Can You Name These Baseball Legends from The 90s?

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So you consider yourself to be a true baseball fan. The Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees is something you think about... fondly. Hank Aaron, Joe Dimaggio, and Jackie Robinson are your heroes. You can remember the day that Cal Ripken Jr. passed Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 games and when Pete Rose passed Ty Cobb's career hit record of 4,192. But can you remember these 90s legends?

Who set an MLB record for most home runs in a season in 1998? Which All-Star retired with 2,314 hits and 449 home runs? Who is called Mr. November for having played one full season's worth of post-season games? If you're not a true baseball lover, there's no way you'll ace this quiz!

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1. 90s star "Big Mac" hit his 1st home run off of pitcher Walt Terrell in 1986:

Rick Dikeman /
  1. Mark McGwire
  2. Nomar Garciaparra
In his 1998 season, Marc McGwire hit 70 home runs, setting an MLB record for most HRs in a season.
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2. This "Jr." played in 8,243 consecutive innings between 1982 and 1987:

Rdikeman /
  1. Walter Johnson Jr.
  2. Cal Ripken Jr.
Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 consecutive games in his career. That's a lot of games! When Ripken Jr. started his streak, there were 26 teams in Major League Baseball. When he ended, there were 30.
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3. Which "Sammy" was MVP in 1998?

Googie man /
  1. Sammy Stewart
  2. Sammy Sosa
In 1998, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire went head to head to beat Maris' record of 61 HRs in a single season. McGwire ended the season with 70, and Sosa only 66. But it was Sosa who was named the National League's MVP.
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4. Jeepers! "Mr. November" played one full season's worth of post season games:

Keith Allison /
  1. Derek Jeter
  2. Gerrit Cole
Jeter has won an impressive five World Series titles! In his career, he played in 158 post season games.
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5. Nicknamed "The Kid" (not to be confused with his father), he homered in 44 ballparks...

clare_and_ben /
  1. Tris Speaker
  2. Ken Griffey Jr.
On August 31, 1990, Ken and his father, Ken Sr., were the first father-son pair to play for the same team in the same game. Griffey Jr., who holds a well-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame, went on to record seasons in both the AL and the NL with at least 40 home runs.
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6. Also known as the "Iron Pony", he was a 12-time All-Star!

2 on a Whim Creations /
  1. Ty Cobb
  2. Roberto Alomar
In his career, Alomar won ten Gold Glove awards. He also stole 50 or more bases in a season, twice.
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7. With the exception of 1993, “The Wizard of Oz” was an All-Star every year from 1981 to 1996!

Monowi /
  1. Carl Yastrzemski
  2. Ozzie Smith
Ozzie Smith wasn't only a great hitter, he was also a master base stealer. In his career, he stole 580 bases and scored 2,460 hits.
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8. Not a "chip" off anyone's block, he retired with 468 home runs:

Djh57 /
  1. Chipper Jones
  2. Ty Cobb
When switch hitter, Chipper Jones, left MLB, he had 1,623 RBIs to his name, 468 homers, and a .303 batting average.
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9. "Bern, Baby, Bern!" He scored his first hit in 1991 off Orioles' closer, Gregg Olson:

clare_and_ben /
  1. Bernie Williams
  2. Chase Utley
1998 was a big year for Bernie Williams. He won both a Gold Glove and a World Series ring, becoming the first MLB player to do so.
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10. In 1993, "A Rod" became only the third 18-year-old shortstop in MLB since 1900...

Keith Allison /
  1. Alex Rodriguez
  2. Andrew Rogers
The first two 18-year-old shortstops to play in the MLB were Hall-of-Famers, Tony LaRussa and Robin Yount. When Alex Rodriguez was drafted by the Seattle Mariners, he was the number-one overall pick.
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11. Nicknamed "Mr. Padre", whose career batting mark was .338?
  1. Roy Campanella
  2. Tony Gwynn
After a 20-season career, Gwynn had 45 games with at least four hits, 35 with four hits, nine with five, and one with six hits.
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12. Where there's a "will", there's a way. He was one of the best clutch players of his time!

John Bonzo /
  1. Will Clark
  2. Tommy Leach
Every season between 1988 and 1992, Will Clark was the starting first baseman for the National League's All-Star team.
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13. While he's known for hitting home runs, he also had 688 intentional walks in his career!

Corn Farmer /
  1. Barry Bonds
  2. Cy Young
Barry Bonds was walked on purpose almost half of his at-bats. He is the only member of the 500 home run and 500 steals club!
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14. Between 1988 and 1990, "Parkway Joe" helped the Oakland Angels get to three consecutive World Series:

Bryan Horowitz /
  1. Mickey Cochrane
  2. Jose Canseco
Jose Canseco retired in 2003 with 462 home runs to his name. He had become the first player in MLB history with 40 homers and 40 steals in a single season!
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15. The "Rocket" won the Cy Young award for best pitcher... seven times!

Keith Allison /
  1. Roger Clemens
  2. Ichiro Suzuki
Roger Clemens ended his career with 354 wins, 4,672 strikeouts, and two World Series titles.
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16. We're "mad" for "The Professor", who threw 200 innings every season from 1988 to 2001:

Greg Maddux /
  1. Chuck Klein
  2. Greg Maddux
Maddux is, undoubtedly, one of the best players in the history of baseball. He pitched two of the top five seasons in baseball history, as measured by run prevention relative to the league average.
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17. What five-time All-Star was no "Average Joe"?
  1. Davey Lopes
  2. Joe Carter
Carter, whose MLB career spanned from 1983 to 1998, retired with 396 home runs, 1,445 RBIs, and 231 stolen bases.
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18. In 1991, "Pudge" made the All-Star team at just 21 years of age...

Wknight94 /
  1. Willie McCovey
  2. Ivan Rodriguez
In 1993, Ivan Rodriguez tied with Johnny Bench as the youngest starting catcher in All-Star Game history. By 1998, he became the first catcher to have three hits in the All-Star Game. In 1999, he was named AL MVP.
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19. Which "Pizza Man" won the 1994 ESPY Award for Breakthrough Athlete?

Dave O /
  1. Mike Piazza
  2. Satchel Paige
Piazza -- nicknamed "Pizza Man" -- was a 12-time All-Star. He finished his career with 427 home runs, the most hit by an MLB catcher, ever.
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20. "The Ignitor" retired with a .306 lifetime batting average and 3,319 career hits!
  1. Paul Molitor
  2. Alejandro Olms
Between 1987 and 1993, Paul Molitor batted over .300 during six seasons.
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21. Which member of the 500 Home Run Club played for 8 different teams in his career?

Googie man /
  1. Yasumitsu Toyoda
  2. Gary Sheffield
The All-Star Gary Sheffield was a shortstop when he was drafted from the Minors, but he spent most of his 22-season career in the outfield.
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22. This "Killer B" only ever played for the Houston Astros:

eschipul /
  1. Craig Biggio
  2. Duke Snider
Biggio was so good that he never played a full season in the minors. In his career, he scored an impressive 53 leadoff home runs!
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23. Which "Martinez" finished his career with 3,154 strikeouts in 2,827 innings pitched?

bryce_edwards /
  1. Pedro Martinez
  2. Chris Martinez
In 1999, Pedro Martinez led the league in wins in 1999, when he won 23 games for the Boston Red Sox. He finished his career with three Cy Young awards and 3,154 strikeouts.
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24. You want "Big Daddy" on your "field": He led the MLB in RBIs for most of 1990–1993.

clare_and_ben /
  1. Cecil Fielder
  2. Willie Keeler
Three-time All-Star, Cecil Fielder (1990, 1991, 1993), knocked in more runs than anyone in MLB between 1990 and 1993.
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25. This "Warrior" won five World Series. What's his name?

clare_and_ben /
  1. Elmer Flick
  2. Paul O'Neill
Paul O'Neill is the only player in MLB history to have played on the winning team in three perfect games.
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26. Holy "Moly"! From 1994–1996, "The Hit Dog" had a .301 batting average: /
  1. Mo Vaughn
  2. Hiromitsu Ochiai
In 1995, Mo Vaughn became the AL MVP, with a .300 batting average, 39 home runs, 126 RBIs, and 11 stolen bases.
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27. We'll be "frank", this White Sox player is second to none!

clare_and_ben /
  1. Frank Thomas
  2. Mookie Betts
In 1995, Frank Thomas became the first White Sox player to hit a home run in the All-Star Game. Between 1991 and 1997, Thomas held onto a .300 average, 20 homers, 100 RBIs, 100 runs, and 100 walks. He is the only player in history to have done so.
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28. Nicknamed "Lightning", he hit 395 HRs between 1993 and 2002:

Googie man /
  1. Burleigh Grimes
  2. Rafael Palmeiro
Palmeiro was a three-time Gold Glove Award winner, a Silver Slugger Award winner, and the Sporting News Player of the Year in 1999.
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29. Which "Jeff" retired with 2,314 hits and 449 home runs?

Mojo /
  1. Jeff Bagwell
  2. Jeff Heath
Four-time All-Star, Jeff Bagwell, was the 1991 National League Rookie of the Year. In 1994, he became the first Houston Astros player to be named the National League's MVP.
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30. Which six-time Gold Glove winner helped the Minnesota Twins win two World Series?

Jeff Self /
  1. Kirby Puckett
  2. Eppa Rixey
Puckett, who played in ten consecutive All-Star games, won the Roberto Clemente Award for community service in 1996. He never left the Minnesota Twins.
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31. This "Batman" is a six-time Gold Glove winner!

Jesse_Orosco /
  1. Orel Hershiser
  2. Robin Ventura
Two-time All-Star, Robin Ventura, was a member of the US baseball team that won a Gold Medal at the 1988 Olympics.
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32. Known as "Big Marine", this "willful" player was five-time NL All-Star!

Dru Bloomfield /
  1. Matt Williams
  2. Nellie Fox
Matt Williams was NL All-Star in 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1999. He won Gold Glove awards in 1991, 1993, and 1994.
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33. Pictured next to Barry Bonds, who was the highest paid player in the league from 1992–1994?
  1. Deacon White
  2. Bobby Bonilla
Even though Bonilla retired in 2001, the New York Mets will pay him 1.2 million a year until 2035! He was just that good.
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34. This switch-hitter was the first to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the same inning:

Erik Dros /
  1. Carlos Baerga
  2. Tom Henke
Between 1992–1993, the three-time All-Star, Baerga, recorded back-to-back 200+ hits, 20+ home runs, 100+ RBI, and .300+ seasons.
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35. "The Big Unit" racked up 4,875 strikeouts!

SD Dirk /
  1. Torii Hunter
  2. Randy Johnson
The five-time winner of the Cy Young Award, Randy Johnson, pitched two no-hitters in his career, one of which was a perfect game.
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36. Who was this six-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner?

Jerry Reuss /
  1. Kenny Lofton
  2. Victor Starffin
During his career, Kenny Lofton broke the record for stolen bases by a rookie in the American League (66).
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37. In 1999, he became the only player in MLB history to be traded after a 50-homer season:
  1. Dobie Moore
  2. Greg Vaughn
In his career, Greg Vaughn finished three seasons with at least 100 runs batted. He retired with 355 home runs, 1,072 RBI, 1,017 runs, 1,475 hits, and 121 stolen bases in 1,731 games.
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38. Which 1995 National League MVP won three Gold Glove awards in his career?

RickDikeman /
  1. Nap Lajoie
  2. Barry Larkin
12-time All-Star, Barry Larkin, won the Roberto Clemente Award in 1993 and the Lou Gehrig Award in 1994. He was NL MVP in 1995.
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39. “The Crime Dog” was the first in the modern-era to win a home run title in both the AL and NL...

Oaktree b /
  1. Tadashi Wakabayashi
  2. Fred McGriff
McGriff was the All-Star Game's MVP in 1994. He also became the seventh baseball player in MLB history to hit over 30 homers for seven consecutive seasons.
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40. Who was a two-time Cy Young winner, boasting over 300 career wins?

2 on a Whim Creations /
  1. Tom Glavine
  2. Sherry Magee
During the 1990s, Tom Glavine racked up 164 victories, second only to Greg Maddux.
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41. Between 1997 and 1999, "Booger" had an impressive .451 on-base percentage!

Archives de la Ville de Montréal /
  1. Koji Yamamoto
  2. Larry Walker
Larry Walker retired with 150 outfield assists. He had finished among the top three players in the league in seven seasons.
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42. The "Big Cat" was a five-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner...

Bradley Park /
  1. Andres Galarraga
  2. Levi Meyerle
Galarraga was the Colorado Rockies’ first big star. In the course of his career, the two-time cancer survivor, Galarraga, hit 399 home runs. He was also named Comeback Player of the Year, twice.
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43. Do you remember him for his grand slam in the first game of the 1998 World Series?

clare_and_ben /
  1. Tino Martinez
  2. Kiki Cuyler
Two-time All-Star, Tino Martinez, finished his career having hit 339 home runs, 1,271 runs, and having won four World Series rings.
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44. "The Thomenator" won the Silver Slugger Award in 1996:

Keith Allison /
  1. Joe Nathan
  2. Jim Thome
Thome hit an impressive 612 home runs in his career. While he was strong in the 90s, he continued to impress throughout the 2000s. In 2006, he won the Comeback Player of the Year Award.
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45. This "Papi" had an impressive 1.017 OPS in extra innings...

clare_and_ben /
  1. Goose Goslin
  2. Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez also had an impressive OPS in innings 7–9 (.907).
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46. Which two-time MVP averaged more than one RBI per game from 1995 through 1998?

  1. Juan Gonzalez
  2. Indian Bob Johnson
During the 90s, Texas Rangers slugger, Juan Gonzalez, batted in 514 runs in 511 games!
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47. This pitcher lost a playoff game while posting a 0.00 ERA!

U.S.Air Force photo/Don Peek /
  1. John Smoltz
  2. Stan Hack
Cy Young award winner, John Smoltz, is also an eight-time All-Star and 1995 World Series champion.
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48. "The Ryan Express" has 5,714 strikeouts and 7 no-hitters to his name.

Chuck Andersen /
  1. Harry Hooper
  2. Nolan Ryan
In the course of his career, Nolan Ryan played for the New York Mets, the California Angels, the Houston Astros, and the Texas Rangers. His uniform was retired by three of those four teams: the Angels, the Astros, and the Rangers.
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49. In 1995, "Mr. Freeze" became the only player in MLB history with 50 home runs and 50 doubles in one season.

clare_and_ben /
  1. Albert Belle
  2. Dazzy Vance
Albert Belle finished his career with a .295 batting average, over 5,000 plate appearances, and a .564 slugging percentage.
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50. Who became the first player in the AL to finish the season with 20 homers, 50 steals, and 75 RBI?

A.Currell /
  1. Sachio Kinugasa
  2. Brady Anderson
In 1995, Brady Anderson stole 34 consecutive bases, setting an American League record.
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