Can You Pass An SAT Vocabulary Test?

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Every year, thousands of students prepare to take the SATs, a standardized test meant to measure student’s readiness for college. The exam, itself, is comprised of three sections. What's the hardest one? Lots of test-takers will tell you its English!

How advanced is your vocabulary? Do you know the meanings of these typical SAT words? Are you a natural language genius or do you struggle to keep up with the high scorers? There’s only one way to find out. Take a deep breath, and start this quiz!

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1. What is a “HYPOTHESIS”?

  1. A game
  2. An examination
  3. A party
  4. An assumption
A hypothesis is an explanation for something, proposed on the basis of limited evidence. It is often an explanation that needs to be tested and proved.
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2. What does “GENEROUS” mean?

  1. Stingy
  2. Forward-thinking
  3. Willing to give or share
  4. Shy
To be generous is to show the readiness to give more of something, whether it be money or time.
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3. What is the definition of “FLOURISH”?

  1. To cry
  2. To disappear
  3. To grow
  4. To wither away
Something that flourishes grows or develops in a healthy or vigorous way. People, animals, and plants can all flourish.
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4. “ACCUSATION” means...

  1. An allegation
  2. A free-fall
  3. An arrangement
  4. A pleasantry
An accusation is a charge or claim that a person has done something illegal or wrong.
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5. To “LUBRICATE” something is to:

  1. Bring it closer
  2. Find it
  3. Make slippery
  4. Throw it away
To lubricate something is to apply a substance (oil or grease) to decrease the friction, and to thereby smooth its movements.
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6. What is a “BOUNDARY”?

  1. A guilt trip
  2. A mobile home
  3. A type of shape
  4. A limit
A boundary is a line (real or imagined) that marks the limits of an area.
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7. If you’ve “PERSUADED” someone, you’ve:

  1. Protected them
  2. Alerted them
  3. Convinced them
  4. Cared for them
To persuade a person is to cause them to do something either through reasoning or argument.
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8. To “WARRANT” means:

  1. To show sadness
  2. To mystify or confuse
  3. To feel unwell
  4. To justify or necessitate
Warrant, the verb, is the justification or authorization of a certain course of action.
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9. “RESTRAIN” means...

  1. To grow
  2. To explain
  3. To prevent
  4. To let loose
Restrain is defined as preventing someone or something from doing something. Synonyms of this word include "deprive" and "hinder".
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10. A “CANVAS” is a/an:

  1. Unbleached cloth
  2. Type of candy
  3. Toy
  4. Tablet
A canvas is a strong, unbleached cloth made from either hemp, cotton, flax, or yarn. It is commonly used for oil paintings.
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11. What is the definition of “VIOLATE”?

  1. To gather
  2. To resist
  3. To believe
  4. To fail to comply with
To violate is to break or fail to comply with a rule or formal agreement.
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12. What does "OBSERVE" mean?

  1. To stress out
  2. To scare
  3. To fight against
  4. To notice
To observe someone or something is to perceive them. A synonym is "to notice".
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13. To “DECEIVE” means:

  1. To keep the truth hidden
  2. To excite something or someone
  3. To be reliable
  4. To dislike someone
To deceive someone is to cause someone to believe something that is not true, usually to gain some kind of advantage.
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14. To “INVESTIGATE” something is to…

  1. Be cautious
  2. Be rebellious
  3. Examine or look into
  4. Celebrate
If something is being investigated, a systematic or formal inquiry to discover the truth is being carried out.
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15. The word “STIMULATE” can be defined as…

  1. Eating pie
  2. Arguing with someone
  3. Marrying someone
  4. Encouraging an interest or activity
Stimulate is defined as encouraging an interest or activity in a person or thing.
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16. What is the definition of “CHARACTERIZE”?

  1. To give support
  2. To horse around
  3. To put on a light
  4. To describe something
To characterize something is to describe its nature or features.
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17. “EMOTION” is defined as…

  1. A type of mattress
  2. A garment of clothing
  3. A feeling
  4. A song
An emotion is an instinctive or intuitive feeling that often changes according to a person’s circumstances.
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18. What does “VINDICATE” mean?

  1. To clear someone of blame or suspicion
  2. To declare war
  3. To drink copious amounts of wine
  4. To work out
To vindicate something or someone is to clear them of suspicion or blame.
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19. The word “SUPPRESS” can be defined as…

  1. Going around in circles
  2. Preventing the development, action, feeling, or idea
  3. Returning to a lost place
  4. Distributing goods or services
To suppress something is to prevent the development, action, or expression of a feeling or an idea.
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20. To "FACILITATE" is to:

  1. To snoop around
  2. To make (an action or process) easy or easier
  3. To discover something brand new
  4. To donate
To facilitate something is to allow an action or process to be made easier or smoother.
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21. What is the definition of “REVISE”?

  1. To quit a job
  2. To paint a building
  3. To comfort somebody
  4. To re-examine and make alterations to
If something is being revised, it is being re-examined to make alterations. For example, wills and other legal documents are commonly revised.
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22. What is an “APOLOGY”?

  1. A strange place
  2. A regretful acknowledgement
  3. A funny situation
  4. A fictional character
An apology is a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. It can be either written or spoken.
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23. What does it mean to “DISREGARD” something?

  1. To care about it
  2. To scream at it
  3. To ignore it
  4. To sleep near it
To disregard something is to pay no attention to it or to ignore it. Synonyms of this word include "to ignore" and "to dismiss".
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24. What does “UNIVERSAL” mean?

  1. Flying away
  2. Existing everywhere or involving everyone
  3. Going to sleep
  4. Wording something differently
Universal is defined as something which affects or is done by all people or things in the world.
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25. What does it mean to “IMITATE” someone?

  1. To copy
  2. To carefully look
  3. To break into pieces
  4. To mix together
To imitate something or someone is to copy or emulate them.
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26. The word “COMPASSION” can be defined as…

  1. An assumption
  2. Consideration
  3. Sympathy
  4. Anger
To show compassion is to show sympathy for the suffering or misfortunes of others.
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27. What does “SATISFACTORY” mean?

  1. Acceptable or sufficient
  2. Charming
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Aggressive
If something is satisfactory, it fulfils expectations, needs, or requirements.
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28. A “SELFLESS” person:

  1. Keeps things to herself
  2. Stays in one place
  3. Thinks less of herself than of others
  4. Travels regularly
A selfless person is concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with their own.
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29. What does “ENDURE” mean?

  1. To be curious
  2. To be sluggish
  3. To undergo
  4. To be agitated
To endure is to undergo or to suffer through something.
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30. The word “PERPLEX” can be defined as…

  1. To look beautiful
  2. To fall asleep
  3. To confuse or complicate
  4. To stay alert
Perplex is defined as causing someone to feel baffled or confused by something.
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31. How is “BLUEPRINT” defined?

  1. A plan or design
  2. An official seal
  3. A strict person
  4. A peaceful environment
A blueprint is a design plan or type of technical drawing typically used by architects and engineers.
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32. “MANUAL” means:

  1. Ever changing
  2. Scary
  3. Boring
  4. Relating to or done with the hands
The word manual relates to anything done with the hands. Labor and machines can both be described as manual.
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33. What does “POTENT” mean?

  1. Backwards
  2. Cold
  3. Powerful
  4. Genuine
If something is potent, it has great power, influence, or strength. Certain types of venom can be very potent.
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34. What does it mean to be “UNJUST”?

  1. To tie a shoe
  2. To infect
  3. To be unfair
  4. To be outrageously obnoxious
Something that is unjust is something that is unfair or not morally right.
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35. If something is “ORNATE”, it is:

  1. Burnt
  2. Elaborate
  3. Friendly
  4. Neon yellow
An ornate object is made in an intricate shape or is intricately decorated. The word is often used to describe furniture, art, and even writing.
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36. An “ALTERATION” is:

  1. A change or an adjustment
  2. The process of baking a cake
  3. A direct conversation
  4. A carefully thought-out decision
An alteration is the action or process of changing or altering something.
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37. What is the definition of “CONVERSATION”?

  1. A discussion between two or more people
  2. A body of water
  3. An empty house
  4. An unlikely friendship
A conversation is a discussion between two or more people during which an exchange of ideas or news occurs.
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38. When you “RENOUNCE” something, you:

  1. Whisper about it
  2. Swim in it
  3. Reject it
  4. Want it
To renounce something is to formally declare your right or claim to it. In essence, you are rejecting or refusing it.
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39. What does “VITAL” mean?

  1. A collection of letters
  2. Ugly and old
  3. Absolutely essential
  4. Secret
If something is vital, it is absolutely necessary or important. For example, water is vital to our survival.
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  1. A person who has the ability to perceive future events
  2. A person with x-ray vision
  3. A person who works as an eye specialist
  4. A person who loves to sightsee
A clairvoyant is a person who claims to have a supernatural ability, usually to perceive events in the future.
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41. If a person is “BIASED”, they:

  1. Are wishy-washy
  2. Have huge egos
  3. Show favoritism
  4. Have big imaginations
A person who is biased is unfairly prejudiced for or against another person or thing. They often show favoritism.
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42. “NARRATE” can be defined as…

  1. Giving an account
  2. Collecting stamps
  3. Going to the end
  4. Silencing
To narrate is defined as to give a spoken or written account of something.
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43. How is “INSPECT” defined?

  1. To torment
  2. To go shopping
  3. To examine closely
  4. To be nearby
To inspect something is to look at it or examine it closely. It is usually done to assess a thing's or a person’s condition.
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44. What is the definition of “NEGLECT”?

  1. To be sorry
  2. To speed up
  3. To fail to care for properly
  4. To debate over and over
Neglect is the failure to care for something properly. It can also be replaced by the words "forsake" and "abandon".
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45. “NULL” can be defined as…

  1. Zero
  2. Confidence
  3. Criminal
  4. Discovery
The word null is associated with the number zero. I can also mean having no legal or binding force.
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46. What does “QUIRK” mean?

  1. A sad movie
  2. A funny dance
  3. A crazy fight
  4. A peculiar behavioral habit
A quirk is a peculiar behavioral habit or trait. People who are quirky can also be called "eccentric".
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47. To “PROHIBIT” is:

  1. To forbid something
  2. To open
  3. To go ahead
  4. To fall asleep
To prohibit something is to formally forbid it by law, rule, or some other type of authority.
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48. How is “DEPLETE” defined?

  1. To remember fondly
  2. To model down a runway
  3. To expend or use up
  4. To study in a foreign country
To deplete something is to use it up or expend its resources.
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49. The word “LAMENT” can be defined as…

  1. To mourn
  2. To be incredibly lame
  3. To laugh at
  4. To hug a teddy bear
Lament is defined as a passionate expression of grief or sorrow. It is similar to the word "to mourn".
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50. What does “CONVEY” mean?

  1. To be subtle
  2. To argue
  3. To transport or carry to a place
  4. To open
To convey something is to transport or carry to a place. It can also mean to communicate (information).
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