Only 1 in 15 People Can Name All Of These Balls! Can You?

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Throughout history, balls have been used in numerous ways that have helped propel humanity to where it is today. Despite their many uses, they're popularly known for being used in our best sports! How well and how much do you know about balls? There is only one way to find out, and it's by taking this quiz. Go long!

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1. Which of these balls is used when a pitcher throws it at the player on the batting team?

Dan Thornberg /
  1. Hockey puck
  2. Baseball
A baseball is a type of ball which is used in a sport with the same name. The cork or rubber center is covered in a white hide then tightly stitched in red string.
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2. What is this ball called?

Kapustin Igor /
  1. Basketball
  2. Tennis ball
A tennis ball is designed to play the sport tennis. Most balls at major sporting events are fluorescent yellow - but they can come in any color.
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3. This ball is used in a game developed in the 20th Century. What is it called?

Hurst Photo /
  1. Kickball
  2. Soccer ball
A kickball is a type of ball which is used in the game of kickball, which is sometimes referred to as soccer baseball.
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4. Which of these balls is used in a game where no players except the goalkeeper can touch the ball?

Krivosheev Vitaly /
  1. Football / Soccer ball
  2. American football
A football, or soccer ball, is the ball used in association football. Earlier footballs were made using animals' stomachs or bladders but were changed during the 19th Century.
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5. What is the name of this oval-shaped ball?

Mtsaride /
  1. Football
  2. Tennis ball
A football, which is sometimes called an American football is a type of ball used to play a sport with the same name. These balls are made of cowhide leather.
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6. This ball is used is to play a sport which is a variation of baseball. What is the ball called?

Mark Herreid /
  1. Wiffle ball
  2. Bowling ball
A wiffle ball is made of lightweight plastic and used in the sport, yep you guessed it, wiffle ball. In the game, the ball is hit by a long, plastic bat.
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7. Which of these balls is attached to a stationary metal pole?

Art Spigot /
  1. Golf ball
  2. Tetherball
A tetherball is a volleyball attached to a stationary metal pole by a rope or tether. The objective of the game is to wind the ball all the way around the pole.
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8. This sport is played by two opposing teams trying to ground this type of ball.

Supparsorn /
  1. Volleyball
  2. Beach ball
A volleyball ball is used to play a game with the same name. Volleyball is played by two teams, which are separated by a net.
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9. Which of the following balls is similar to a baseball, but slightly larger.

Will Koz /
  1. Water polo ball
  2. Softball
A softball is a type of ball used to play a game with the same name. Despite its name, the ball is not soft; its core is made from a mixture of cork and rubber and is covered in white or yellow leather.
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10. What is the name of this heavy metal ball?

Bjoern Wylezich /
  1. Bocce ball
  2. Sand Rounder
A bocce ball is a metal ball used to play bocce or boccie. It is typically made of metal, but can also be wooden, plastic, or made from baked clay.
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11. This ball is used used by children who are too small to play baseball. What is it called?

Jonathan Novak /
  1. Tee-ball
  2. Bossaball
A tee-ball ball is used in the sport with the same name. The game is a team sport that has been described as a simplified version of baseball.
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12. Which of these balls is used by professionals like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson?

StefanoT /
  1. Wiffleball
  2. Golf ball
A golf ball is a specialized ball used to play golf. Throughout the 14th to 17th Century, these balls were made from hardwood. By the 20th Century, the dimpling effect was introduced.
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13. What is the name of this ball?

Alexapicso /
  1. Bowling ball
  2. Hurling ball
A bowling ball is a relatively large ball used to knock down bowling pins in a sport called bowling. Each ball has three holes, one, especially for the thumb.
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14. This ball is used to play a game which is similar to baseball. What is it called?

Roibu /
  1. Rounders ball
  2. American football
Rounders balls, which are very similar to baseballs, are used in the sport of rounders. It is a bat-and-ball game which is played by two teams.
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15. The objective of this game is to throw this type of ball and hit opponents. What is it called?

Unjiko /
  1. Cricket ball
  2. Dodgeball
Dodgeballs, which are used to play dodgeball, vary around the world. Although the most standard ball is made of rubber, it can be made from foam or cloth.
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16. Which of the following balls is used to 'shoot hoops'?

Cherdchai charasri /
  1. Basketball
  2. Paddleball
A basketball is a spherical ball used to play a game with the same name. The rubber ball is typically covered in ribs of contrasting colors from the ball; orange ball, black ribs.
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17. What is the name of this ball, used by both kids and adults for bouncing?

Vereshchagin Dmitry /
  1. Hopper ball
  2. Golden snitch
A hopper ball, also called a moon hopper, is a rubber ball with handles, which is used by both kids and adults to hop around on. The handles allow users to sit on it without falling off.
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18. Which of these balls is used to play a popular arcade game?

Br1anBr0wn /
  1. Skee ball
  2. Horseball
Skee balls are used to play an arcade name with the same name. The game is played by rolling a ball up an inclined lane over ball-hops into bullseye rings.
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19. A mallet is used to hit this ball through hoops. What is it called?

Mega Pixel /
  1. Magic 8 ball
  2. Croquet ball
A croquet ball is one of the pieces of equipment required to play croquet. The sport involves hitting the plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through a hoop, known as a wicket.
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20. Which of these balls is used in a super fast Irish sport?

Stephen Barnes /
  1. Water ball
  2. Hurling ball
A hurling ball, also known as a sliotar, is a solid spherical ball used in hurling. It resembles a baseball, but the hurling ball has more pronounced stitching.
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21. What kind of ball is this?

Inked Pixels /
  1. Rugby ball
  2. Push ball
A rugby ball is an elongated ellipsoid ball which is used to play rugby. It has similar dimensions to the American and Australian football.
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22. Which of these balls is used by two teams comprised of six outcourt players and a goalkeeper?

Ververidis Vasilis /
  1. Handball
  2. Slip Ball
A handball ball is used to play the team sport known as handball. Players must pass the ball, using their hands to throw it into the opposing team's goal.
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23. What is these balls is used a game with four people?

Mega Pixel /
  1. Four square ball
  2. Medicine ball
Four square balls are round rubber balls often found on playgrounds, typically 8.5 inches in diameter. The game is so-named because four players stand in a divided square.
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24. This ball is used to help with various stretching exercises?

Katerynniuk /
  1. Squash ball
  2. Yoga ball
A yoga ball, also known as an exercise ball, is a soft elastic ball ranging from 35 to 85 centimeters in diameter. The balls are usually filled with air and can be used in several ways.
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25. What is this plastic and hollow ball?

Papillondream /
  1. Ball Pit Ball
  2. Foosball
Ball pit balls are hollow plastic balls used inside of ball pits/pools. The colorful balls are usually 3 inches in diameter and can be easily compressed.
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26. This ball comes in two colors, white for men and yellow for women?

CLS Digital Art /
  1. Lacrosse ball
  2. Cue ball
A lacrosse ball is a solid ball, usually made of rubber. Accompanied by lacrosse sticks, they are equipment used to play lacrosse. The white balls are usually used in men's lacrosse, while the yellow, in women's.
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27. Which of these balls is used to play an aquatic sport?

Zoran Gajic /
  1. Hackey sack
  2. Water polo ball
A water polo ball is used in several sports, including water polo and canoe polo. The ball is characterized by being bright yellow and just large enough to grip with one hand.
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28. Which of these balls is used in trick shots?

Bozidar Acimov /
  1. Billiard balls
  2. Pinball
A billiard ball is a small spherical ball used in different cue sports, including pool, billiards, and snooker. Each ball has a specific color and pattern.
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29. What is the name of the ball which is played in a one-person game?

Photo Melon /
  1. Bosu ball
  2. Paddleball
A paddleball is a type of ball used in the game and toy with the same name. The paddleball is similar in size to a softball and is either green or yellow.
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30. What is the name of this versitile toy ball?

Sandeep Gore /
  1. Marble
  2. Baseball
A marble is a small spherical toy, usually made from glass, plastic, or clay. Marbles come in a variety of sizes, the most popular of which is 13mm.
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31. This ball is commonly used to play in the ocean/sea?

Olga Popova /
  1. Pinball
  2. Beach ball
A beach ball is an inflatable ball which is often used in various beach and water games. The largest inflatable beach ball was 65 feet, 6 inches in diameter.
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32. Which of these balls consists of a cork core wound with string and leather?

Jason Salmon /
  1. Cricket ball
  2. Tennis ball
A cricket ball is a hard, solid ball that is an integral component in the game of cricket. They usually consist of a cork core, which is wound with strings and covered in leather.
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33. This ball is used in a sport played on horseback. What is it called?

M. akira /
  1. Kick ball
  2. Polo ball
Polo balls are small hard balls struck by mallets in the game, polo. The sport is one of the world's oldest and is played by men/women mounted on horses.
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34. What kind of ball is used to play badminton?

Colorshadow /
  1. Shuttlecock
  2. Wiffle ball
A shuttlecock, also called a birdie, is a ball-like projectile used in badminton. The shuttlecock has a rounded cork base with an open conical shape formed by a series of feathers.
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35. Which of these balls is played in a sport similar to tennis?

Patryk Kosmider /
  1. Racquetball
  2. Tether ball
The racquetball ball is a small hollow rubber which is used to play racquetball. Unlike many other sports, the wall, floor, and ceiling are used as playing spaces.
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36. Which of these balls is used in a popular arcade game?

Lost_in_the_Midwest /
  1. Pinball
  2. Volley ball
A pinball is a small metallic ball used to play a popular arcade game with the same name. Points are scored when the player manipulates one or more of these balls to 'hit' specific areas in the machine.
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37. What is the official name for this half-ball?

Aleksandr Kurganov /
  1. Softball
  2. Bosu ball
A bosu ball is a training device that was invented in 1999. The device consists of an inflated rubber segment attached to a hard plastic platform.
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38. This ball is used in a sport similar to curling. What is it called?

DJTaylor /
  1. Bowls/lawn balls
  2. Tee ball
A bowl or lawn ball is a small ball used in a game with the same name. The objective of the sport is to roll the balls so that they stop close to another ball, known as "jack" or "kitty."
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39. Which of the following balls is seen in the image?

Nel4 /
  1. Hackey Sack
  2. Golf ball
A hackey sack, sometimes called footbags, are small round bag/ball-like objects filled with dry grain or sand. The sack is kicked into the air using several body parts, excluding the arms.
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40. What is the name of the ball used to break during a billiards game?

Krerkrat /
  1. Cue ball
  2. Rounders ball
A cue ball is a white ball that is struck by the cue stick to collide with other balls. Like the other billiards balls, it is used in several cue sports.
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41. Which of these balls is used in the game of table football?

Ezume Images /
  1. Foosball
  2. Golf ball
A foosball is a small plastic ball used to play a game with the same name, which is also called table football. The game is played by controlling knobs to move the ball into the opponent's goal.
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42. What is the name of this ball?

FrameAngel /
  1. Medicine ball
  2. Dodge ball
A medicine ball, also called an exercise ball, is a weighted ball that is commonly used in strength training. The ball comes in different sizes, colors, and weights.
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43. Which of the following rubber balls is played in a game where it is hit against a wall?

Mexrix /
  1. Squash ball
  2. Basket ball
A squash ball is a small, hollow rubber ball that is used to play squash, a racket sport. Players alternate in hitting the ball with a racquet onto the court's playable surface.
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44. What is the name of the ball shown in the image?

Shahjehan /
  1. Hopper ball
  2. Field hockey ball
A field hockey ball is a hard, plastic ball used to play field hockey. Each team consists of ten field players and a goalkeeper.
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45. Which of these balls helps to relieve anxiety?

Chutima Chaochaiya /
  1. Stress ball
  2. Croquet ball
A stress ball is a toy that can be squeezed and manipulated by the hand and fingers to relieve stress and or muscle tension.
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46. This ball is 6 feet in diameter. What is it called?

Everett Historical /
  1. Skee ball
  2. Pushball
A pushball is a ball used to play a game with the same name. It is played by two teams using a pushball that is 6 feet in diameter and approximately 50 pounds in weight.
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47. What kind of ball is similar to a life-sized hamster ball?

Lumena /
  1. Water ball
  2. Hurling ball
A water ball also called a water walking ball, is a large inflatable ball that allows a person to go inside it in order to walk across the surface of different bodies of water.
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48. This ball can predict the future when you shake it. What is it called?

Tetiana Peliustka /
  1. Magic 8-Ball
  2. Rugby ball
The Magic 8-Ball is a toy that is used as a fortune-telling device. Users must ask a yes or no question, then either shake it or turn it over for a response.
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49. What kind of ball ends the fictional game of Quidditch?

Anna Providence /
  1. Golden Snitch
  2. Handball
The golden snitch is a walnut-sized ball with wings used in the game of quidditch from the Harry Potter franchise. In the game, the seeker (one of the players) must catch the snitch to end the game.
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50. What is the name of the ball covered in purse straps?

Sunsinger /
  1. Four square ball
  2. Horseball
A horseball is a type of ball which is used in a sport with the same name. Originating in Argentina in the 1700s, it was outlawed in 1790 due to the high mortality rate among its players but was named as Argentina's national sport in 1953.
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