Can you identify the city from these two photos?

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There are thousands of amazing cities throughout the world, each with there own culture, history, architecture, and language. While some may be incredibly recognizable, you may be surprised by how many you're not sure about! Can you guess which city is which, just by looking at two photos? Let's see what score you get!

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1. It's also known as 'The Big Apple'!

THONGCHAI.S - robert cicchetti /
  1. Philadelphia
  2. Miami
  3. Rome
  4. New York
The correct answer is New York! Over 8 million people live in New York City, speaking more than 800 different languages!
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2. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge to this amazing city!

ventdusud - Eric Broder Van Dyke /
  1. San Francisco
  2. New York
  3. Panama
  4. Phoenix
The correct answer is San Francisco! San Francisco has the second largest Chinatown outside Asia, and the largest and oldest Japantown in the USA!
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3. The birthplace of 'Grunge' music!

emperorcosar - f11photo /
  1. Milan
  2. Toronto
  3. Dallas
  4. Seattle
The correct answer is Seattle! Birthplace of the coffee giant, Starbucks, Seattle is ranked the most literate city in the USA!
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4. "The windy city is mighty pretty!"

beboy - TMON /
  1. Atlanta
  2. Chicago
  3. Portland
  4. Houston
The correct answer is Chicago! Chicago was home to the world first official skyscraper, the Home Insurance Company, built in 1885.
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5. One of New England's Finest Cities!

Sean Pavone - Marcio Jose Bastos Silva /
  1. New York
  2. Cleveland
  3. Memphis
  4. Boston
The correct answer is Boston! Boston is a city of sport, home to the Red Sox (Baseball), the Patriots (Football), the Celtics (Basketball), and the Bruins (Ice Hockey)!
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6. Home of Sherlock Holmes, and Jack the Ripper!

s4svisuals - Lorna Roberts /
  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester
  3. Cardiff
  4. London
The correct answer is London. London, the capital of the UK, was founded by the Romans in 50 AD, and was initially called Londonium!.
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7. The Oasis in the desert...

f11photo - Usa-Pyon /
  1. Paris
  2. San Francisco
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Las Vegas
The correct answer is Las Vegas! Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, attracting over 41 million tourists a year!
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8. Let's take a walk down ocean drive!

Mia2you - Alexanderphoto7 /
  1. Cancun
  2. Santa Monica
  3. Havana
  4. Miami
The correct answer is Miami! Miami is famed for its art deco style, but lesser known for being the only US city founded by a woman!
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9. The host city of the famous Mardi Gras Celebrations!

gary yim - Jose Gil /
  1. Cincinnati
  2. Anchorage
  3. Kansas City
  4. New Orleans
The correct answer is New Orleans! New Orleans is a cultural hub known for its love of jazz music, hearty southern cuisine and the birthplace of North American voodoo!
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10. It's famous for it's Cigars!

YU_M - Suzanne Tenuto /
  1. Tegucigalpa
  2. Miami
  3. Havana
  4. San Salvador
The correct answer is Havana. When Havana, Cuba, was founded around 1515, it was actually on the south coast of the island, a few years later the city was moved to its permanent location on the north coast!
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11. Ireland's biggest city!

Lance Bellers - s4svisuals /
  1. Glasgow
  2. Dublin
  3. London
  4. Berlin
The correct answer is Dublin. Dublin is in the European country of Ireland, one of the very few nations to have a larger population in the 1800s than compared to modern day!
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12. Go Hula dancing in this stunning city!

yuruphoto - Deborah Kolb /
  1. Nashville
  2. South Beach
  3. Honolulu
  4. Miami
The correct answer is Honolulu! Honolulu is the capital of the US state Hawaii, but in it's past has been occupied by the Russians, French and British!
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13. The capital of Scotland!

Lance Bellers - s4svisuals /
  1. Edinburgh
  2. Oslo
  3. Dundee
  4. Viena
The correct answer is Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Scotland, is famous for many things, but perhaps most of all it's castle which was built upon an extinct volcano.
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14. How 'bout a walk down Sunset Strip?

Andrey Bayda - Mark and Anna Photography /
  1. Los Angeles
  2. Oklahoma City
  3. Albuquerque
  4. Sacramento
The correct answer is Los Angeles! Over the years, L.A. has accumulated quite a few nicknames: Angel Town, La La Land, City of Flowers & Sunshine, and The Big Orange, to name a few!
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15. It's the Cowboy's Town!

Tavarius - Ken Durden /
  1. Dallas
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Charlotte
  4. Houston
The correct answer is Dallas! Dallas is home to the famous Dallas Cowboys Football team. Founded in 1960, they have won the super bowl 5 times!
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16. The Capital of Spain!

Yulia Grigoryeva - Sean Pavone /
  1. Lisbon
  2. Rome
  3. Madrid
  4. London
The correct answer is Madrid. As the capital of Spain, Madrid is the 3rd largest city in the EU, with a population of 3.1 million!.
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17. Utah's State Capital!

Joe Guetzloff - Byelikova Oksana /
  1. Buffalo
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Boulder
  4. Salt Lake City
The correct answer is Salt Lake City! Salt Lake City is close to the Great Salt Lake, the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River.
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18. Where is the White House?

Andrea Izzotti - Adam Parent /
  1. Sacramento
  2. Milwaukee
  3. Washington DC
  4. Memphis
The correct answer is Washington DC! Washington DC is a federal district under its own exclusive jurisdiction, meaning it does not belong to any state!
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19. Skiing mini-break?

The World in HDR /
  1. Cleveland
  2. Buffalo
  3. Rochester
  4. Aspen
The correct answer is Aspen! Aspen is located in the Rocky Mountains, and is a popular skiing destination for thousands of Americans every year!
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20. A true Portuguese delight!

Nella - Anna_Pustynnikova /
  1. Brussels
  2. London
  3. Paris
  4. Lisbon
The correct answer is Lisbon. Pastéis da nata, a sweet local pastry from Lisbon, Portugal, has a heavily guarded recipe, with only 3 people in the world knowing its original secrets.
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21. I think it's time for Disney World!

Chansak Joe - Solarisys /
  1. Orlando
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Tampa
  4. Miami
The correct answer is Orlando! There is no official record on how Orlando received its name; Some believe it was named “Orlando” after Shakespeare’s character in “As You Like It.”
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22. Austria's crown jewel!

Velishchuk Yevhen - S.Borisov /
  1. Budapest
  2. Bucharest
  3. Vienna
  4. Geneva
The correct answer is Vienna. Vienna, Austria, is often named the 'City of Music,' with many famous composers calling it home throughout the years. Some include; Mozart, Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, and Johannes Brahms!
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23. Dance around La Sagrada Familia!

Anna_Pustynnikova - Nella /
  1. Athens
  2. Barcelona
  3. Istanbul
  4. Madrid
The correct answer is Barcelona. The Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, is home to the world-famous Barcelona FC, the arena is also the biggest soccer stadium in Europe
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24. Founded on lake Texcoco!

Mislik - ChameleonsEye /
  1. Milan
  2. Mexico City
  3. Florence
  4. Rome
The correct answer is Mexico City! Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and is the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world.
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25. The City of Love!

Kamira - Boris-B /
  1. Berlin
  2. Lyon
  3. Hanover
  4. Paris
The correct answer is Paris. Paris, France, is home to the famous Eiffel Tower, but if it wasn't for the City of Barcelona rejecting its design in 1889, it might have never been built in the French capital!
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26. The Eternal City!

natalia_maroz - prochasson frederic /
  1. Seville
  2. Rome
  3. Venice
  4. Madrid
The correct answer is Rome. Founded in the heart of Italy, Rome was said to have been started by two brothers, Remus, and of course, Romulus.
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27. Let's check out some Kangaroos!

Ingus Kruklitis- Signature Message /
  1. Melbourne
  2. Sydney
  3. Darwin
  4. Auckland
The correct answer is Sydney. Australia's capital city, Sydney, borders the magnificent Blue Mountains which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000
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28. Once divided, now stronger than ever!

Andrey_Popov - turtix /
  1. Berlin
  2. Warsaw
  3. Krakow
  4. Hamburg
The correct answer is Berlin. Berlin, Germany, is famous for quite a lot, but did you know is has around 1,700 bridges, that's more than Venice!
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29. Get lost amongst its waterways!

Noppasin Wongchum - Resul Muslu /
  1. Amsterdam
  2. London
  3. Lyon
  4. Bruges
The correct answer is Amsterdam. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a bicycle city! However, it's estimated that over 25,000 bikes in its canals every year!
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30. Czechia's largest city!

Yuliya_P - TravnikovStudio /
  1. Vienna
  2. Prague
  3. Belfast
  4. London
The correct answer is Prague. The City of a Hundred Spires, Prague, Czechia, is home to the biggest castle in the world, spanning over 18 acres!
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31. Time to swap your dollars for pesos!

Diego Grandi - BonnieBC /
  1. Quito
  2. Buenos Aires
  3. Panama
  4. Montevideo
The correct answer is Buenos Aires. The port in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the largest in all of South America, bringing in goods from all other the world. Those who live close to the ports are known as 'Porteños'.
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32. Stand out city of the ancient world!

Joshua Resnick - anyaivanova /
  1. Rome
  2. Turin
  3. Argos
  4. Athens
The correct answer is Athens. The ancient Greek city of Athens is the oldest capital in the world. It's origins go back as far as 3,400 years!.
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33. The Holy city!

Neshama Roash - Sean Pavone /
  1. Tel Aviv
  2. Tunis
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Damascus
The correct answer is Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Israel, is arguably the world most holy city. It is at the center of 3 religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam!
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34. Fame, Fashion, and Flamboyancy!

Boris Stroujko - Paolo Bona /
  1. Milan
  2. Bern
  3. Turin
  4. Zurich
The correct answer is Milan. Milan, Italy, is a cultural city with a decorated history in music and the arts, with the 'Teatro Alla Scala' being Europe's second largest opera house!
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35. Masked parades and Italians days!

canebisca - canadastock /
  1. Amsterdam
  2. Pisa
  3. Venice
  4. Aspen
The correct answer is Venice. Venice, Italy, is a maze of waterways and bridges. Houses in Venice are numbered according to districts, not streets, which makes it particularly tricky for mailmen to deliver their goods!
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36. The beating heart of Thailand!

artapartment - Krunja /
  1. Sydney
  2. Bangkok
  3. Glasgow
  4. Hanoi
The correct answer is Bangkok. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, don't recognize this name? Well, to the outside world, Thailand's capital is Bangkok, but to Thai people, this is the official name!
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37. This city breathes art!

Marta Pons Moreta - RastoS /
  1. Florence
  2. Nice
  3. Paris
  4. Turin
The correct answer is Florence. Birthplace of famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany!
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38. Sushi at sunset?

Blue Planet Studio - Phattana Stock /
  1. Mexico City
  2. Nashville
  3. Paris
  4. Tokyo
The correct answer is Tokyo. Tokyo, meaning 'eastern capital' in Japanese, is the 6th biggest city in the world, with an incredible 13.6 million inhabitants!
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39. Let's trek to Machu Picchu!

Olga Kot Photo - Christian Vinces /
  1. Cusco
  2. New York
  3. London
  4. San Francisco
The correct answer is Cusco. Cusco, Peru, is a city in the Peruvian Andes, and was once capital of the Incan Empire!
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40. What a skyscraper-studded skyline!

ESB Professional- bonchan /
  1. Bangkok
  2. Hanoi
  3. Moscow
  4. Hong Kong
The correct answer is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a bustling metropolitan city in China, and is probably most famous for its towering skyscrapers, but did you know that 40% percent of its territory is made up of country, parks and nature reserves?
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41. Home to the famous Taj Mahal!

saiko3p - Lisovskaya Natalia /
  1. Hong Kong
  2. London
  3. Agra
  4. Cape Town
The correct answer is Agra. During the Mughal dynasty, Agra was the most powerful city in the world. It served as the Indian/Mughal capital for 92 years between 1556 and 1648.
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42. China's main city for modern culture!

Patrick Foto - Roman Sigaev /
  1. Atlanta
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Shanghai
  4. London
The correct answer is Shanghai. Shanghai, China, is the largest city in the world, with the longest metro system too! An enormous 24.1 million people live in this giant metropolis!
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43. Pharoahs and fortune!

Lisovskaya Natalia - Daria Volyanskaya /
  1. Athens
  2. Cairo
  3. Istanbul
  4. Riyadh
The correct answer is Cairo. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. The city’s most famous landmarks, the Great Pyramids of Giza were built approximately 4500 years ago!
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44. An ancient city with a modern outlook!

Dance60 - Stanislav Samoylik /
  1. Tel Aviv
  2. Rome
  3. Seattle
  4. Madrid
The correct answer is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, Israel, has been called “the city that never sleeps”. Situated on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, it is the center of modern culture and media in Israel!
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45. Home of St. Basil's Cathedral!

dimbar76 - Baturina Yuliya /
  1. Kabul
  2. Moscow
  3. Budapest
  4. Minsk
The correct answer is Moscow. Named after a river, the Russian capital of Moscow is the largest city on the European continent. The Moscow Kremlin, the city's most famous landmark, is the world’s largest medieval fortress.
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46. Home of the Cardinals on the great Missouri river!

f11photo - Brett Godfrey /
  1. Jakarta
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Sydney
  4. St. Louis
One of the city’s earliest nicknames was “Mound City,” after the great number of Native American mounds, scattered throughout the region.
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47. Tennessee's State Capital!

Sean Pavone - alexkich /
  1. New York
  2. Mogadishu
  3. Nashville
  4. Tunis
Nashville is a town known for its hospitality and country music, but did you know it was founded on Christmas Eve 1779!
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48. Bizzare Bazaars!

Matej Kastelic - Olena Z /
  1. Sydney
  2. Marrakesh
  3. Madrid
  4. Lisbon
The correct answer is Marrakesh. Marrakech is Morroco's cultural and touristic center. The city is often referred to as the Red City, because of the shade of its walls surrounding the old town district.
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49. Let's play some Ice hockey and have a doughnut, ey?

Denis Kabanov - Iurii Osadchi /
  1. Tokyo
  2. Madrid
  3. New York
  4. Toronto
The correct answer is Toronto! Toronto, Canada, truly is a multicultural town. Little Italy, Little Portugal, and Chinatown have dual-language street signs in both English and their respected languages.
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50. Venezuela's largest city!

Douglas Olivares - nehophoto /
  1. Shanghai
  2. London
  3. Caracas
  4. Toronto
The correct answer is Caracas. Caracas, with a population of 2 million, is the capital of Venezuela, and has one of the largest financial districts in Latin America!
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51. The Capital of China!

Zhao jian kang - 279photo Studio /
  1. Kuala Lumpur
  2. Beijing
  3. Sydney
  4. Birmingham
The correct answer is Beijing. Beijing, previously known as Peking, is the capital city of the People's Republic of China. It's actually been a capital 6 times in various forms under different empires and dynasties!
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52. South Africa's seaside capital!

Catarina Belova - Olena Z /
  1. Cairo
  2. Cape Town
  3. Miami
  4. Toulouse
The correct answer is Cape Town. Cape Town is one of 3 official capitals of South Africa. Rated the best place to visit in the world 2014 by the new york times, this city and the bottom of Africa, is a cultural and historical landmark.
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53. The girl from Ipanema goes walking!

marchello74 - Donatas Dabravolskas /
  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. Panama City
  3. Punta del Este
  4. Margarita
The correct answer is Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is famous for its statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is actually classified as one of the new seven wonders of the world!
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54. Capital of Belgium & Europe!

brunocoelho - Anibal Trejo /
  1. Mexico City
  2. Dallas
  3. Seattle
  4. Brussels
Since the end of World War 2, Brussels has been the political capital of Europe. The city is home to EU institutions, North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters, and several international organizations!
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55. Home of Ford and birthplace of Motown!

Linda Parton - dean bertoncelj /
  1. London
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Kansas City
  4. Detroit
Detroit, a.k.a. the Paris of the Midwest is also home to the nation’s oldest soda: Vernor’s ginger ale.
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56. Bonjour, Bienvenue!

R.M. Nunes - Lissandra Melo /
  1. Barcelona
  2. Boston
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Montreal
The correct answer is Montreal! Montreal, Canada, is in the region of Québec, and is the second largest French-speaking city after Paris!
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57. Jewell of the United Arab Emirates

MarekKijevsky - Andrey_Popov /
  1. Glasgow
  2. Barcelona
  3. Washington DC
  4. Dubai
Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building! At the height of 828 meters tall, visitors can go as high as the 125th floor.
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58. The Bridge between Asia & Europe!

Seqoya - Boris Stroujko /
  1. Tokyo
  2. Istanbul
  3. Shanghai
  4. San Diego
Istanbul, while being the ancient capital of various empires, from the Romans to the Ottomans, it is not the modern capital of Turkey as Ankara is.
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59. It's party time!

gary yim - Chad Zuber /
  1. Porto
  2. Cancun
  3. Barcelona
  4. Havana
The correct answer is Cancun. In January 1970, Cancun, Mexico, had a population over only 3. Nowadays, over 700,000 tourists a year flock to its sunny beaches!
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60. Buddhism meets modernism!

anek.soowannaphoom - Yeo Jung Kim /
  1. Mumbai
  2. Sydney
  3. Tunis
  4. Seoul
The correct answer is Seoul. The capital of South Korea's official name is actually, Seoul Special Metropolitan City. Seoul's most famous attraction Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395 and is the largest and most striking of the Five Grand Palaces!
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