Can You Tell What These Christmas Activities Are From an Image?

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The holiday season is one of the only times of the year when it feels like there is magic in the air - it's called the holiday spirit! If you were shown pictures of various worldwide holiday activities, would you be able to tell exactly what they were? Well, that's what this quiz is designed to do. Take it, and maybe you'll be adding a few new ones to your list this season!

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1. There is a high risk of falling when it comes to this activity.

Pavel Ilyukhin /
  1. Dancing to a Christmas playlist
  2. Taking photos with Santa
  3. Attending a tree lighting ceremony
  4. Ice skating
Every winter, people lace up their skates to go ice skating at local rinks. According to history, skating began over 4,000 years to save energy during winter journeys.
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2. This activity is a necessitiy for anyone who loves Christmas. What is it called?

bbernard /
  1. Writing letters to Santa
  2. Exchanging ornaments
  3. Starting a holiday collection
  4. Decorating the tree
The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is credited to Germany. It began in the 16th Century, where people brought either pyramids of wood or trees into their homes and decorated them.
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3. This tasty holiday classic is often consumed around the holidays. What is it called?

5 second Studio /
  1. Going to a Christmas show
  2. Making chocolate
  3. Drinking eggnog
  4. Volunteering at a soup kitchen
Eggnog is a rich, sweetened, dairy-based beverage, often severed chilled, especially during the holiday season. Some people add distilled spirits to their drink for added fun.
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4. This activity is one of the first when it comes to getting ready for the season. What is it called?

gpointstudio /
  1. Hanging Christmas lights
  2. Making holiday greeting cards
  3. Going on a scavenger hunt
  4. Watching a Christmas movie marathon
Many people may not know this, but the Christmas lights tradition began in the 17th Century. During that time, candles were attached to the tree branches with pins or melted wax. With the invention of electricity, the tradition has come a long way.
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5. What is this activity called?

oliveromg /
  1. Writing letters to Santa
  2. Making mason jar snow globes
  3. Hanging a wreath
  4. Building a snowman
Building a snowman is the ultimate symbol of winter and Christmas. Despite the appeal, building one is a very difficult task, and it often takes many people to make it.
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6. This activity is usually done with friends and family. Which of the following is it?

Evgeny Atamanenko /
  1. Donating toys to charity
  2. Baking cookies
  3. Making an Advent calendar
  4. Hanging Christmas lights
In the earlier days, traditional Christmas cookies were flavored with spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Today, any and every flavor has been used. It is then decorated using icing and sprinkles.
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7. This activity is done both on Christmas and St. Nicholas Day. What is it called?

veryulissa /
  1. Reading Christmas stories
  2. Wrapping presents
  3. Stuffing stockings
  4. Going on a sleigh ride
Christmas stockings are hung on Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve so that Santa Clause can fill it with small toys, candy or coins.
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8. After baking them, this activity needs to be done shortly after.

Fusionstudio /
  1. Watching fireworks
  2. Decorating gingerbread houses
  3. Picking out a Christmas tree
  4. Going ice skating
In Medieval England, the term gingerbread was used to describe preserved ginger, and it wasn’t until the 15th Century that is was used to refer to the sweet treat. Decorating gingerbread houses has now become a serious Christmas activity.
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9. You'll need a fireplace to participate in this activity.

Kletr /
  1. Lighting a yule log
  2. Making Christmas cocktails
  3. Visiting the largest Christmas tree in town
  4. Baking Christmas cookies
Lighting the yule log is a Nordic tradition that was once an entire tree. It was carefully chosen before bringing it into the house, and symbolized the battle between good and evil. It is usually lit through the 12 days of Christmas from the 25th to January 6th.
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10. There's a chance that you don't like the end result of this popular practice.

Lucky Business /
  1. Visiting Santa
  2. Playing Elf on a Shelf
  3. Exchanging gifts
  4. Going on a Polar Express train ride
Gift exchange can be a lot of fun, especially when the person who is giving you the gift knows what you want. Most people take the opportunity to get something fun or unexpected for the person in question.
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11. Some people begin this activity as early as Thanksgiving. What is it called?

DGLimages /
  1. Mailing letters to Santa
  2. Singing carols
  3. Kissing under mistletoe
  4. Wearing ugly sweaters
Caroling is one of the few holiday traditions that everyone can partake in. Every year, carolers can be seen singing in churches, parks, and even on your own doorstep, to spread holiday cheer.
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12. Don't be surprised if you're asked to do this for a Christmas party.

New Africa /
  1. Tracking Santa
  2. Going Ice skating
  3. Drinking hot chocolate
  4. Wearing ugly sweaters
Wearing gaudy holiday sweaters is now a growing trend, but it wasn’t always as popular as it is now. It all began when the people making the hideous sweaters gave them out as gifts. It wasn’t until Chevy Chase wore one in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie that it became a “thing.”
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13. Which of the following activities is shown here?

NataSnow /
  1. Petting / riding reindeers
  2. Baking Christmas cookies
  3. Making potpourri
  4. Going sledding
Reindeer, also known as caribou, is a species of deer that is synonymous with Christmas. In some cities, children are able to pet, feed, and sometimes ride these animals around the holiday season.
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14. Despite the popularity of the emails and DMs, many people contine to do this activity.

LukyToky /
  1. Making Christingles
  2. Mailing Christmas cards
  3. Drinking hot cider
  4. Making s’mores
With the invention of the internet, the need to send cards through the mail has decreased significantly, except for the holiday season. It is the one time of year when holidaymakers go out of their way to send cards to their families and friends.
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15. This activity is similar to counting down the days to Christmas. What is it called?

Mahony /
  1. Listening to Christmas movies
  2. Buying an Advent calendar
  3. Delivering cookies
  4. Volunteering
An advent calendar is a special type of calendar used to count the coming of Jesus into the world. The calendars usually take the form of a rectangular box with numbered doors that must be opened on the corresponding day. They can be filled with anything from poems to images of Jesus Christ.
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16. This activity involves moving something around in order to confuse people. What is it?

goodmoments /
  1. Playing elf on a shelf
  2. Writing letters to members of the armed forces
  3. Watching a tree-lighting ceremony
  4. Watching Christmas movies
Elf on a Shelf is a fun Christmas tradition where a scout, in the form of an elf, from the North Pole is sent to “encourage” kids to behave themselves. The elf later returns to the North Pole to report their observations.
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17. This Christmas activity can be enjoyed year-round.

Eliza Birg /
  1. Singing Christmas carols
  2. Donating toys
  3. Making potpourri
  4. Volunteering at a shelter
Potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers, spices, herbs, and fruit used for scent houses. The classic or Christmas potpourri includes cloves, orange peel, pinecones and pine needles, and cinnamon sticks.
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18. Some children love this activity, while some others are terrified by it.

Kristen Prahl /
  1. Visiting Santa
  2. Reading holiday classics
  3. Unwrapping presents
  4. Cutting paper snowflakes
Every year, Santa and sometimes Mrs. Claus comes to town and can be found at a store near you. Parents often take their children to snap photos with the jolly old man, but not all kids are fans of his.
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19. You should try to save some space for this mandatory activity. What is it called?

Yuganov Konstantin /
  1. Making snow angels
  2. Watching “The Nutcracker”
  3. Hanging Christmas lights
  4. Hosting Christmas dinner
For many people, Christmas dinner is the main focus of the holiday season. The traditional Christmas dinner includes a turkey with stuffing, potatoes, and gravy, cranberry sauce, as well as pie, pudding, and sauce.
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20. This activity involves lying in the snow and moving one's hands and feet like they are flying.

Yuliya Evstatenko /
  1. Making snow angels
  2. Making a holiday card
  3. Decorating a gingerbread house
  4. Wearing matching Christmas pajamas
Snow angels are made by lying on your back and flapping the arms and legs from side to side. In 2007, a small town in North Dakota set the record for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place. Over 8,900 angels were made.
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21. This activity is usually done for Santa, but some parents often indulge in this as well.

Ersler Dmitry /
  1. Playing Elf on a Shelf
  2. Leaving milk and cookies
  3. Creating mason jar snow globes
  4. Writing letters to Santa
Year after year, children leave milk and cookies out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and it is believed that the tradition began during the Great Depression. At the time, parents were trying to teach their children the importance of giving.
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22. You can either do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you.

LStockStudio /
  1. Making eggnog
  2. Making salt dough ornaments
  3. Wrapping presents
  4. Going sledding
Wrapping presents is not as fun as it used to be, well, that’s what many recent surveys are saying. Many people are now opting to have them wrapped in-store or paying others to do it for them.
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23. This drink is usually consumed around Christmas time, by adults and children alike.

Brent Hofacker /
  1. Drinking hot cocoa
  2. Attending Midnight mass
  3. Making s’mores
  4. Going ice skating
A long time ago, hot chocolate was a drink reserved for the elite members of society, but now the drink can be enjoyed by anyone. Not only does it warm you up, but the drink also triggers the brain to release endorphins, making you feel both happy and calm.
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24. Many people create watchlists when they don't have time to do this favorite activity.

DGLimages /
  1. Building a snowman
  2. Drinking hot cider
  3. Watching Christmas movies
  4. Going to an ugly sweater party
Christmas represents different things to different people, and there’s a great movie selection to reflect that. Some of the most-watched films include “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Home Alone,” “Elf,” and “Holiday Inn.”
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25. This activity is usually done on the same day that the tree is decorated. What is it?

Maria Sbytova /
  1. Wrapping presents
  2. Hanging garland
  3. Playing Christmas party games
  4. Going sledding
Apart from putting up the tree and getting out the Christmas lights, hanging garland is an important part of decorating for the holiday season. Traditionally, it is made from fir or pine, but it can be made from anything.
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26. What is this activity?

Pavel L Photo and Video /
  1. Watching “The Nutcracker”
  2. Drinking hot cocoa
  3. Petting reindeers
  4. Hanging a wreath
The Nutcracker (and the Mouse King) is a two-act ballet that dates back to 1892, Russia. The play is reenacted by countless ballet companies every Christmas season, specifically in North America.
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27. This activity dates back to the 1840s. What is it?

Monkey Business Images /
  1. Pulling Christmas crackers
  2. Dancing to Christmas music
  3. Choosing a Christmas tree
  4. Volunteer at a food bank
Christmas crackers, also known as bon-bons in some parts of the world, are popular UK decorations that make a characteristic snapping sound when pulled apart. Inside are small gifts, jokes, or nothing at all.
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28. Children around the world continue to do this every holiday season.

Tatevosian Yana /
  1. Writing letters to Santa
  2. Making paper snowflakes
  3. Hanging candy cane
  4. Going to a Christmas show
Every year, millions of children around the world pick up pens in the hopes of getting a letter to Santa, explaining why their Christmas deserves a bit of extra magic. Companies like USPS will even respond to any child’s letter stamped with a North Pole postmark.
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29. This activity makes for great family photos. What is it called?

vhpicstock /
  1. Wearing matching pajamas
  2. Host a Christmas dinner
  3. Drinking hot cocoa
  4. Watching Christmas movies
The tradition of children or even families wearing matching pajamas is quite odd, but the trend has been growing in popularity with every passing Christmas. Some families go as far as embroidering their names and even including their pets in on the fun.
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30. Animals are optional for this fun activity. Which of these is it?

TijanaM /
  1. Going sledding
  2. Making popcorn garland
  3. Writing letters to Santa
  4. Decorating gingerbread houses
Sledding is a popular winter activity which continued all throughout the season into early Spring. Its fun for the entire family, and can be done virtually anywhere, although there are several parks where it can be done.
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31. This unusual activity can add some pizzaz to your Christmas tree.

Monkey Business Images /
  1. Sitting next to a fire
  2. Exchanging ornaments
  3. Making potpourri
  4. Making a Christmas playlist
Ornaments are a hot commodity during the holiday season, and it’s easy to understand why. As such, ornament exchange is becoming more and more popular. It’s simple, bring an unwrapped ornament, and after hanging them on the tree, the person chooses one to take home.
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32. Instead of going the plastic route, some people go to special lots to do this activity.

MentlaStore /
  1. Reading Christmas stories
  2. Baking Christmas cookies
  3. Going on a Christmas scavenger hunt
  4. Picking out a Christmas tree
Picking a Christmas tree isn’t as simple as it sounds. Not only must you choose between soft or sharp needles, the stickiness of the trunk and its freshness, but even coloration must also be evaluated before bringing it home.
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33. Many Christians participate in this activity. What is it called?

Shane H. Wilder /
  1. Going caroling
  2. Attending midnight mass
  3. Making gingerbread houses
  4. Making sangria
In Western Christian culture, attending midnight mass is a major part of the Christmas celebration. It begins on the night of Christmas Eve, traditionally at midnight straight into Christmas day. The service or mass is usually centered around the nativity of Jesus.
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34. There's a Christmas song named after this activity?

MPanchenko /
  1. Attending a tree lighting ceremony
  2. Tracking Santa
  3. Roasting chestnuts
  4. Taking photos with Santa
Thanks to writer Mel Torme and singer Nat King Cole, “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” has been immortalized as a holiday tradition. Nuts are produced in late fall, and the roasting of the nuts makes them have a nuttier and sweeter flavor.
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35. This activity helps those who may not be as lucky as you.

Joseph Sohm /
  1. Picking out a Christmas tree
  2. Mailing letters to Santa
  3. Making Christmas ornaments
  4. Volunteering at a homeless shelter
The holidays are both the happiest and saddest time of year. There are millions of people the world over who don’t have friends or family to spend the holiday with, and that’s why so many people volunteer during the season. From food banks and shelters to soup kitchens and hospitals, the opportunities are endless.
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36. What is this Christmas activity?

Oleynik Aline /
  1. Playing Elf on a Shelf
  2. Watching holiday movies
  3. Planting poinsettias
  4. Making snow angels
According to Mexican legend, a young girl who was too poor to buy something to present to Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve walked into the church carrying a bouquet of weeds. As she walked towards the alter, it blossomed into the plant we know today.
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37. This activiy involves sticking a candle in an orange and giving it to a child.

Philographer /
  1. Making Christingles
  2. Building gingerbread houses
  3. Hanging stockings
  4. Wrapping presents
Christingles are symbolic objects often seen in Christian denomination services. It is made using an orange (to represent the world), a candle (to represent Jesus Christ), a red ribbon or paper frill (to represent the blood of Christ), and dried fruit (to represent the fruits of the earth).
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38. Two sets of lips are involved in this Christmas activity, and it may be uncomfortable for some people.

Dietlinde B. DuPlessis /
  1. Making paper snowflakes
  2. Kissing under mistletoe
  3. Going ice skating
  4. Singing Christmas carols
People have been kissing under mistletoe for centuries, but do you know why? It is thought that kissing under the sprig of herb will restore fertility and vitality to the people making out below. It is also thought to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.
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39. This activity gets everyone involved. What is it?

Pressmaster /
  1. Baking Christmas cookies
  2. Playing secret Santa
  3. Attending midnight mass
  4. Making an Advent calendar
Secret Santa is a twist on gift exchange. It works by having everyone in the group (family, friends, office, etc.) pick a name out a hat or bag than buying a small present for that person. The key is to keep it a secret from them, and the others in the group.
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40. This activity lets people know that they are welcome inside. Which of the following options is it?

1981 Rustic Studio kan /
  1. Having a snowball fight
  2. Hanging a Christmas wreath
  3. Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party
  4. Drinking eggnog
Wreaths have been used to signal the beginning of Christmas for hundreds of years - and for good reason. The circular shape represents the unending circle of life, while the holly berries symbolize Jesus’ blood.
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41. There's an app for this Christmas activity. Do you know which one it is?

elenabsl /
  1. Cooking Christmas dinner
  2. Tracking Santa
  3. Having a treasure hunt
  4. Making a Christmas playlist
Every year on Christmas Eve, several companies track Santa’s travel as he leaves the North Pole to deliver presents around the world. It is believed that he begins at the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean then travels west. You can download an app to watch his progress.
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42. This is an adult-only activity, and for good reason.

Yulia Furman /
  1. Making Christmas cocktails
  2. Playing Christmas trivia
  3. Stuffing stockings
  4. Reading Christmas stories
Apart from the classic mulled wine, spiked eggnog, and hot buttered rum, there are several Christmas cocktails that can add some more cheer to your holiday. Not only can these recipes be found online, but you can also put your own boozy spin on some holiday drinks.
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43. This activity is commonly done to help the children who may not be fortunate enough to get presents.

AlexandriaBryjak /
  1. Donate presents
  2. Wrapping Christmas presents
  3. Hanging an Advent calendar
  4. Making eggnog
The holidays are one of those times of year where donations are at an all-time high. Every year, hundreds of thousands of presents are donated to give hope and provide some sense of relief to underprivileged families.
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44. Parents often do this activity with their children every Christmas eve.

JLwarehouse /
  1. Writing letters to Santa
  2. Visiting Santa
  3. Decorating the Christmas tree
  4. Read holiday classics
Along with watching Christmas movies, reading holiday books is another fun activity for many families. Classics like Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” and L. Frank Baum’s “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus,” always seem to be on the list of favorites.
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45. The items in this activity can by used as decor and they can also be eaten.

Roman Samborskyi /
  1. Baking Christmas cookies
  2. Hanging candy cane
  3. Watching a Christmas lights show
  4. Drinking hot cider
According to several articles, candy canes were first hung on Christmas trees in 1882, to bring more “Jesus” in Christmas. The ‘J’ shape is meant to represent Jesus’ name, while the red and white color represents the blood that was spilled and purity.
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46. This old tradition is still done by some families today.

Marie C Fields /
  1. Hanging stockings
  2. Cutting paper snowflakes
  3. String a popcorn garland
  4. Hosting Christmas dinner
When Christmas trees started to become popular in the United States, they were often decorated with garland made by stringing popcorn (and sometimes cranberries) together. They’ve since been swapped out for tinsel and lights, but some still use these edible decorations.
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47. This activity is one way to decorate your home. What is it?

AnastasiaNi /
  1. Making Christmas cocktails
  2. Cutting out paper snowflakes
  3. Decorating a gingerbread house
  4. Kissing under mistletoe
For many people, decorating for Christmas seems to be the highlight of the holiday season. One activity which gets everyone involved is cutting out paper snowflakes. With numerous templates on the internet, the possibilities are endless.
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48. Children look forward to this activity most. Which of the following is it?

YanLev /
  1. Opening presents
  2. Going caroling
  3. Volunteering at a shelter
  4. Making hot cocoa
The reason behind giving presents is to remind us of the presents given to baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men. While people open their gifts on Christmas Day, some countries like The Netherlands and Belgium open them earlier.
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49. What is this Christmas activity?

AlexMaster /
  1. Going ice skating
  2. Sitting near the fire
  3. Making potpourri
  4. Tracking Santa
We’re not exactly sure how sitting by the fire to stay warm transitioned to being a Christmas tradition, but there are several benefits of doing so. Studies show that sitting near or watching the fire lowers blood pressure by at least 5%, making the person more relaxed.
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50. It isn't Christmas without a bit of this. What is "this"?

Rimma Bondarenko /
  1. Leaving milk and cookies
  2. Sipping hot cider
  3. Hanging candy cane
  4. Visiting Santa
Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juices of apples. In many parts of the world, specifically North America, it is a popular drink during the holiday season.
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