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Think you could make it big as an amateur cook? Maybe you were meant for the big leagues? Master chefs are expert bakers, stew makers, dessert connoisseurs, meat grillers, and overall marvelous multitaskers. Can you plan and execute a three-course meal while making ordinary recipes into culinary gold?

Get out your paring knife and your spatula, preheat your oven and turn it to its convection setting, pull out the contents of your fridge, and flour your countertop, because we're about to challenge you to a master cooking quiz! Ready to be inspired?

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1. What color should the center of a medium rare steak be?

VasiliyBudarin /
  1. Blue
  2. Black
  3. Bleeding
  4. Warm & red
A medium-rare steak should be between 130° to 135° F. It's tender, chewy, and warm and red on the inside. Well-done, on the other hand, is a degree of doneness characterized by being uniformly brown throughout. A well-done steak should have an internal temperature of 160° Fahrenheit or higher.
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2. Happy birthday! How can you make your cake easier to frost?

Dragon Images /
  1. Frost it right out of the oven
  2. Cool it first
  3. Frost it in your dining room
  4. Frost it while it's still in the oven
A warm cake crumbles more easily and will make your frosting a bit runny. Refrigerating the cake before frosting it will make your cake firmer and easier to work with.
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3. Pick a set of ingredients that would work well in a kebab:

Rimma Bondarenko /
  1. Red onions, lamb, and red pepper
  2. Pineapple, tomatoes, and couscous
Red onions, lambs, and red pepper is a classic kebab combination! But be careful, the average kebab will give you 98% of your recommended daily salt.
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4. The secret to a good stir fry is:

IVASHstudio /
  1. Use an oil with a high smoke point
  2. Use a straight-sided saucepan
To make a good stir fry, make sure you choose the right oil. Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are all great options. What's the difference between a stir fry and a sauté? Sautés are cooked at a lower heat and stirred a bit slower.
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5. If you always serve apple pie "a la mode", you'll need:

Alyona Tec /
  1. Ice cream
  2. A lot of patience
  3. Pears and bananas, too
  4. Gin
A dessert served "a la mode" is served with ice cream! Don't eat an apple pie without it.
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6. Use these ingredients to make:

Ekaterina Kondratova /
  1. Pea soup
  2. Pesto
  3. Almond butter
  4. A mojito
All you need to make a delicious pesto are basil, pine nuts (lightly toasted), parmesan cheese (freshly grated), garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.
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7. Making macarons? You'll need:

Bozhena Melnyk /
  1. Saffron and cinnamon
  2. Bread flour and whisky
  3. Cornmeal and brown sugar
  4. Almond flour and meringue
Macarons, traditionally made out of almond flour and egg whites, are usually filled with a soft ganache or buttercream.
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8. Take things up a notch by breading your chicken. What do you need?

Klem Mitch /
  1. Walnuts, lemon juice, and sugar
  2. Flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs
  3. Milk, maple syrup, and pecans
  4. Peanut butter, croissants, and soy sauce
First, coat your chicken in flour. Then, coat it in eggs. Then, dip it into your bread crumbs. Baking time ranges between 20 and 25 minutes.
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9. Got liquid nitrogen? Great! You can...

Razor527 /
  1. Make skillet cod with lemon & capers
  2. Smoke salmon
  3. Freeze your own ice cream
  4. Make chicken noodle soup
Liquid nitrogen is used as a coolant. Pour it over your ice cream base mixture to speed up the ice-cream–making process.
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10. Pick the key ingredients in a lobster bisque:

Ryzhkov Photography /
  1. Broccoli, spinach, ginger, crab
  2. Ice cream, basil, and turmeric
  3. Onion, carrot, celery, lobster
  4. Tomatoes, sugar, mint, eggplant
A bisque is a rich, creamy soup made using a strained broth of crustaceans, especially lobster. The broth's vegetable base is usually made of onion, carrot, and celery.
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11. To "baste" a meat...

encierro /
  1. Cook it in sugar
  2. Pound it with a hammer
  3. Brush it in its own juices
  4. Cut it into small pieces
Basting a meat means cooking it in its own juices. Doing so both adds flavor and helps keep the meat moist.
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12. What's the base of a good risotto?

GK1982 /
  1. The broth
  2. Salt
  3. Spearmint
  4. Cayenne
Making risotto entails cooking rice in a broth or a stock until it reaches a creamy consistency. What separates risotto from just rice? The broth. A nice chicken soup or bouillon works well.
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13. Which dessert food is easiest to flambé?

RusAKphoto /
  1. Fruits
  2. Rice Krispies
  3. Eclairs
  4. Macarons
To flambé your fruits -- pears or peaches, for example -- add liquor to them and set them on fire! This will simultaneously enrich the taste of your dessert and create a spectacle.
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14. Time to "sous vide" your beef!

bigacis /
  1. Drain all the liquids out of it
  2. Cook it in a vacuum-sealed bag
To "sous vide" your beef, cook it in a vacuum-sealed bag in a warm-water bath. Doing so regulates cooking temperatures precisely and preserves all the juice and seasonings in your cut of beef.
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15. What's the key ingredient in angel food cake?

Brent Hofacker /
  1. Cranberries
  2. Whipped egg whites
  3. Bread yeast
  4. Salt
You don't need baking soda or baking powder to make angel food cake. You need whipped egg whites! The air in the egg whites gives the cake its light, fluffy texture.
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16. Don't cry! How can you protect yourself when cutting an onion?

ipolsone /
  1. Get as close to it as possible
  2. Smell it
  3. Freeze it
  4. It's impossible
Want to keep back the tears? Along with freezing an onion, you can soak it in cold water, microwave it, or wear goggles while cutting it.
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17. Applesauce can be used as a substitute for:

Oksana Mizina /
  1. Eggs
  2. Chicken broth
Substitute one egg for 1/4 cup of applesauce, or 2 eggs for 1/2 cup of applesauce in your baked goods. We wouldn't recommend substituting larger quantities because differences in textures will start to become apparent.
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18. Make a lemon meringue pie! Whip your meringue:

from my point of view /
  1. Until it looks like soft pudding
  2. Into stiff peaks
When your egg whites have been whipped into stiff peaks, they are stiff, glossy, and will hold almost any shape. The quantity of sugar you add to a meringue will determine if it's pillowy or crunchy on the inside.
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19. Think quickly! If your tomato sauce is too sweet, then:

ViDI Studio /
  1. Make tomato-flavored fudge
  2. Throw it out, and start again
  3. Add molasses
  4. Add lemon
If you've added too much sugar to your tomato sauce, adding lemon/lime juice or apple cider vinegar can balance the sweet taste.
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20. Let's talk breakfast: For good poached eggs...

FullFrame Lab /
  1. Use fresh eggs
  2. Go to culinary school
  3. Use eggs on the verge of going bad
  4. Hard boil your eggs first
If you're looking to poach, make sure your eggs are fresh. Why? Eggs that are fresh have egg whites that hold their form better as they cook. If you don't have a fresh egg, you can crack your egg into a bowl and drain the runniest parts away.
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21. What's the name of this French dish?

hlphoto /
  1. Chocolate soufflé
  2. Bouillabaisse
Bouillabaisses, or fish stew, originated in Marseilles and is now a staple of New Orleanian cuisine.
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22. Which of these dishes is classically served with Nutella?

Anton Mukhin /
  1. Belgian waffles
  2. Pizza
  3. Grilled cheese
  4. Falafel wrap
Belgian waffles taste like heaven with a bit of Nutella! Nutella is a brand of sweetened, hazelnut-cocoa spread manufactured by the Italian company, Ferrero. The main ingredients of Nutella are sugar, palm oil, and hazelnut.
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23. Why might you blanch tomatoes?

MaraZe /
  1. For soups and sauces
  2. For hamburgers
To make sauces or soups with a tomato base, blanch your tomatoes first! What is blanching? Boiling them for a short time, and then soaking them in cold water to make them easier to peel.
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24. Time to get fancy! What do you need to make Marzipan?

Victor Mulero /
  1. Ground almonds and sugar
  2. Ground peanuts and salt
Marzipan is basically a mixture of sugar and almond meal (ground almonds), although sometimes almond oil or extract is used.
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25. "Pasta al dente" is...

Serdyuk Photography /
  1. Tender but firm
  2. Soggy
  3. Crunchy
  4. Oregano-flavored
Ask an Italian, and they're bound to tell you that "pasta al dente" is the only way to eat pasta. How do you know you've got it right? It will be tender but firm, and you'll be able to feel a soft "snap" when you chew.
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26. Caramelize onions by adding:

AS Food studio
  1. Honey, cumin, and thyme
  2. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sugar
  3. Coconut oil, heavy cream, and mint
  4. Water, Splenda, and vinegar
Onions -- which are naturally sweet -- don't necessarily need added sugar. The only thing you do need is butter (or olive oil) and a bit of balsamic vinegar. Make them for the top of your steaks, pizzas, or soups.
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27. Have scallops? Make sure...

DronG /
  1. You cook them in sugar
  2. Your pan is hot before you cook them
To sear scallops, you need to preheat your pan. Why? Scallops cook quickly. Preheating your pan ensures they will come out rich, buttery, and crisp.
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28. When should you use an overhead broiler?

istetiana /
  1. To brown your steak
  2. To poach an egg
  3. To bake bread
  4. To boil milk
Use your overhead broiler, or "salamander", to brown steaks, toast bread, and melt cheeses.
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29. For which dishes should you "julienne" your vegetables?

Ryzhkov Photograph /
  1. Sautés, salads, and garnishes
  2. Soups, casseroles, and mashes
Why julienne your vegetables for sautés, salads, and garnishes? Cutting them into thin strips might convince picky eaters (like toddlers) to eat a wide variety of vegetables without worrying about texture or consistency.
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30. Which ingredients do you need to pickle watermelon?

Ira Budanova /
  1. Vinegar, water, and salt
  2. Baking powder, water, and orange juice
To pickle anything, combine vinegar, water, salt, and sugar (optional) in a small pan on high heat. Bring to a boil and dissolve the salt and sugar. Pour your mixture over the fruits or vegetables you want to pickle.
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31. Using the "papillote" method of cooking...

Andrey Smirnov /
  1. Is great for making garnishes
  2. Concentrates a food's flavor
"Papillote" -- or cooking food in a parchment pouch -- is usually used to cook fish. Doing so traps steam and concentrates flavors.
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32. Before putting them in the oven, prepare roast potatoes by:

zi3000 /
  1. Simmering them gently until they're cooked through
  2. Pickling them in vinegar
Simmer your potatoes until they are just barely cooked through. Make sure you've added salt to the water for texture and flavor. Then, drain the potatoes, let them dry, and coat them lightly in flour. Pop them into the oven and wait!
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33. What kind of sauce did the chef make for this salmon?

tasha_lyubina /
  1. Enchilada sauce
  2. A bean-based soy
  3. Beurre blanc
  4. A sweet and sour sauce
What exactly is a "beurre blanc"? It's a butter sauce made with reduced white wine or vinegar.
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34. When buying fresh mussels, what should you keep in mind?

MintImages /
  1. The shells should be closed tightly
  2. Never buy more than 10 mussels at a time
Good mussels should have wet, shiny shells and smell briny and fresh. Don't buy mussels whose shells are already open, chipped, or cracked.
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35. Which of these are the MOST COMMON seasonings for a steak?

Alexander Raths /
  1. Cinnamon, cumin, and nutmeg
  2. Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage
Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage are the most common steak seasonings. You can also try basil, bay, black pepper, cayenne, cumin, curry powder, dry mustard powder, garlic, and onion.
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36. No brown sugar? Use:

Halil ibrahim mescioglu /
  1. Marshmallows and sage
  2. Molasses and white sugar
  3. Rum and allspice
  4. Lemon and stevia
If you've run out of brown sugar, try mixing 2 tablespoons of molasses with 1 cup white sugar.
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37. What's the secret to marinating fish?

Dima Sikorsky / Shutterstock.ocm
  1. Marinate it for only a short time
  2. Always add hot chili pepper
Fish -- because it is so tender -- should only be marinated for a short time, unless you are going for a mushy, ceviche-like texture.
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38. To make a frittata, what do you ABSOLUTELY need?

Lesya Dolyuk /
  1. Heavy cream and onions
  2. Spinach and mushrooms
  3. Eggs and cheese
  4. Bacon and milk
Both frittatas and omelets are made out of eggs and cheese. Whereas frittatas are cooked slowly, over low heat, omelets are cooked quickly, over high heat.
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39. Why add salt to boiling water?

Yakov Oskanov /
  1. It makes it boil faster
  2. It makes it sweeter
  3. So your food doesn't go bad while it's boiling
  4. It's what everyone else does
Adding salt to water raises the boiling point of the water. Why does it boil faster, then? Non-salt bound water molecules get hotter faster and boil quicker.
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40. Pop quiz! What's the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Kerdkanno /
  1. There is no difference
  2. Gelato only comes in cinnamon flavor
  3. Ice cream is made only with honey
  4. Gelato is much silkier and denser
Gelato is silkier and denser than ice cream. This means that it is also usually more flavorful. Ice cream, on the other hand, has a higher air content, making it soft and light.
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41. When should you use a paring knife?

Evgeny Tomeev /
  1. To peel fruits and vegetables
  2. To macerate chicken
  3. Only to cut almonds
  4. For every single one of your cooking needs
When should you use a paring knife? To peel fruits and vegetables, cut garlic or shallots, or cut vents into bread dough.
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42. Choose the best cheese for a good grilled cheese sandwich:

George Dolgikh /
  1. Cheddar cheese
  2. Halloumi
The key to a good grilled cheese sandwich is using cheeses that will melt. While halloumi and paneer might not be suitable, cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and even blue cheese are good options.
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43. Is there a difference between tomato soup and tomato sauce?

JoannaTkaczuk /
  1. Yes, in both thickness and ingredients
  2. No, they are exactly the same
The base of a tomato sauce is tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. Tomato soup, however, is broth-based, and the tomatoes in it are usually pureed.
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44. When should you use the convection setting on your oven?

Francesco Ocello /
  1. For roasting foods
  2. For hamburgers
The “convection” setting on your oven engages the fan and exhaust system, blowing and pulling hot air around your food. This helps your foods cook quickly, evenly, and ensures they come out crisper. Delicate foods like pastries and souffles may not benefit from this setting.
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45. What pizza style do you see here?

  1. Italian flatcrust
  2. Chicago
How do you make a Chicago-style pizza? Use a deep dish cake mold to bake it. Add your cheese before you add your pizza sauce.
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46. Pick the right ingredients to pair with your polenta for dinner:

Timolina /
  1. Peanut butter and soy sauce
  2. Blue cheese and pasta
  3. Mushrooms and poached eggs
  4. Cherries and chocolate
Polenta -- or boiled cornmeal -- pairs nicely with mushrooms, eggs, pork ragu, feta cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes.
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47. Did your pastry come out too tough? You probably:

WAYHOME studio /
  1. Added too many apples to it
  2. Undercooked it
  3. Overworked it
  4. Cooked it in a stone oven
Pastry making is a delicate art. If your pastry is too tough, you might have overworked your dough, or you might have added too much liquid to it, too much flour to it, or too little fat to it.
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48. Use this sweet, "crème anglaise" sauce...

margouillat photo /
  1. As a base of your pasta sauce
  2. As a layer for your cake
Don't waste this delicious sauce on pasta. Crème anglaise is a custard sauce that works well with cakes, as pastry fillings, or as the base of ice cream.
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49. Homemade rolls with soup is a must. Remember:

PointImages /
  1. You can substitute baking soda for yeast, no problem
  2. Half the yeast and double the rising time for a more complex flavor
Bread Baking 101: When working with a commercial recipe, you can half the amount of yeast that you would normally use, and double the time you would let it rise. Not only will this enrich the flavor of the bread, but it will also make it lighter.
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50. Rice too wet? Fix it by: /
  1. Removing the lid so steam can escape
  2. Rinsing it with boiling water
There are several fixes for rice that is coming out too wet. Among them: take the cover off the pan so that the steam escapes, drain your rice in a colander, and rinse your rice with cold water.
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