Can You Name These Powerful Figures From The Past?

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Throughout human history, many people have dared to change our world, whether it be for the betterment of our planet or selfish conquests. War commanders, leaders of nations, scientists, and artists, all contributing to this crazy planet we live on! Take our test and see how many past life legends you can name! Can you get them all?

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1. ‘The King’, otherwise known as...

Arbresha12 /
  1. John Lennon
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Frank Sinatra
  4. Elton John
Elvis bought (and lived in) Graceland within the first year of his career, 1957; the price tag? $100,000.
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2. The United Kingdom's 'Queen of Hearts!'

John MacIntyre - Paisley Scotland /
  1. Cameron Diaz
  2. Diana, Princess of Wales
  3. Mary Poppins
  4. Grace Kelly
Diana, Princess of Wales, was a member of the British royal family; she was famous for her charity work, legacy, and caring sensibility in the eyes of the British public.
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3. Mr. 'I Have a Dream,' himself?

IISG Photograph /
  1. Malcolm X
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Chandra Azad
  4. Martin Luther King, Jr
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Baptist minister and spokesmen who played an essential role in the American civil rights movement from the mid-1950s until his tragic death in 1968.
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4. Do you know this famous missionary?

John Mathew Smith /
  1. Mother Helen
  2. Mother Teresa
  3. Duchess Zelda
  4. Holy Anne
Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor; she was canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.
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5. An apple fell on this famous physicist!

Georgios Kollidas /
  1. John Williams
  2. Stephen Hawking
  3. Isaac Newton
  4. George Washington
During Isacc Newton's life, he developed the theory of gravity, the laws of motion, calculus, and made many breakthroughs in the area of optics!
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6. Who is this Marxist revolutionary?

Unknown /
  1. Pablo Escobar
  2. Che Guevara
  3. Javier Peña
  4. Francisco Franco
'Che' is an Argentine interjection that Guevara used so often, his Cuban compatriots branded him with it. It’s a filler word, likened to that of dude, mate, or pal.
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7. Do you recognize the 'enlightened one?'

kaling2100 /
  1. Buddha
  2. St Paul
  3. Moses
  4. Yi Yin
Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini, the western part of Nepal, in the 6th Century B.C. He was a founder of Buddhism, a nontheistic religion based on his teachings.
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8. Who is this famous Italian explorer?

Everett Historical /
  1. Sir Francis Drake
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Harold The Great
  4. William Turner
Between 1492 and 1504, Christopher Colombus made four voyages to the Caribbean and South America and is credited for opening up the Americas to Europe.
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9. Do you know this famous British prime minister?

BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives /
  1. Anthony Eden
  2. Neville Chamberlain
  3. Tony Blair
  4. Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill became the British prime minister twice, the first time in 1940. Churchill's refusal to surrender to Nazi Germany during WW2 inspired the British people and contributed heavily to the war effort.
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10. The 3rd president of the United Staes of America!

Everett Historical /
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Gerald Ford
  3. George H. W. Bush
  4. Thomas Jefferson
As the president, Thomas Jefferson stabilized the U.S. economy, defeated pirates during the North African Barbary War, and was responsible for doubling the size of the US through the Louisiana purchase.
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11. The most recognizable physicist of all time!
  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Nikola Tesla
  3. Max Planck
  4. Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the 'theory of relativity,' one of the most impactful theories in science, and one of the two pillars of modern physics.
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12. 'I came, I saw, I conquered!'

Peter Paul Rubens /
  1. Genghis Khan
  2. Hideki Tojo
  3. Winston Churchill
  4. Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar is considered one of the greatest military generals in history. His most famous victories came in the Gallic Wars, where he fought and conquered the Gauls (modern-day France).
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13. The inventor of 'Talk Therapy!'

Max Halberstadt /
  1. Dr. Phil
  2. Walter Kempler
  3. Tom Anderson
  4. Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and was the founder of psychoanalysis, a method for treating psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst, also known as 'talk therapy.'
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14. Author of 'On the Origin of Species.'

Julia Margaret Cameron /
  1. Thomas Malthus
  2. Charles Lyell
  3. Charles Darwin
  4. James Hutton
Charles Darwin, an English naturalist, geologist, and biologist, is best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.
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15. One of the biggest names in tech, who is this?

Anton_Ivanov /
  1. James Dyson
  2. Steve Wozniak
  3. Steve Jobs
  4. Joe Biden
Jobs served as a mentor for Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, even sharing some of his advisers with the Google duo.
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16. Co-author of 'The Communist Manifesto!'

Everett Historical /
  1. Vladimir Putin
  2. Vladimir Lenin
  3. Karl Pilkington
  4. Karl Marx
Karl Marx was a German economist, sociologist, and philosopher born in the Prussian Rhineland (now Germany). Marx is credited with popularising the political ideology of communism.
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17. An electric car company is named after this influential inventor!

Unknown /
  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Louis Pasteur
  3. Galileo Galilei
  4. Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was an American-Serbian engineer and inventor, best known for designing the alternating-current (AC) electric system, which is still used across the world today.
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18. One of the USA's Founding Fathers!

Georgios Kollidas /
  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. George Washington
  3. John Williams
  4. Abraham Lincoln
Benjamin Franklin notably helped to draft both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution; he also negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War.
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19. The creator of Mickey!

Alan Fisher /
  1. Walt Disney
  2. Tim Burton
  3. Carl Barks
  4. Ub Iwerks
Disney received more Academy Awards and nominations than has anyone else. Between 1932 and 1969, he won 22 Academy Awards and was nominated 59 times!
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20. The most formidable tribal leader in history!

camilkuo /
  1. Genghis Khan
  2. Fredrick The Great
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Hannibal
Genghis Khan, born in 1162, was the founder, and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history!
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21. Do you know this Nobel prize-winning physicist?

Everett Historical /
  1. Dorothy Hodgkin
  2. Mary Anning
  3. Ada Lovelace
  4. Marie Curie
Marie Curie, who pioneered research into radioactivity, was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the first and only woman to win the Nobel prize twice!
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22. This political leader spent 27 years in jail!

Alessia Pierdomenico /
  1. Barack Obama
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Malcolm X
  4. John Carrymore
During his life, Nelson Mandela fought against racial inequality, eventually becoming the president of South Africa in 1994; he was both the first black president and first to be elected by a democratic system.
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23. Automobile production has never been the same!

Hartsook /
  1. Henry Ford
  2. John Audi
  3. Adam Toyota
  4. Bill Opal
Henry Ford was an American industrialist, businessman, and founder of the Ford Motor Company. Ford is often associated with the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.
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24. The greatest boxer of them all…

mark reinstein /
  1. Muhammad Ali
  2. Sam Nicolas
  3. Mike Tyson
  4. Sonny Liston
Even as an amateur boxer, Cassius Clay (Ali) won 100 of 108 fights, including six Kentucky Golden Gloves championships.
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25. The dynamic duo of aviation!

Unknown /
  1. The Wright Sisters
  2. The Wright Brothers
  3. The Wrong Brothers
  4. The Wrong Sisters
Orville and Wilbur Wright were two American aviation pioneers, and brothers, who are often credited with inventing, building, and operating the world's first airplane.
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26. This man delivered the Gettysburg Address...

Everett Historical /
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. John F. Kennedy
  3. George Washington
  4. Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln defended the son of his most famous wrestling opponent from murder charges.
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27. The inventor of the telephone!

Moffett Studio /
  1. Alexander Graham Bell
  2. John Carpenter
  3. Alfred Hitchcock
  4. George Washington
Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born American inventor, scientist, and engineer who invented the telephone and the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1885.
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28. A reggae music icon!

nodff /
  1. Rick Astley
  2. Nas
  3. Lee Scratch Perry
  4. Bob Marley
During his career, Bob Marley sold more than 20 million records, and today is one of the highest-earning posthumous artists in the world.
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29. Author of 'The Art of War!'

Unknown /
  1. Sun Tzu
  2. Christopher Lee
  3. Alex The First
  4. Che Guevara
Sun Tzu, born Sun Wu, is revered in both the western world and in Chinese and East Asian culture as one of the most influential military leaders in history.
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30. This legend helped project the civil rights movement!

Unknown /
  1. Alice Terry
  2. Winona Ryder
  3. Rosa Parks
  4. Rosemary Kennedy
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an American activist during the civil rights movement best known for her role in the Montgomery bus boycott, where she refused to stand for a white passenger who demanded her seat.
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31. As featured in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody!’

Georgios Kollidas /
  1. Nicolaus Copernicus
  2. Albus Dumbledore
  3. Galileo Galilei
  4. Elier Inistrad
In 1979, Pope John Paul II initiated an investigation into the Catholic Church’s denunciation of Galileo. 359 years after Galileo was tried by the Inquisition, the pope officially closed the investigation and made a formal apology.
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32. This girl wrote one of the most important texts of the last century.

Anonymous /
  1. Jo Weise
  2. Jennifer Farle
  3. Edith Grham
  4. Anne Frank
After reading Anne’s diary, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt called it “remarkable,” going on to say, “written by a young girl—and the young are not afraid of telling the truth—it is one of the wisest and most moving commentaries on war and its impact on human beings that I have ever read.”
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33. THE renaissance man...

Myper /
  1. Raphael
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio
  4. Ronald Omelia
When da Vinci died in 1519, he left behind more than 6,000 journal pages filled with his personal musings, grocery lists, and even jokes!
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34. The greatest artist of the 20th century?

Marco Tiberio /
  1. Henri Matisse
  2. Damien Hirst
  3. Pablo Picasso
  4. Vincent Van Gogh
During his lifetime, Picasso produced about 147,800 pieces including 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, 300 sculptures and ceramics and 34,000 illustrations!
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35. One of history’s great leaders...

Alfred d'Orsay /
  1. Arthur Wellesley
  2. Louis XVI
  3. Adolf Hitler
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte
Despite the legends, Napoleon measured 5 feet 2 inches in French units — the equivalent of 5 feet 6.5 inches in modern measurements - an average height at the time.
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36. Who is this Founding Father?

Everett - Art /
  1. Harry Truman
  2. James Theroux
  3. George Washington
  4. Abraham Lincoln
George Washington is the only US president to have never occupied the White House. He lived in New York and then later in Philadelphia.
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37. Who is this nonviolent resistance figure?

Elliott & Fry /
  1. Nathuram Godse
  2. Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Bhagat Singh
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru
Gandhi never received a Nobel Peace Prize, despite being nominated five times. In 2006, the committee publicly admitted its regret at having never honored him with the award.
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38. 'Teddy bears' are named after him!

Everett Historical /
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. William Howard Taft
  3. John F. Kennedy
  4. Woodrow Wilson
This president loved the outdoors. Roosevelt made protecting the natural wonders of America a key priority, reserving 200 million acres of land for national forests and wildlife refuges.
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39. A silent era star!

First National /
  1. Walt Disney
  2. Oliver Hardy
  3. Harold Lloyd
  4. Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel arrived on the same boat in the US as members of the same slapstick theater troupe.
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40. The queen of queens!

tanja-vashchuk /
  1. Nefertari
  2. Cleripila
  3. Mary, Queen of Scots
  4. Cleopatra
Cleopatra was living with Caeser in Rome when he was assassinated in 44 BC.
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41. Can you name this African-American political activist?

Ed Ford /
  1. Stokely Carmichael
  2. Martin Freeman
  3. Marcus Garvey
  4. Malcolm X
Like many black Americans, Malcolm’s roots were hidden by the slave trade that stripped him of his rightful ancestral last name. In 1950, he started signing his name as Malcolm 'X'.
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42. Who is this musical genius?

NaxosUSA / Shutterstock
  1. Robert Schumann
  2. Felix Mendelssohn
  3. Franz Schubert
  4. Ludwig van Beethoven
The beautiful 'Moonlight Sonata' was popular from the start, dedicated to Beethoven’s pupil and love interest Julie Guicciardi.
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43. Can you name this sovereign of the Vatican City State?

giulio napolitano /
  1. St John Paul II
  2. Benedict XV
  3. Leo XII
  4. Francis
St John Paul II used the first royalty payments from his book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” to rebuild churches that had been destroyed from the conflict in Yugoslavia.
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44. Probably the most famous writer in the English language!

Georgios Kollidas /
  1. William Shakespeare
  2. Ernest Hemingway
  3. Charles Dickens
  4. Mark Twain
Aside from writing 37 plays and composing 154 sonnets, William was also an actor who performed many of his own plays as well as those of other playwrights.
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45. Do you know this 'father of American literature?'

Everett Historical /
  1. Edgar Allan Poe
  2. Victor Hugo
  3. Oscar Wilde
  4. Mark Twain
A young Samuel Clemens had a string of failed pen names before he finally decided on Mark Twain. Among these were W. Epaminondas Adrastus Blab and Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass!
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46. Sometimes known as The Virgin Queen or Gloriana.

William Segar /
  1. Elizabeth I of England
  2. Catherine de' Medici
  3. Margaery Tyrell
  4. Mary I of England
In addition to her native English, Queen Elizabeth I was known to be fluent in French, Italian, and Latin. She also translated collections of texts into these languages.
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47. One of the most influential figures in the history of Western art!

Vincent van Gogh /
  1. Vincent van Gogh
  2. Rembrandt
  3. Claude Monet
  4. Paul Cézanne
Much of Van Gogh’s work was lost. Many people who owned his paintings thought them to be worthless. His own mother is said to have disposed of full crates of his paintings!
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48. Who was this leader of the Soviet Union during WW2?

bissig /
  1. Leon Trotsky
  2. Nikita Khrushchev
  3. Benito Mussolini
  4. Joseph Stalin
Despite being one of Russia’s most famous political forces, he wasn’t even Russian. His beginnings were in Georgia, one of Russia’s neighbors.
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49. The ‘Empress of India’, more commonly known as...

David Williamson /
  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Alexandra of Denmark
  3. Princess Feodora of Leiningen
  4. Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria wore a white dress on her wedding day and thus setting it as a trend worldwide for brides.
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50. Often referred to by his initials FDR, this is?

Public domain /
  1. Frank Derille Raymond
  2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  3. Francis Dellaney Ronald
  4. Frederic Dominic Royal
Due to the growing threat from Nazi Germany, FDR served in the White House for more than 12 years, a feat his political opponents deemed bad for democracy.
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51. This infamous dictator is called?

Everett Historical /
  1. Mao Zedong
  2. Adolf Hitler
  3. Benito Mussolini
  4. Vladimir Lenin
There were at least 42 known assassination plots against Hitler.
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52. The Iron Lady herself. Can you name her?

Chris Collins /
  1. Margaret Thatcher
  2. The Red Woman
  3. Susan Boyle
  4. Theresa May
She served as Prime Minister for 11 years and 209 days. That made her Britain’s longest continuously serving prime minister of the 20th century.
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53. Who spread a message of love and forgiveness?

Adam Jan Figel /
  1. Jesus Christ
  2. Moses
  3. St. Peter
  4. St. Paul
Jesus spoke three, possibly four languages, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and maybe even Latin.
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54. The 35th president of the United States...

Cecil Stoughton, White House /
  1. John F. Kennedy
  2. Boris Johnson
  3. Jim Wilson
  4. Dwight D. Eisenhower
It was a tradition for incoming presidents to wear a top hat as part of the Inauguration Day dress. JFK wasn’t a fan, but agreed, becoming the last POTUS to do so.
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55. A British cosmological genius!

The World in HDR /
  1. Hunter S. Thompson
  2. Brian Cox
  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson
  4. Stephen Hawking
Professor Stephen Hawking is a famous British physicist, most celebrated for his work with black holes, quantum mechanics and his highly renowned publications, such as 'A Brief History of Time.'
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56. The first leader of Soviet Russia!

Everett Historical /
  1. Louis Renton
  2. Peter The Great
  3. Nikita Khrushchev
  4. Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, led the Bolshevik Communist Party in a political coup, to overthrow the Russian government in 1917. The date has since been known as the October Revolution.
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57. 40th President of the United States!

mark reinstein /
  1. Ronald Reagan
  2. George Bush
  3. Peter Venkman
  4. John Major
Prior to his presidency between 1981 to 1989, Reagan was a Hollywood actor and union leader; he also served as the 33rd governor of California from 1967 to 1975.
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58. One of Christianity's earliest missionaries!

Attila JANDI /
  1. Saint Paul
  2. King Felix
  3. Julius Caeser
  4. Prince Amron
Saint Paul, also known by his Jewish name Saul of Tarsus, was an apostle who taught the gospel of Christ to the first-century world. Although an apostle, Saint Paul was not one of Jesus' twelve disciples.
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59. One of China's most controversial leaders!

Prachaya Roekdeethaweesab /
  1. Mao Zedong
  2. Han Wudi
  3. Kim Tu-bong
  4. Chairman Wing
Mao Zedong was the chairman of the Communist Party of China which he led from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976. During his reign, Mao developed a new type of communism, known retrospectively as Maoism.
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60. Do you know this legendary songwriter?

emka74 /
  1. John Lennon
  2. David Bowie
  3. Alice Cooper
  4. Bill Owens
John Lennon was famously a member of the British pop band, 'The Beatles', a group that went on to become arguably the most influential musical collective of all time.
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