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Exotic animals ignite our imaginations like nothing else on earth. They look so different than everyday creatures that it’s sometimes hard to define or even name them... but that’s exactly what we’re testing today! Do you think you know enough about the stranger side of the animal kingdom to name these exotic creatures?

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1. Can you name this critter?

journey601 /
  1. Porcupine
  2. Hedgehog
  3. Mouse Opossum
  4. Wallaroo
Most people think wallaroos are a mix between kangaroos and wallabies when the name actually refers to them being between the sizes of the aforementioned animals.
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2. Which of these mammals is known for spitting at and on humans?

Noe Besso /
  1. Caribou
  2. Llama
  3. Spectacled Bear
  4. Bobcat
When llamas are born, they weigh anywhere between 20 and 30 pounds. When they’re fully grown, they as tall as adult humans, but can weigh over 400 pounds.
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3. Which large hairy arachnid is pictured here?

Lukasz Sadlowski /
  1. Tarantula
  2. Beagle
  3. Wolf Spider
  4. Leafhopper
Over 1000 species of tarantula have been discovered. They range in lengths of four to one inch, their leg span reaching between three and twelve inches.
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4. What’s the name of this spiky mammal?

Coatesy /
  1. Pot-bellied Pig
  2. Hedgehog
  3. Bobcat
  4. Meerkat
Hedgehogs are distantly related to shrews, and not porcupines, as is generally believed. Their spines are not poisonous and don’t detach easily, like that of porcupines.
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5. What’s the name of this animal, which is often said to be man’s closest living relative?

Abeselom Zerit /
  1. Turtle
  2. Koala
  3. Lemur
  4. Chimpanzee
Some chimps can be as tall as humans and weigh just as much. Because of poaching and various diseases, their numbers have dwindled; they are now an endangered species.
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6. What is the name of this well-known sub-Saharan snake?

Lamnoi Manas /
  1. Ball Python
  2. Black Salamander
  3. California Newt
  4. Lava Lizard
Ball pythons are also known as Royal pythons, and like all other pythons are non venomous. It is one of the smallest of the African pythons, which is why it’s a popular pet.
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7. Which of these exotic animals is also known as the walking fish?

Has Asatryan /
  1. Barn Owl
  2. Axolotl
  3. Yellowtail
  4. Brown Trout
When most people see the axolotl, they have no idea what it is. It’s a tiny salamander native to Mexico and lives in lakes. This endangered species can regenerate its limbs and comes in a variety of colors.
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8. Which rodent is hunted (and now nearly extinct) because of its fur?

ATTILA Barsan /
  1. Squirrel
  2. Dormouse
  3. Beaver
  4. Chinchilla
The chinchilla is a small but unique animal. It can jump up to six feet and can spray its urine at predators when attacked.
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9. What is the name of this animal which is also called the “pixie frog”?

Martin Hejzlar /
  1. Northern Cardinal
  2. African Bullfrog
  3. Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  4. Salamander
The African bullfrog can be found in several countries on the continent. This frog, which can weigh nearly five pounds, can live in habitats that are both dry or wet.
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10. What’s the name of this small to medium-sized kind of parrot?

Martin Mecnarowski /
  1. Great Horned Owl
  2. Bald Eagle
  3. Peregrine Falcon
  4. Parakeet
Many male parakeets can be taught to talk extremely well. The females, however, do not usually speak.
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11. Which of these nocturnal mammals looks both like a cat and a dog and can be found near the deserts of Africa and Arabia?

hagit berkovich /
  1. Fennec Fox
  2. Hyena
  3. Leopard
  4. Lion
The Fennec fox is the smallest kind of fox in the world. It’s nocturnal and has a very flexible diet; it can eat plants, but also loves insects and reptiles.
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12. Which large insect was named after a Greek mythological hero of great strength?

feathercollector /
  1. Leopard Moth
  2. Cone-headed Grasshopper
  3. Hercules Beetle
  4. Ladybug
The Hercules beetle is one of the largest flying insects on the planet. It can be found in the rainforests of South and Central America.
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13. Which adorable, yet sometimes aggressive rainforest mammal is this?

Ondrej Prosicky /
  1. Spider Monkey
  2. Basking Shark
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Kinkajou
The kinkajou is a mammal that is closely related to raccoons and coatis. It is known as the honey bear and is the only member of the genus Potos.
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14. Which type of primate is known as the “organ grinder” monkey?

Ondrej Prosicky /
  1. Koala
  2. Capuchin
  3. Tapir
  4. Panda
The capuchin monkey is one of the most popular of the species. In addition to having great relationships with humans, they’ve starred in many movies, including The Hangover Part II, George of the Jungle and Night at The Museum.
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15. Which aquatic mammal, shown in this picture, finds it very hard to live in captivity?

pruit phatsrivong /
  1. Minnow
  2. Catfish
  3. Pink Dolphin
  4. Flounder
The pink dolphin lives on fish, crabs and turtles near the Amazon. Their numbers are not known, which is why they’re on the IUCN Red List - a list of the most threatened species in the world.
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16. What’s the name of the special lizard which is known for its ability to change colors?

Vera Larina /
  1. Chameleon
  2. Gecko
  3. Iguana
  4. Komodo Dragon
Contrary to popular belief, not all chameleons can change colors. Those that can have crystals that reflect light to change the color of the animal’s skin.
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17. Which of the following animals is often confused with floating algae or a seahorse?

Michael Warwick /
  1. Leafy Sea Dragon
  2. Alligator
  3. Barnacle
  4. Thornfish
The leafy sea dragon comes from the same family as the seahorse but has leaf-shaped extensions protruding from its body - a feature they use to camouflage themselves.
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18. What is the name of this mammal, which is a mix between two different breeds of big cats?

AkulininaOlga /
  1. Lion
  2. Coyote
  3. Liger
  4. Arctic Wolf
A liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. The opposite (male tiger, female lion) is known as a tigon. All but one male of these two types are sterile.
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19. Which of these tiny mammals licks a secretion to make their poison active, then bites predators to hurt them?

Conservationist /
  1. Gorilla
  2. Tree Elk
  3. Slow Loris
  4. Baboon
Slow lorises are extremely fascinating creatures. If a mother is separated from her young, the mother dies. They also have a gland near their armpit, which oozes poison.
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20. Which docile mammal has a particularly distinctive trunk?

Mark_Kostich /
  1. White Rhinoceros
  2. Ocelot
  3. Waterfowl
  4. Tapir
Tapirs look like hogs with the nose of an anteater. They are calm creatures which are now in danger of becoming extinct.
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21. Which large, non-venomous snake is pictured here?

Natalia Kuzmina /
  1. Leatherback Turtle
  2. Boa Constrictor
  3. Bandicoot
  4. Gila Monster
The boa constrictor mostly eats rodents, although they do consume lizards and small mammals too. They attack by biting their prey, then constricting it, before swallowing it whole.
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22. What is this medium-sized wildcat, which is native to Africa, called?

Benny Marty /
  1. Serval
  2. Pinkerton
  3. Reindeer
  4. Bison
The Serval is a carnivore which preys on just about any animal it can get its hands on, as long as they’re small. It usually does this by leaping on them, then biting to kill.
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23. Which strange crustacean practices monogamy?

Vasily Kalashnikov /
  1. Siren Guppy
  2. Mantis Shrimp
  3. Piranha
  4. Nurse Shark
Mantis shrimp can be found in tropical waters around the world. They’re said to be older than dinosaurs and have hundreds of species.
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24. What’s the name of this reptile which is known for its powerful tail and claws?

Dirk M. de Boer /
  1. Alligator
  2. Chameleon
  3. Monitor Lizard
  4. Box Turtle
Almost eighty species of this animal exist; some are purely terrestrial, while others are semiaquatic. What they eat depends on where they live.
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25. What is the name of this animal which is closely related to a crocodile?

Michael Fitzsimmons /
  1. Skink
  2. Gila Monster
  3. Alligator
  4. Leopard Gecko
The average crocodile weighs almost 800 pounds and measures 13 feet in length. They are native to China and the United States in bodies of water like swamps, marshes, rivers, ponds, and lakes.
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26. In Asia, this beautiful bird is considered to be good luck. What is its name?

Mariia Zaporozhtseva /
  1. Mandarin Duck
  2. Barn Owl
  3. Wild Turkey
  4. Starling
Both sexes of the Mandarin duck are beautiful, but the male is more colorful. Because of what they symbolize (good luck, love and affection), they are sometimes given as gifts at weddings.
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27. Which of these “tiny” animals hailed from Sicily?

Charlotte Bleijenberg /
  1. Miniature Donkey
  2. Giant Panda
  3. Giant Anteater
  4. Ocelot
Miniature donkeys came from Europe and were brought to the United States in the 1920s. There, they were used on farms but were also put in fairs and shows.
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28. What’s the name of this mammal which is native only to the island of Madagascar?

Vlad2507 /
  1. Capuchin
  2. Lemur
  3. Wooly Monkey
  4. Orangutan
Lemurs are primates that have evolved in a different way than apes and monkeys, something that is partially due to them being in a seasonal climate.
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29. What is the name of this animal, which is the ‘king’ of its kind?

Vova Shevchuk /
  1. Iguana
  2. Komodo Dragon
  3. Glass Lizard
  4. Emperor Scorpion
The Emperor Scorpion is the largest of all scorpions. But it isn’t lethal, which is why it’s a very popular pet.
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30. What’s the name of this bird which is mostly recognized by its crest and bill?

Martin Pelanek /
  1. Red-bellied Woodpecker
  2. Canadian Goose
  3. Crow
  4. Cockatoo
Cockatoos are monogamous birds who feed on tubers, fruits, seeds and flowers. They like feeding in large flocks, particularly when the food is found on the ground.
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31. One of the largest of its species, what is the name of this animal which happens to be wingless?

Aleksey Stemmer /
  1. Firefly
  2. Ground Beetle
  3. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
  4. Wood Wasp
The Madagascar hissing cockroach can reach up to three inches in length and unlike most members of its species, does not possess wings.
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32. Which reptile has a unique feature that can turn black, near its throat?

Camilo Torres /
  1. Bearded Dragon
  2. Gecko
  3. Slow-worm
  4. Skink
Despite its name and look, the bearded dragon is often kept as a pet. It can be found in the desert regions of Australia.
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33. Which of the following possums was named because of its preference for sweet foods?

Krumanop /
  1. Wallaby
  2. Koala
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Sugar Glider
The sugar glider is a nocturnal possum which has a close resemblance to flying squirrels. They are small creatures that can reach up to twelve inches in length and weigh between four and five ounces.
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34. Which of these exotic East Asian animals, which is also called a tanuki, is pictured here?

Stanislav Duben /
  1. Raccoon Dog
  2. Red Fox
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Dire Wolf
A raccoon dog looks exactly like its name describes. These animals are often kept as pets in Europe, while most are banned in the United States.
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35. What’s the name of this nocturnal wildcat?

Ondrej Prosicky /
  1. Lion
  2. Coyote
  3. Caracal
  4. Tiger
The caracal is a carnivorous wildcat which is very territorial. They can leap higher than 12 feet and even catch animals in mid-air.
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36. Which animal below is also called the water slider?

Tim Zurowski /
  1. Black-footed Ferret
  2. Red-eared Terrapin
  3. Manatee
  4. Ocelot
The red-eared terrapin is also known as the red-eared slider and the water slider turtle. It is one of the most popular pets in the United States.
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37. Which of these amphibians has see-through skin which allows you to see its insides?

J.P. Lawrence /
  1. Lava Lizard
  2. Common Toad
  3. Glass Frog
  4. Marine Iguana
Most glass frogs are bright green. The skin around their abdomen is transparent, which allows onlookers to see organs such as the heart, liver and intestines.
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38. Which of these primates are the only ones adapted to extremely cold temperatures?

Melissa Miike /
  1. Scarlet Ibis
  2. Japanese Macaque
  3. Bobcat
  4. Giant Panda
The Japanese macaque, also called the Japanese snow monkey is very wooly, something that helps with the cold weather. They also take thermal baths to keep the cold away.
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39. What’s the name of this small species of parrot that is endemic to South America?

Aurora Nordnes /
  1. Caique
  2. House Sparrow
  3. Cardinal
  4. Blue Jay
These little vocal birds can live up to forty years. Their diets, like most parrots, consist of fruits, seeds and pulp.
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40. Which of these big cats gets its abnormal color because of a mutation?

Edwin Butter /
  1. Eurasian Lynx
  2. Reindeer
  3. White Panther
  4. White Lion
White lions get their colors from a recessive gene - similar to what makes some tigers white. The risk of selectively breeding this animal can result in the offspring having physical defects, as well as reduced fertility.
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41. What is the name of this animal, which happens to be the largest rodent in the world?

Ondrej Prosicky /
  1. Honey Badger
  2. Squirrel Monkey
  3. Bearded Dragon
  4. Capybara
Capybaras hail from the continent of South America. Adult capybaras can grow between three and a half to four and a half feet in length and weigh over 140 pounds.
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42. What’s the name of this bird, which happens to be the largest land bird in North America?

Georgi Baird /
  1. House Finch
  2. California Condor
  3. Raven
  4. American Robin
This gigantic bird has a wingspan of anywhere between eight and ten feet. Its body can range between 43 inches to 55 in length.
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43. Often described as a mix between an armadillo and an anteater, what is the name of this strange creature?

2630ben /
  1. Pangolin
  2. Caribou
  3. Lemur
  4. Arctic Wolf
The pangolin is a mammal which is known for its distinct-looking covering. This covering is a keratin shell which protects the animal.
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44. What’s the name of this eastern European mammal whose nose regulates its blood temperature?

Victor Tyakht /
  1. Spectacled Bear
  2. Saiga Antelope
  3. Reindeer
  4. White Rhinoceros
One of the most prominent features of the Saiga antelope is its nose. In addition to regulating blood temperature, it also filters out dust.
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45. What’s the name of this bird, which is also known as the whale head stork?

Petr Simon /
  1. Woodpecker
  2. Shoebill
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Barn Swallow
The shoebill was named because of its shoe-shaped bill- one that allows it to capture large prey. They’re mainly found in the swamps of Eastern Africa.
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46. Which of these animals is known as the “reptilian giraffe”?

Studiojassmerah /
  1. Eastern long-necked Turtle
  2. Blue-footed Booby
  3. Komodo Dragon
  4. Lava Lizard
The Eastern long-necked turtle has a neck that is almost as long as its shell. Unlike many other turtles, it doesn’t retract its head into its shell; it bends them to the side.
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47. What’s the name of this special, skinny-snouted crocodile?

Vladislav T. Jirousek /
  1. Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  2. Gharial
  3. Whale Shark
  4. Lionfish
The gharial, sometimes called the gavial, is a freshwater crocodile that can be found in India. It has a long, skinny nose which has over 100 teeth.
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48. Which of these insects is usually mistaken for a long, thin piece of wood?

IrinaK /
  1. Bumblebee
  2. Honey ant
  3. Wasp
  4. Giant Walking Stick
The giant walking stick is the largest in North America, ranging anywhere from three to six inches. Because of its appearance, it blends into trees immediately.
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49. Which animal’s name is often preceded by “duck-billed”?

Worldswildlifewonders /
  1. Platypus
  2. Meerkat
  3. Tapir
  4. Skunk
The platypus has a very strange history. When they were first discovered, scientists thought they were fake; that they were created by sewing various animals together.
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50. What’s the name of this strange sea creature, found near the Galapagos Islands, and is known for the color of its mouth?

Bearacreative /
  1. Red-lipped Batfish
  2. Grouper
  3. Marlin
  4. Anchovy
Despite its peculiar look, the red-lipped batfish is quite a resilient creature. It can survive in depths of almost 250 feet, despite it not being a good swimmer. Rather than swim, they use their (adapted) pectoral fins to “walk” on the sand.
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