Can You Figure Out These Car Logos From A Single Image?

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You haven't achieved the American Dream if you don't own one. But with the world's 60 car brands vying for your attention, it can be difficult to choose the right vehicle. In the United States alone, car companies spend $35 billion per year, or the equivalent of 10% of profits, off of their sales revenue. How well have you actually been listening? Only a true auto expert will be able to match all of these car brand logos to their names! Remind us, which logo has four rings, again?

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1. Which luxury division of Toyota has this logo?

Ovu0ng /
  1. Koller
  2. Adelmo
  3. Lexus
  4. Feresa
Lexus is a luxury division that falls under the Japanese auto brand, Toyota. Its vehicles are sold in more than 70 countries around the world.
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2. Founded in 1911, which American automaker sports this logo?

Andrij Vatsyk /
  1. Andino
  2. Oliva
  3. Chevrolet
  4. Winograd
William Durant co-founded this brand with Louis Chevrolet. One of its most popular vehicles is the Corvette.
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3. This German auto company is known for its four-ringed logo:

Tadeas Skuhra /
  1. Bolwell
  2. Finch
  3. Eniak
  4. Audi
The German luxury brand, Audi's four-ringed logo is known world wide. You may not have know that its a member of the Volkswagen company.
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4. What's the name of this brand, headquartered in Japan?

tristan tan /
  1. Python
  2. Tomcar
  3. Toyota
  4. Birchfield
Toyota was one of the first companies to produce more than 10 million vehicles a year. It has reportedly managed to do that since 2012.
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5. This British brand is known for its lavish vehicles:

Media_works /
  1. Rolls-Royce
  2. Daytona
  3. PRB
  4. Bullet
Although British in origin, Rolls-Royce is now owned by the German brand, BMW. Its most famous vehicles are the Phantom, Ghost and Wraith.
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6. What's the name of this car brand?

Chatchai Somwat /
  1. Nota
  2. Elfin
  3. Joss
  4. Honda
Honda is a Japanese brand that doesn't limit itself to vehicles. They're also known for manufacturing power equipment.
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7. Which of these British brands is often associated with James Bond?

Nadir Keklik /
  1. Aston Martin
  2. Blade
  3. Leyland
  4. HSV
In 1964, the Aston Martin DB5 was featured in the third installment of the James Bond (007) franchise, Goldfinger.
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8. This luxury American brand also happens to be a division of General Motors:

Philip Lange /
  1. Hartnett
  2. Cheetah
  3. Cadillac
  4. Austin
Cadillac is only available in a few markets around the world, the most notable of which are China, the USA and Canada.
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9. Based on the image below, which vehicle brand is this?

johnbraid /
  1. Zeta
  2. Jaguar
  3. Lonsdale
  4. Shrike
Jaguar merged with Land Rover back in 2013 to create the company, Jaguar Land Rover. It is currently headquartered in England.
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10. Established in Bologna, Italy, this automaker is:

Radu Bercan /
  1. Morris
  2. Goggomobil
  3. Maserati
  4. Tarrant
Maserati, whose logo is a trident, has been owned by many auto companies since it was founded. They include Orsi, Citroen, De Tomaso and now, Fiat.
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11. What's the name of this Japanese brand, that was once in a 'long term relationship' with Ford?

Colin Hui /
  1. ADK
  2. Mazda
  3. NAZ
  4. Edran
Between 1974 and 2015, Mazda and Ford were partners. Ford owned just over a third of the Asian company.
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12. Can you tell us what this car brand's name is?

Jonathan Weiss /
  1. Ram
  2. Gillet
  3. Atalac
  4. Imperia
Ram is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It sells commercial vehicles, inspired by Dodge.
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13. Which autobrand, now defunct, was owned by General Motors and boasted vehicles like the Firebird and Trans Am?

Vladi333 /
  1. Escol
  2. Linon
  3. Alberta Cambier
  4. Pontiac
Pontiac was primarily sold in the USA, Mexico and Canada. One of its most popular cars, the Firebird, starred in several movies and T.V. shows, including Starsky and Hutch.
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14. This is the logo of Ford's luxury division. Can you tell us its name?

Trong Nguyen /
  1. Minerva
  2. Lincoln
  3. Aquila
  4. Catala
Ford's _Lincoln_ brand is one of the highest-quality luxury brands in the USA. It has successfully competed with the likes of Cadillac for many years.
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15. Match this logo to its correct name:

Papin Lab /
  1. Alfa Legia
  2. Delacroix
  3. Chamonix
  4. Hyundai
Hyundai, a South Korean brand, has its hands in many pots. Beyond automobiles, it also has interests in shipping, construction, oil, lighting and department stores.
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16. The name of this brand literally translates to "people's car." What is it?

Gyuszko-Photo /
  1. Volkswagen
  2. Avior
  3. Germain
  4. Matra
Volkswagen's history is marred by a dark past. The company is rumored to have been founded by a Nazi labor union in 1937.
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17. This logo belongs to one of the biggest auto producers in the world:

Xita /
  1. Bovy
  2. Troller
  3. Suzuki
  4. Juwel
Suzuki, a Japanese brand, manufactures more than just regular vehicles. They sell ATVs, motorcycles and even engine parts.
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18. Can you identify this car brand from the image below?

Xita /
  1. FNM
  2. Puma
  3. Acura
  4. Engesa
Acura is Honda's luxury division. Only 35 years old, the company's main markets are in the USA, Canada, Mexico and China.
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19. This brand is responsible for giving us the Model T and the F-150:

Vytautas Kielaitis /
  1. Farus
  2. Frontenac
  3. Facel Vega
  4. Ford
Ford is over 115 years old. Founded by Henry Ford, it now reaches almost every country in the world, with few exceptions (Cuba, Iran, Japan etc).
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20. Possibly the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, this brand is:

Gui Siebert /
  1. Miura
  2. Intermeccanica
  3. Acadian
  4. Nissan
Reports claim that, as of April 2018, Nissan has sold more than 320,000 fully electric vehicles. It also owns the world's top-selling plug-in cars.
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21. Which brand do you think this is?

pisaphotography /
  1. Asuna
  2. Mercedes- Benz
  3. Queen
  4. Huali
Besides selling luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also manufactures trucks, busses and internal combustion engines.
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22. This car brand's name is technically Bayerische Motoren Werke. But no one calls it that. Instead, it's known as:

Alexandru Nika /
  1. Tudhope
  2. London Six
  3. Studebaker
  4. BMW
When BMW was first created, they manufactured engines for aircrafts. It now makes motorcycles and automobiles.
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23. Nissan's luxury division is called:

otomobil /
  1. Avia
  2. Rimac
  3. Infiniti
  4. Skoda
The Infiniti brand, founded in 1989, is only 30 years old. Rumor has it that the company will transition into all electric or hybrid cars by 2021.
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24. Which of the options, listed below, uses this logo?

wjarek /
  1. Alfa Romeo
  2. Venturi
  3. Renault
  4. Alpine
Alfa Romeo is a brand of luxury cars produced in Italy. The company has been around since 1910 and counts vehicles such as the Sportiva, the Spider Duetto and the Giulia Quadrifoglio, as its badges of honor.
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25. This Italian brand uses a red, black and yellow logo:

Konstantin Egorychev /
  1. Citroen
  2. DS
  3. Bugatti
  4. Ferrari
The Ferrari brand was established by the famous Enzo Ferrari, a race car driver and the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix racing team. You can see the 'SF' on the logo of every Ferrari vehicle.
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26. This British company is now owned by BMW:

Casimiro PT /
  1. Opel
  2. Volkswagen
  3. Vespa
  4. Mini
Mini, which is stylized in all caps, is a brand of small cars first manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). BMW acquired it in 2000.
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27. The brand that uses this logo has a division called Polestar:

Twin Design /
  1. Berliet
  2. Peugeot
  3. Volvo
  4. Delage
Legally, Volvo's actual name is Aktiebolaget Volvo. The company was sold to Ford in 1999, but it quickly changed hands. By 2010, Geely owned the majority of the company.
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28. Can you correctly match the image below to its automaker:

NeydtStock /
  1. Corellian
  2. Honda
  3. Simca
  4. Lotus
Lotus is a British brand that has changed parent companies many times. General Motors, Bugatti Automobili, Proton and Geely are just a few companies that have adopted the brand as their own.
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29. Do you know which French brand's logo this is?

wjarek /
  1. Renault
  2. BMW
  3. Smart
  4. Tiger
Groupe Renault is more than 120 years old. It is most famous for its involvement in motor sports, particularly in the Formula 1, Formula E and rallying.
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30. The logo pictured below belongs to which brand?

360b /
  1. Trabant
  2. Maybach
  3. Horch
  4. Goliath
Once a standalone luxury brand, Maybach was forced to change tactics in 2013, due to slow sales. It has existed as part of Mercedes-Benz ever since.
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31. Which of these companies specializes in snowmobiles?

bondvit /
  1. Wanderer
  2. Polaris
  3. Hercules
  4. Titan
Polaris isn't your typical automaker. They specialize in motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and electric vehicles.
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32. Which of these brands is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to racing?

Jonathan Weiss /
  1. Fender
  2. Bertone
  3. Innocenti
  4. McLaren
McLaren Automotive, a British manufacturer, has made quite the name for itself in the racing world. They have more than 180 Grand Prix wins and 20 World Championships.
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33. Do you know the name of the company responsible for the Continental GT and the Bentayga?

Ijam Hairi /
  1. Mazzanti
  2. Abarth
  3. Reva
  4. Bentley
Bentley is part of the Volkswagen Group and was founded in 1919. At one point (the 1930s - 1980s), it was owned by Rolls-Royce.
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34. Can you tell us which luxury brand is known for using this logo?

yadamons /
  1. Infiniti
  2. Mazda
  3. Lamborghini
  4. Daihatsu
Lamborghini is much beloved for their expensive (we mean expensive) sports cars. One of their record-breakers went for $9.5 million.
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35. This French brand has been around for more than 200 years:

Hadrian /
  1. Lancia
  2. Ford
  3. Peugeot
  4. DR
Peugeot was founded in 1810 as a family company. It didn't start out producing vehicles, first choosing to manufacture tools, umbrella frames, wire wheels and bicycles.
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36. Match this logo to the name of the company it belongs to:

bondvit /
  1. Honda
  2. Lexus
  3. Fiat
  4. Acura
Fiat is an Italian vehicle manufacturer owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It was founded more than 120 years ago.
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37. This car brand was owned by a company named Fuji Heavy Industries:

Romvy /
  1. Siata
  2. Subaru
  3. Mitsuoka
  4. Datsun
Boasting models such as the Impreza, Ascent and Outback, Subaru is still a young auto brand, especially compared to the likes of Ford and Fiat, which are both over 100 years.
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38. This auto brand, part of a larger group of Japanese companies, is quite a mouthful to name:

Vytautas Kielaitis /
  1. Yamaha Motor
  2. Scion
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. Isuzu
Beyond automobiles, the Mitsubishi Group of Companies dabbles in banking, trading, electronic devices, and more.
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39. Which car band sports this logo?

Jer123 /
  1. Proton
  2. Almac
  3. Buick
  4. Colt
Buick is a division of the American auto company, General Motors. It was named after David Buick, who ran the company from 1899 to 1906.
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40. This company shares its name with a famous engineer, who made remarkable strides in the field of alternating currents:

betto rodrigues /
  1. Heron
  2. Tesla
  3. Chevron
  4. Cobra
Tesla Inc., an American brand, specializes in electric cars. This is fitting, as it is named after Nikola Tesla, one of the world's most famous electric engineers.
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41. 2019 marked the 100-year anniversary for this French brand:

Gui Siebert /
  1. Everson
  2. Citroen
  3. Wood
  4. Redline
Citroen was founded by Andre Citroen in 1919. Its products are sold around the world with the notable exceptions of: Canada, Mexico, the USA and some regions of South Asia.
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42. What's the name of this 123-year-old Czech brand?

d_odin /
  1. Ranger
  2. Skoda
  3. Crusader
  4. Skyward
Skoda was founded in 1895, under the name Laurina & Klement. When it was acquired by Skoda Works in 1925, its name changed to reflect the change in ownership. It has been owned by Volkswagen Group since 2000.
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43. What's the name of this ultra-new car brand, which is Hyundai's luxury division?

Evannovostro /
  1. Koenigsegg
  2. Volvo
  3. Genesis
  4. Polestar
Genesis Motor is a baby where car brands are concerned. The company is only 4 years old, and only recently produced its first standalone model, the Genesis G90.
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44. Can you name the automaker responsible for creating this logo?

Twin Design /
  1. Dacia
  2. Triumph
  3. McRae
  4. Opel
Opel's full name is actually Opel Automobile GmbH. The GmbH is a German phrase "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" and stands for "company with limited liability."
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45. You may remember this South Korean car brand from the 80s and 90s. Although it's now defunct, can you tell us its name?

realist 2000 /
  1. Diardi
  2. Daewoo
  3. SYM
  4. Luxgen
Daewoo's fate was, unfortunately, bankruptcy. By November 1999, the company was rumored to be over $50 billion in debt. While other parts of the Daewoo Group survived, they did so as independent businesses.
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46. The logo shown below belongs to:

D K Grove /
  1. Mini
  2. Lagonda
  3. Athena
  4. Vauxhall
Until very recently (2017) British car brand, Vauxhall, was owned by General Motors. Its logo is a griffin, a mythical beast that is part lion, part eagle.
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47. This logo belongs to a now-defunct Swedish company:

Stefan Holm /
  1. Morgan
  2. Lotus
  3. Ginetta
  4. Saab
Saab was founded in 1945. After petitioning for bankruptcy in 2011, and suffering series of other financial failures -- including a $3 billion damages claim -- the company bit the dust. While an attempt was made to revive it, its name was changed to NEVS.
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48. In 2014, this brand became part of the Fiat:

Maryia_K /
  1. Chrysler
  2. Elva
  3. Sunbeam
  4. Humber
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is one of the Big Three auto manufacturers in the US. Besides Chrysler, they sell brands like Dodge, Jeep and Ram.
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49. Which brand, pictured here, is known for manufacturing off-road vehicles?

Aravind Sivaraj /
  1. Genesis
  2. Opal
  3. Daihatsu
  4. CT&T
As of 2016, Toyota became the parent company of Daihatsu, a business known for creating Kei cars and internal combustion engines.
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50. Which of the brands, listed below, created this logo:

Ameer Roslan /
  1. Holden
  2. Kenwood
  3. Kenwood
  4. Cupra
Holden used to be called General Motors-Holden. That's because its parent company is (wait for it) General Motors. This Australian brand has been around since 1856.
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