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7. Which _______ are you taking your date to? /
  1. Restaurant
  2. Restorante
When trying to spell this word, remember that the "RESTing" "AUnt" "RANTed".
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8. Before delivering the pizza, make sure you have the right:

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Address
  2. Adrress
"ADDRESS" has two sets of double letters: the D's and the S's.
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9. The beautiful state of Hawaii is an:

Shane Myers Photography /
  1. Island
  2. Ileand
"ISLAND" may seem like a strange word, but it helps if you think that even an "ISLAND" "IS" "LAND".
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10. They're casting you in a Hollywood movie! _______ your job immediately!

puhhha /
  1. Quit
  2. Kwit
"QUIT" is spelled just like "QUIET", but without the E at the end. If you're lucky, you can quit your job quietly.
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11. Want to be a gymnast? You'll need to have really good:

Master1305 /
  1. Ballans
  2. Balance
If you want to spell "BALANCE", remember: the "BAd" man used a "LANCE".
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12. Going running into the ocean while fully clothed? That's:

Surkov Vladimir /
  1. Riddikulus!
  2. Ridiculous!
"RID" the "Island" of "CUrious" "LOUSes" and you'll be able to spell "RIDICULOUS".
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13. Your friend got into a fight with her boyfriend and calls you for:

  1. Advice
  2. Addvise
People often confuse "ADVICE" and "ADVISE". Just keep in mind that the noun has a C in it.
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14. If you're a _______, you may have to go to war...

  1. Soldier
  2. Soulder
"SOLDIER" has no U in it. The word is spelled "SOLDIER".
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15. We sure hope the _______ goes well!

totojang1977 /
  1. Operation
  2. Oparaytion
Simply spell the word "OPERA" and then finish it off with a "TION", and you've successfully spelled "OPERATION".
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16. Mark your _____ so that you don't forget your anniversary!

Andrey_Popov /
  1. Calendar
  2. Callender
"CALENDAR" only has one L. Don't forget that the last syllable in the word is spelled "DAR" and not "DER".
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17. Most countries are ruled by a:

Orham Cam /
  1. Government
  2. Govament
If you split the word into "GOVERN" and "MENT", it's much easier to spell. Just don't forget about the N!
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18. Better ask Tammy why she hasn't sent you an ________ to her party! /
  1. Invitation
  2. Invertation
To spell this word, break up the syllables and sound them out, you'll get: "IN-VI-TA-TION".
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19. Do you _______ in magic?

Nejron Photo /
  1. Beelive
  2. Believe
Remember, I before E, except after C. The word we're trying to spell here is "BELIEVE".
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20. The detectives are looking for:

Veres Production /
  1. Prufe
  2. Proof
Remember, there are two O's in "PROOF", not one. Needless to say, there are no U's.
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21. Don't forget to check the ______ before going out the door!

New Africa /
  1. Weather
  2. Wethere
When you want to remember the way to spell "WEATHER" -- the "WEATHER" that has to do with rain and clouds -- think about the name "HEATHER".
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22. After the number seven comes:

kasha_malasha /
  1. Eight
  2. Ate
This five-letter word is quite a hassle to spell. It's "EIGHT". Remember the word "NIGHT" and replace the N with an E.
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23. Having a bad hair day? Don't worry, it's:

sirtravelalot /
  1. Tempraree
  2. Temporary
To spell this word, think about the "TEMPO" of the music, followed by "RARY".
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24. There are lots of copies, but Leonardo da Vinci painted the _______ Mona Lisa.

Resul Muslu /
  1. Original
  2. Oregional
"ORIGami" "Is" "NAL's" favorite thing. Voila! "ORIGINAL".
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25. Sometimes, it's hard to _______ between sushi and barbecue.

funkyfrogstock /
  1. Decide
  2. Disyde
The second syllable in "DECIDE" has no S... even though it sounds that way.
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26. What was your _______ friend's name?

lassedesignen /
  1. Emagenary
  2. Imaginary
To spell "IMAGINARY", spell "IMAGINE", take off the ending -E and add "ARY".
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27. Hungry? How about a _______ of the pie?

Alena Haurylik /
  1. Piece
  2. Peese
It's I before E, remember? The word is "PIECE".
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28. You need four of these to make one dollar!

  1. Kwarter
  2. Quarter
There are no C's, K's or W's in this word. Remember that it starts with a "QU", and the rest is easy!
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29. In life, you've got to keep on moving:

mantinov /
  1. Fourworde
  2. Forward
The first syllable of this word is spelled "FOR" and the last, "WARD". Voila!
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30. Please take care of our:

lovelyday12 /
  1. Envyroment
  2. Environment
People tend to forget the N that comes right before the M in the word "ENVIRONMENT".
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31. Witches and wizards can:

PicMy /
  1. Dyssapear
  2. Disappear
"DISAPPEAR" has two P's and only one S. Don't confuse the two.
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32. You think you know her but you're not sure. She just looks so:

shurkin_son /
  1. Familiar
  2. Fermiliar
The last syllable in this word has no E in it. In this sense, the word itself is a bit of a "LIAR". Get it? "FAMILIAR".
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33. It's Halloween! Don't go in the:

Corona Borealis Studio /
  1. Cemetery
  2. Semetary
"CEMETERY" has three E's! It doesn't, however, include the letter S.
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34. Sixty seconds makes one:

Michaelparkart /
  1. Minit
  2. Minute
Careful! "MINUTE" isn't pronounced how it's spelled. Remember that one "MINUTE" is minute in size.
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35. Go to university to become a:

Eugene Partyzan /
  1. Professional
  2. Proofesional
Most people tend to forget the double S's in "PROFESSIONAL". But we know you didn't!
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36. After you've eaten your food, your server normally asks about your:

Iakov Filimonov /
  1. Experience
  2. Eksperience
"Experience" has no "K" or "S" in it. It would certainly be more interesting if it did, though!
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37. It's hard to tell the _______ between Mary and Louise, they're identical twins!

Lyubov Levitskaya /
  1. Deferense
  2. Difference
There's no E in the first syllable of "DIFFERENCE." Don't forget the double F's.
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38. Before becoming a doctor, you need to study:

Oksana Kuzmina /
  1. Medicine
  2. Medecen
It's great to use the saying "club MED" "Is" at the "CINEma" to remember how to spell "MEDICINE".
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39. Go to the circus to see the clowns and acrobats:

Anneka /
  1. Perform
  2. Parfurm
The first syllable of this word reminds us of the noise a cat makes. It's spelled "PER". The rest is easy.
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40. _______ you eat a banana, you need to peel it.

rodimov /
  1. Befour
  2. Before
Careful! The second syllable of this word is spelled "FORE" and not "FOUR", which makes the word "BEFORE".
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41. The cute transfer has a crush on you. All your friends are:

Antonio Guillem /
  1. Jealous
  2. Jellus
"JEALOUS" begins with the letters "JEA". It's the beginning of the word that usually mixes people up.
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42. Superman and Spiderman are examples of super...

Anton_Ivanov /
  1. Heroes
  2. Hiros
When spelling this word, it's "SUPER" important to not forget the "OE".
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43. Children love drawing _______ of other people.

Tomsickova Tatyana /
  1. Pikturs
  2. Pictures
There's no K in "PICTURE". It's spelled with a simple "C".
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44. Oh no! Fred's having a little too much fun in his:

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /
  1. Laboratory
  2. Labratree
There's an O after the "LAB" in "LABORATORY", even though most of us don't pronounce it.
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45. Don't want your neighbors to hate you? It's best to be _______ after 10 pm.

Valery Sidelnykov /
  1. Qwiet
  2. Quiet
After a Q is always U. The rest is easy peasy... the word is spelled "QUIET".
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46. Which _______ language did you learn in high school?

pathdoc /
  1. Foreign
  2. Fourain
The "REIGN" in "FOREIGN" isn't the kind that falls to the ground. Keep that in mind when trying to spell it.
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47. That's a _______ picture if we've ever seen one!

CLP Media /
  1. Pequlear
  2. Peculiar
It may sound like there's a Q in this word somewhere, but it's just the sound of the "CU". The word is spelled "PECULIAR".
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48. When you go to the bank and put some money in your account, you're making a:

fizkes /
  1. Deposit
  2. Dipozit
The E in "DEPOSIT" is in the first syllable, and the I is in the last syllable of the word.
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49. Before the internet, students went to the _______ to do research.

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /
  1. Libury
  2. Library
"LIBRARY" has two R's, they sandwich an A between them.
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50. To stay in shape, you made a New Year's resolution to:

Bojan Milinkov /
  1. Exercise
  2. Ecksercise
The X is in the first syllable of the word and the C is in the last. Unfortunately, there is no Z in "EXERCISE".
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