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The SAT is a standardized test taken by millions of American high-schoolers every year as part of their college application process. The name of the test formerly stood for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and later the Scholastic Assessment Test, but now doesn't stand for anything -- it's just the SAT (kind of like how "KFC" no longer stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken!).

The SAT has been revised and re-formatted over the years, but in its current iteration is scored in a scale of 200 to 800 for each of two sections (writing/language and math) for a total possible perfect score of 1600. The score is based on the total number of correct answers, so there is no penalty for guessing. The writing/language portion of the SAT tests the student's ability to improve language with sentence structure or word choice. Therefore it is essential that SAT takers learn a wide range of vocabulary words that may show up on the test, and to know the best usages of those words in context. Test your knowledge of these SAT vocabulary words!

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1. What does "DEMISE" mean?

  1. Comfy pillow
  2. Belief
  3. Fancy shirt
  4. End or death
"Demise" means end or death, as in: The bad guys in movies always meet their demise.
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2. What does "CONDUIT" mean?

  1. Type of fruit
  2. Rocket ship
  3. Path or tunnel
  4. Public speech
"Conduit" means path or tunnel, as in: The house was built with many conduits for electrical wiring.
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3. What does "ANTHOLOGY" mean?

  1. Collection of written works
  2. Flock of birds
  3. Group of people
  4. Pile of dirty clothes
"Anthology" means a collection of written works, as in: My English teacher gave me an anthology of Shakespeare's best plays.
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4. What does "AMENABLE" mean?

  1. Scared of
  2. Resistant to
  3. Excited to
  4. Open to
"Amenable" means open to, as in: She was amenable to learning new vocabulary words by taking this quiz.
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5. What does "MISANTHROPE" mean?

  1. Someone who wears scarves
  2. Someone who is reliable
  3. Someone who dislikes people
  4. Someone who loves dogs
"Misanthrope" means someone who dislikes people, as in: The misanthrope preferred to stay home Friday nights, avoiding all forms of social activity.
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6. What does "ROGUE" mean?

  1. Cautious
  2. Red in color
  3. Rebellious
  4. Underground
"Rogue" means rebellious, as in: Jyn Erso goes rogue when she joins the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the Imperial Empire.
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7. What does "ADVOCATE" mean?

  1. Fight against
  2. Eat an avocado
  3. Argue for
  4. Marry in holy matrimony
"Advocate" means to argue for, as in: The defense lawyer advocated for a light sentence for the defendant's first-time offense.
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8. What does "FRACAS" mean?

  1. Stressful feeling
  2. Party or celebration
  3. Fight or noisy brawl
  4. Sad occasion
"Fracas" means a fight, as in: The drunk guys at the bar caused quite a fracas on Friday night.
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9. What does "NEXUS" mean?

  1. Horse
  2. Lamp
  3. Connection
  4. Loss
"Nexus" means connection, as in: For his thesis, he studied the nexus between economics and politics.
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10. What does "CADET" mean?

  1. Army general
  2. Military student
  3. Air force pilot
  4. Navy S.E.A.L.
"Cadet" refers to a student at a military or other service force, as in: Wesley Crusher was a cadet at Starfleet Academy before joining the crew of the Starship Enterprise.
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11. What does "BUTTRESS" mean?

  1. Spread butter
  2. Lie on a mattress
  3. Provide support
  4. Fix torn clothing
"Buttress" means to provide support, as in: The construction workers added support beams to buttress the crumbling wall.
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12. What does "BALLAD" mean?

  1. Instrumental piece
  2. Drumbeat
  3. Rock-n-roll anthem
  4. Sentimental song
"Ballad" means a sentimental song, as in: "My Heart Will Go On" is the iconic ballad by Celine Dion from the movie "Titanic".
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13. What does "VESTIGE" mean?

  1. Memory of childhood
  2. Remnant of something gone
  3. Resolution of opposing ideas
  4. The first of something
"Vestige" means the remnants of something gone, as in: Your butt bone is a vestige of what was once the tail of an earlier human.
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14. What does "ABSOLVE" mean?

  1. Impose punishment
  2. Free from guilt
  3. Return home
  4. Go in circles
"Absolve" means to free from guilt, as in: His alibi absolved him of the crime of which he was wrongfully accused.
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15. What does "ALLOCATE" mean?

  1. Hide for fear for discovery
  2. Collect for consolidation
  3. Look for all over the place
  4. Distribute according to plan
"Allocate" means to distribute according to plan, as in: The rescue supplies were allocated to those who were in the most need.
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16. What does "DILETTANTE" mean?

  1. Amateur
  2. Drunk
  3. Type of Cat
  4. Cheesy
"Dilettante" means amateur, as in: Having never actually learned any instruments, she was merely a dilettante when it came to dabbling on the piano.
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17. What does "LETHARGIC" mean?

  1. Curious
  2. Mysterious
  3. Lazy or sluggish
  4. Light and airy
"Lethargic" means lazy or sluggish, as in: He was feeling lethargic after not having eaten all day.
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18. What does "HYBRID" mean?

  1. Single source
  2. Rainbow colored
  3. Square shaped
  4. Mixed origin
"Hybrid" means mixed origin, as in: Hybrid cars combine the best of both traditional gas cars and new electric cars.
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19. What does "VERBOSE" mean?

  1. Mean
  2. Wordy
  3. Short
  4. Funny
"Verbose" means wordy, as in: The professor's lecture was so verbose I just stopped listening.
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20. What does "ALIAS" mean?

  1. Foreign object
  2. Rope for lassoing
  3. Assumed name
  4. Middle initial
"Alias" is an assumed name, as in: James Bond's alias was "007".
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21. What does "CONCISE" mean?

  1. Wordy and long-winded
  2. Brief and to-the-point
  3. Broken
  4. Careful and guarded
"Concise" means brief and to-the-point, as in: Concise is the opposite of verbose.
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22. What does "HUBRIS" mean?

  1. Happiness
  2. Charm
  3. Arrogance
  4. Aggression
"Hubris" means arrogance, as in: Icarus had so much hubris that he flew too close the sun and his wings of wax melted right off.
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23. What does "PRUDENCE" mean?

  1. Blatant disregard
  2. Careful attention
  3. Great enthusiasm
  4. Stingy greed
"Prudence" means careful attention, as in: She exercised great prudence in managing her financial investments.
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24. What does "ABYSS" mean?

  1. Fertile land
  2. Flooding river
  3. Ocean of fish
  4. Empty chasm
"Abyss" means empty chasm, as in: She stared off into outer space, contemplating the depths of this cosmic abyss.
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25. What does "RELAPSE" mean?

  1. Replaceable
  2. To tie your shoes
  3. Infected
  4. Regress from Improvement
"Relapse" means to regress from a state of improvement, as in: two of our patients relapsed last night.
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26. What does "GENIAL" mean?

  1. Strict
  2. Friendly
  3. Beautiful
  4. Magical
"Genial" means friendly, as in: Mary Poppins is a tough, but genial nanny.
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27. What does "TRANQUIL" mean?

  1. Peaceful
  2. Asleep
  3. Agitated
  4. Alert
"Tranquil" means peaceful, as in: She felt tranquil inside her cozy room on a rainy day, ready to read her favorite book.
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28. What does "CULMINATION" mean?

  1. High point
  2. Mess
  3. Middle part
  4. Cloudy
"Culmination" means high point, as in: Graduation day was the culmination of 4 years of studying and hard work.
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29. What does "COVERT" mean?

  1. Required
  2. Secret
  3. Colorful
  4. Open
"Covert" means secret, as in: CIA agents engage in covert missions.
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30. What does "DIVERSE" mean?

  1. Different or varied
  2. Abundant
  3. Same or consistent
  4. Scarce
"Diverse" means different or varied, as in: The diverse group consisted of people from all over the world.
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31. What does "POIGNANT" mean?

  1. Boring
  2. Colder than normal
  3. Emotionally touching
  4. Skillful
"Poignant" means emotionally touching, as in: The vows are a very poignant part of a wedding ceremony.
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32. What does "WHISPER" mean?

  1. To be annoyed
  2. Speak Softly
  3. Speak Loudly
  4. To be forgetful
"Whisper " means to talk softly, as in: Alison was whispering in my ear.
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33. What does "CIRCUMVENT" mean?

  1. Go away
  2. Go in circles
  3. Go directly through
  4. Go around or avoid
"Circumvent" means go around to avoid, as in: We circumvented the traffic jam by taking another route.
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34. What does "LIVID" mean?

  1. Careful
  2. Uncertain
  3. Purple in color
  4. Extremely angry
"Livid" means extremely angry, as in: She was livid about being betrayed.
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35. What does "KISMET" mean?

  1. Anger
  2. Madness
  3. Fate
  4. Intent
"Kismet" means fate, as in: Being at the right place and the right time was total kismet.
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36. What does "BENIGN" mean?

  1. Dangerous
  2. Plentiful
  3. Sweet
  4. Harmless
"Benign" means harmless, as in: The dog may have a loud bark, but she is actually very benign.
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37. What does "AUGUST" mean?

  1. Up or down
  2. Sweet and salty
  3. Lost
  4. Respected or dignified
"August" means respected or dignified, as in: Attendees of the royal wedding were in august company.
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38. What does "ESOTERIC" mean?

  1. Obscure or hard to understand
  2. Very common
  3. Very tasty
  4. Extremely large
"Esoteric" means obscure or hard to understand, as in: Her PhD dissertation was written on a very esoteric topic.
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39. What does "CACOPHONY" mean?

  1. Basket of fruit
  2. Mix of harsh sounds
  3. Rainbow of colors
  4. System of machines
"Cacophony" is a mix of harsh sounds, as in: The street noise was a cacophony of car engines, police sirens, and drunken yelling.
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40. What does "HIRSUTE" mean?

  1. Wet
  2. Hairy
  3. Brown
  4. Rude
"Hirsute" means hairy, as in: The gorilla is a very hirsute animal.
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41. What does "ORNATE" mean?

  1. Easily annoyed
  2. Heavily ornamented
  3. Round in shape
  4. Soft to the touch
"Ornate" means heavily ornamented, as in: Versailles is an ornate palace.
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42. What does "MYRIAD" mean?

  1. Many
  2. Colorful
  3. Reflective
  4. Sad
"Myriad" means many, as in: She was a social person, with myriad friends.
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43. What does "ZEAL" mean?

  1. Jagged edge
  2. Lemon flavor
  3. Intense enthusiasm
  4. Small pieces
"Zeal" means intense enthusiasm, as in: The fans' zeal for the team compelled them to attend every home game.
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44. What does "LAUDABLE" mean?

  1. Shiny and impressive
  2. Worthy of praise
  3. Laughable
  4. Around the bend
"Laudable" means worthy of praise, as in: Your efforts in completing this vocabulary quiz are laudable!
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45. What does "CATHARTIC" mean?

  1. Remembering fondly
  2. Producing sweat
  3. Providing mental release
  4. Inducing intense stress
"Cathartic" means providing mental release, as in: Confessing all his feelings was cathartic.
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46. What does "ENIGMA" mean?

  1. Mystery
  2. Friend
  3. Game
  4. Toy
"Enigma" means mystery, as in: The universe is full of enigmas.
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47. What does "ECLECTIC" mean?

  1. Boring
  2. Stuck
  3. Varied
  4. Similar
"Eclectic" means varied, as in: She has eclectic taste in music, from jazz to pop to country.
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48. What does "TEMPER" mean?

  1. Vomit inducing
  2. Sleep inducing
  3. Degree of Sadness
  4. Degree of Anger
"Temper" means a degree to which somebody is angry, as in: He has a terrible temper!
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49. What does "ETYMOLOGY" mean?

  1. Study of coastlines
  2. Study of music
  3. Study of history
  4. Study of words
"Etymology" is the study of words, as in: Students of etymology should do well on this quiz!
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50. What does "PENULTIMATE" mean?

  1. Type of Pencil
  2. Second Last
  3. Third left
  4. Tiny
"Penultimate" means second last, as in: This is the penultimate task we have before we can go home.
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51. What does "VERDANT" mean?

  1. Blue and mellow
  2. Brown and dead
  3. Green or lush
  4. Broken
"Verdant" means green or lush, as in: The garden was verdant in Spring.
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52. What does "ORNATE" mean?

  1. Special
  2. Skinny
  3. Decorated
  4. Beautiful
"Ornate" means elaborately decorated, as in: She has a beautiful, ornate wedding ring.
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53. What does "CONSCRIPT" mean?

  1. An old Chinese vase
  2. Enlisted Person
  3. Model
  4. Type of dog
"Conscript" means an enlisted person, typical to the armed forces, as in: My Sons were conscripted into the army.
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54. What does "BRAVADO" mean?

  1. Timid
  2. Wonder
  3. Boldness
  4. Anger
"Bravado" means to be bold, typically to impress someone, as in: That guy last night was filled with bravado!
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55. What does "BUNK" mean?

  1. Garbage
  2. Feeling hungry
  3. Underneath a car
  4. Nonsense
"Bunk" means nonsense, as in: I would never believe in such bunk!
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56. What does "TRAMPLE" mean?

  1. Funny
  2. To Fly
  3. Crush
  4. Become Upset
"Trample" means to crush or tread on, as in: Don't trample all over my lawn, you will ruin it!
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57. What does "JADED" mean?

  1. Too much energy
  2. Lack of interest/Bored
  3. Too much confidence
  4. Lack of nutrition
"Jaded" is lacking interest or being Bored, as in: After he failed his test, he was so jaded.
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58. What does "POLAR" mean?

  1. Relating to North & South poles
  2. Frequent flyer
  3. Flexible worker
  4. Relating to East & West trading
"Polar" means relating to the north and south poles, as in: We visited both the polar regions last year.
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59. What does "GAIETY" mean?

  1. State of being sad
  2. An ancient deity
  3. Feeling sick
  4. State of being happy
"Gaiety" is the state being happy or cheerful, as in: He was having a great time being part of the gaiety!
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60. What does "OBFUSCATE" mean?

  1. To exercise
  2. To walk strangely
  3. To confuse
  4. To hurt someone
"Obfuscate" means to confuse, as in: He shouldn't give the presentation; he's likely to obfuscate the crowd.
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61. What does "BENEVOLENT" mean?

  1. Curious
  2. Stingy
  3. Big-Hearted
  4. Tired
Benevolent means "big-hearted," as in: The benevolent grandmother always made her grandson sweaters.
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62. What does "ERRATIC" mean?

  1. Intelligent
  2. Confident
  3. Fast
  4. Inconsistent
Erratic means "inconsistent," as in: The weather was erratic, sometimes freezing and sometimes hot and humid.
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63. What does "ABATE" mean?

  1. To Die Down
  2. To Speed Up
  3. To Argue
  4. To Dance
Abate means "to die down," as in: The storm raged through the night, but then abated.
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64. What does "NUANCE" mean?

  1. A Subtle Variation
  2. Pomp
  3. A Big Difference
  4. Clarity
Nuance means "a subtle variation," as in: The chef noticed nuances in flavor in every bite she took.
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65. What does "COMPLACENT" mean?

  1. Dizzy
  2. Satisfied
  3. Sorry
  4. Exhausted
"Complacent" means "satisfied," as in: Mary was complacent because she was on vacation and didn't have to worry about anything.
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66. What does "PROHIBIT" mean?

  1. To Ban
  2. To Debate
  3. To Theorize
  4. To Allow
"Prohibit" means "to ban," as in: In the restaurant wanted to prohibit smoking.
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67. What does "INDIFFERENCE" mean?

  1. Excitement
  2. Torment
  3. Pleasure
  4. Disinterest
"Indifference" means "disinterest," as in: His indifference to her hobbies was very disappointing.
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68. What does "VALIDATE" mean?

  1. To Eat
  2. To Confirm
  3. To Go Shopping
  4. To Discredit
"Validate" means "to confirm," as in: In order to validate their story, we have to go through the evidence.
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69. What does "EXHILARATING" mean?

  1. Grim
  2. Scary
  3. Exciting
  4. Boring
"Exhilarating" means "exciting," as in: The waterslides were a very exhilarating experience.
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70. What does "SUBSEQUENTLY" mean?

  1. Before
  2. In front of
  3. Afterwards
  4. Due to
"Subsequently" means "afterwards," as in: The dog found the bone and, subsequently, buried it.
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